List the unsafe food during pregnancy. What are its effects?

Pregnancy is one of the best experiences every mother has been through or is going to experience for the first time. But with it comes so many health complications where in you have to take care of another life that is living inside you. One has to be very cautious and has to remain healthy all the times, because only then you will be rewarded with a healthy baby who is properly developed and has no by birth disorders. To make sure you don’t fall prey to any of the complication, certain food items from your diet should be cut off or removed, and they are as follows: –

Fishes which contain mercury and seafoods

Baby brain development foods during pregnancy

Fishes like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tile fish and all other fishes which have high amount of mercury contents in it should be avoided at all terms by a pregnant lady because mercury can cause brain damage to your child and can cause hindrance in the development of your child. Seafood though tastes good but for a pregnant woman it can lead to food poisoning as they contain harmful bacteria and toxins. Little amount of its consumption is not bad but should be kept in check as they can make a pregnant woman fall ill.

Unpasteurized milk or milk products

Though Milk or Milk Products are highly recommended in a pregnant woman’s diet but what makes it poisonous is the unpasteurized part because that part contains harmful bacteria and germs which by no mean benefits the woman or her baby. So before one consumes milk, it should be slightly boiled or consume milk that comes in pasteurized cans or tetra packs. Among Milk Products Cheese is one such product whose consumption should be kept in check because it contains listeria. Listeria is usually found in soft cheeses or cheeses which are made of non-pasteurized milk.

Papaya and pineapple

Fruits are always beneficial for a Human Body but two fruits Papaya and Pineapple are likely said to be excluded from the fruits list in a diet of a pregnant woman. Papaya contains substances such as Papain, Pepsin and Latex which can cause uterine contractions leading to high chances of abortion. Whereas Pineapple contains Bromelain, a compound which softens the cervix leading to the chances of miscarriage or problems at the time of labor. Though Pineapple can be consumed in smaller quantities but Papaya should not be consumed at all.


Whenever a pregnant woman is planning to have street food or restaurant food especially of Chinese Cuisine, then she should strictly tell the one at the stall or a cook to not use Ajinomoto in her food as it can affect the development of the baby very harshly. It affects the process of brain development.

Raw meat and raw egg

Consumption of Raw Meat can cause flu and toxoplasmosis because of the toxoplasma parasites and harmful bacteria it contains which can cause death of the baby at the time of the delivery or damage to the fetus at the time of conception. Raw meats also cause food poisoning to the pregnant woman. Raw eggs and every other food items that are made of raw eggs like mayonnaise, ice-creams should be avoided too and the reason is the risk of salmonella as it has the exposure to salmonella.

Caffeine products

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Someone who is addicted to caffeine products find it difficult to stop consuming it, although moderate amount of its consumption that is up to 200mg per day is more or less permissible for a lady who is pregnant. The first three months are considered the most critical months of pregnancy, and caffeine food items like Tea and Coffee are considered to be accounted as a prime reason for miscarriage.

Sugar rich and fatty food

Pregnancy disorders like Nausea and Vomiting usually occur because of the food items we consume that are rich in sugar contents. Food items like Ice-creams, chocolates and other sweetened beverages should be avoided as they contribute to weight loss and diabetes which can affect the health of the baby and the mother as well. Similarly, fatty foods not only contribute towards your weight but equally contribute in increasing the bad cholesterol level in the body. They can cause heart diseases as well.