How to prevent epistaxis/nose bleeding in Summer?

There are few things that can be as bothersome as a nose bleed. Many people have regular nose bleeds but even if you do not have nose bleeds it does not mean that you are safe from it. A nose bleed can occur out of the blue and can certainly ruin whatever it is that you were doing when your nose started bleeding.

There are many conditions that can cause nose bleeds. The conditions might not always cause a bleed but there are certain conditions that can be the cause for recurring nose bleeds.

With the change of season people gets variety of health issues. There are ways to cure as well. But, it is important to know the root cause at first before curing the problem. You must have seen many individuals and kids getting nose bleeding during summer. Have you ever thought of knowing the reason behind it? Let us find out the reasons behind nose bleed during summer. There after we will also speak about the home remedies to cure it completely.

Reasons of nose bleeding in summer

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During summer, the environment becomes really dry. This dry air condition leads to nose bleeding in individual during summer. Some individuals have very weak blood vessels inside their nose. This probably leads to nose bleed when certain amount of air pressure changes during summer.

Remedies to cure nose bleeding in summer

Use of Apple cider vinegar

When your nose starts to bleed due to the excessive heat and rise in temperature, Apple cider vinegar can come to your aid. It stops the loss of excessive blood. Soak a cotton ball in Apple cider vinegar and place it in front of the nostrils. Don’t push it in. This will help the blood to coagulate.

Try pinching

Don’t do this too hard. Lightly yet very firmly hold your nose, the part where the bone lies. Do make sure you are not lying down or resting your head backwards. If you lie down the blood will travel back to your throat and this will be the reason for you to throw up.  After three to four minutes you will see the bleeding automatically stop. Never blow your nose while you are holding it. Doing it will simply make your nose bleed again.

The power of lemon juice

You can pour lemon juice inside your bleeding nostrils. Make sure it is not more than a drop. Soak a towel in cold water and place it over your head. You will see the bleeding stop.

The use of a humidifier

What do you think is the job of the nose? Nose takes care of the air that reaches the lungs in your body. It helps to humidify it. In summer season the presence of high humidity in air causes your nose to bleed as the work and pressure on the nose increases. Using a humidifier will help your nose and keep it away from bleeding.

Taking the help of herbs

Diet to stop running nose

If you are prone to nose bleeds during the summer season, this remedy is going to help you out. Mix equal portions of liquorice, naagakesara and red sandalwood together. Mix half a teaspoon of it to your glass of milk. Drink this everyday and you will see the problem of nose bleed go away.

Bring home Golden seal tea

Boil two cups of water and add a tablespoon of Golden seal Tea in it. After the tea is made, set it aside from the flame and allow it to cool down. Dip a cotton ball in the cold tea and stuff the cotton inside your nose. Make sure you blow your nose once before you apply this remedy. This will prevent the clots inside the nose from being open. Once you have blown out the clots the fibres inside the nose will contract and stop the bleeding.

Whole wheat bread

Sometimes proper diet can help you get away from variety of bad health conditions. Yes, the whole wheat bread over here plays an important role in curing nose bleeds. You must consume whole wheat bread in your meals to cure nose bleed during summer. You can have this is breakfast or dinner and stay away from nose bleeding.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables have variety of benefits with regards to health of individual. Even if you are suffering from the problem of nose bleed, this will be a wonderful remedy. You must regularly have green leafy vegetables in your meal in order to stay away from nose bleed.

Consuming orange

Orange is a fruit rich in vitamin C. You must come forward and get this for your child who is suffering from vitamin C. Yes, you must be thinking that during summer this fruit is not available as it is winter fruit. But no, today fruits of different seasons can be available in other seasons. So, it’s better to have it from the market and consume whenever you have problem with nose bleeding.

Drink water

The reason for nose bleeding in summer can also be due to lack of hydration. People hardly remember to drink water during the summer and gets the problem of nose bleeding. The best remedy is drinking water so that you can stay hydrated for a long time. His will easily keep you stay away from the problem of nose bleeding. Try this today and see how wonderfully it works in removing the problem of nose bleeding during summer.

Why summers?

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Many people think that the cold is the cause for nose bleeds. This is true to an extent. The summer can take a toll on your nose as well. There are many reasons behind nose bleeds, many of the reasons seem to occur simultaneously during summers. Summer months can be dry and hot, both the condition can be a downer for your nose. The low humidity is enough to dry the protective coating of mucus that covers the inside of your nasal cavity.

Once the protective mucus is gone your nasal cavity is prone to dryness that can cause bleeding. The heat has a similar effect as well. Summers may also aggravate allergies. The allergic reaction can be a cause behind nose bleeds. So we see that the summer can take a toll on your health by causing nose bleeds. But there are many things that you can do to prevent and control your nose bleed.

Home remedies

You might not be able to change the season to prevent nose bleeds, but there are a few things that you can do to prevent nose bleeds in summer. You can keep your nose moist by breathing deeply during showers, you can wash your nose with cool water, you can try to avoid excessive sunlight and heat, you can use an air humidifier to keep your home safe for you and you can use air conditioners to keep your home cool.

Even if you cannot prevent the nose bleed here are a few home remedies for nose bleeds:

  • Vinegar is an unlikely friend when it comes to nose bleeds. You can put some white vinegar on cotton or cloth and plug your nose with it. This can stop your nose bleed.
  • Ice can be your knight in shining armor during nose bleeds. The ice reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels. The numbing sensation can be a relief. The cold can help your blood clot faster. So always try to get hold of an ice cube during nose bleeds.
  • You might splash water but do not put it directly in your nose. Doing so can wash away the clots and encourage further bleeding. Run water over your nose to help your nose get moisture and to allow the clots to occur fast.
  • Vitamin C helps the blood clot faster. It is necessary to have right amounts of Vitamin C. even though it might not help during nose bleeds, you can have Vitamin C to check the bleeding.
  • Baking soda – This remedy is most commonly used for nasal irrigation and can stem the flow of blood from the nose. Prepare a solution with baking soda and water. Spray 2-3 puffs of it on the nose.
  • Steam – If you are prone to nosebleeds then inhale steam as much as you can.
  • Elevation – Keep you head elevated at least till the bleeding stops. Lie down with your head on a couple of pillows or use reclining chair. Avoid bending over.


Tips for nose piercing care

Many individuals suffer from regular nosebleeds because of nutritional or vitamin deficiencies. In order to get rid from this you need to make few adjustments.

  • Increase the amount of iron in your diet. As this iron contains hemoglobin and is most important component of red blood cells. Foods that are rich in iron are spinach, liver, raisins, clams, red meat, chicken giblets, collards, artichokes, prunes, turkey, chickpeas, soybeans and pulses.
  • Vitamin C helps from collagen that is most important part of body tissues. Guavas, mustard greens, parsley, thyme, kale garden cress, papayas, broccoli, cauliflower, oranges, strawberries and lemons are rich source of vitamin C.