How to get rid of lizards naturally?

Lizards are real encumbrance at home. You would hate to see the creepy creature crawling on the wall. It looks like as if they have considered the wall as their own home ground. However, there are ways by which you can take care of the lizard and keep them away from home.

How to get rid of lizards naturally?

Egg Shells Can Keep Away Lizards

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You can make use of egg shells to keep away the lizards. This is a trusted remedy of which you may have heard from your grannies and aunts. This is the most potent measure you can use to keep the lizard away from the personal premise. Lizards don’t like the smell of the eggs. So after you have eaten the egg you can throw the shell in different parts of the house especially before the doors and the windows. Gradually you will find no signs of lizards at all.

Garlic Can Help in Shooing Lizards

Garlic is the sort of flavoured vegetable and the same can be used in keeping the lizards away. You can hang the garlic in certain parts of the home and the smell of the same will help in keeping the creature away. You can even prepare a spray of garlic juice and mix the same with water to spray in some parts of the house. You can even keep garlic at the doors and the windows and this way you can really keep away the pests from the sight.

Killing the Lizards with Coffee Powder

Coffee powder can kill lizards. You can make small balls by mixing coffee powder and tobacco powder. You can fix them with toothpicks and matchsticks and spread them in various corners of the home. You can place the balls just behind the shelves and the cupboards and these are generally the places where the lizards hide. Once the lizards eat the balls they are sure to die. You must make sure to throw away the body of the lizards rightly as they are highly poisonous.

Onions Can Keep the Lizards Away

In order to keep the lizards totally out of the sight you can at the best make use of onions. Once you hang the onions the pungent smell of the same is sure to keep the creature away. You can take the onions and hand them near the door or you can even keep them at the hiding place of the lizards. The lizards are sure to leave the house as they cannot take the smell of the onions. You can even prepare a mixture with onion juice and water and spray the same in different parts of the house. This is something which is sure to make the lizards vacant the home.

The Magical Pepper Spray for the Lizards

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You can even avoid lizards with the application of the pepper spray. It is easy to make a spray of pepper. To make the same you don’t need to make use of detrimental chemicals. You just need to mix black pepper powder and chilli powder with water and the solution should be well mixed before usage. It is time that you take the mixture inside the spray bottle and apply the same in various parts of the house. The spicy odor of the same is sure to keep the lizards away in time.

Flypaper is a Good Solution for the Lizards

Plypaper will help in keeping the lizards away. These papers should be attached to the walls of the places frequented by the lizards. These are areas like the corner portions of the walls, and places close to the lights. The lizards will get trapped by the flypaper and in the way they cannot escape easily. Now, you can get rid of the creature without any hassle.

Using Naphthalene Balls to Treat the Problem of Lizards

Naphthalene balls will help in curing the lizard problem. This is a trusted remedy for the bed bugs and the rest of the pests In fact, they are sure to work best for the lizards too. The pungent smell of the naphthalene is sure to make the lizards feel irritated and they at once leave the area without causing any problem. You can keep the naphthalene inside the cupboards and you can even place them on the shelves and this is the right way you can address lizard problems.

Tabasco Sauce to Eliminate the Lizards

You can even bid goodbye to the lizards with the application of the Tabasco sauce. This is a hot sauce and you can mix the same with water and then it is time that you shake the item well. You must store the mixture inside the spray bottle and spray the same behind the cupboards, wardrobes and shelves. The sort of spicy mixture is sure to help in eliminating the problem of the lizards and this way you can make the crawlers flee from the home.

Using Cold Water to Eliminate Lizard

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Lizards will best react to temperatures. When there is a change in temperature the lizards cannot react. When you see a lizard you can immediately apply cold water. This will at once make the lizard immobile and while it is in the state of shock you can collect the same and throw away out of the house.

Keeping the Door and the Windows Closed

One thing you can do and that is to keep the exterior doors and windows closed in order to prevent the lizards to enter the home. If the outlets are kept closed then the creature will find no place to enter. This way you would be saved from the hassle of shooing the lizards because the task is extremely daunting. You cannot manage the insect right away. It hides itself when you try to eliminate the creature from the home. This is the reason you should stop all possibilities for the creature to enter the home.

There are more things you can make use of in order to keep the lizard away. However, it is important to know that lizard can react to strong smell. This is the reason you can have the spiciest home remedy to force the creature move out of the house.