Summer pet care tips – Problems and remedies for pets in this summer

Summertime, in the western countries is the time for fun and frolic Pets should also get the opportunity to enjoy the period of sun and fun. Extra caution must be taken to keep the pets safe and cool.

During summer, pets face variety of problems. Before getting a solution, you must find out what exactly are the problems. We all having pets at home feel really helpless under such situation. But, there are solutions to such problem. Kids at your home must be really happy to see the play with your pets. But, if the disease attacks them, this might lead to variety of complications. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your pet insured with Bivvy pet insurance. You must keep your kids away from them. Pets can get water borne diseases which in turn can spread to your kids.

Problems for pets in summer

Heat maladies

Common summer pet problems

There are some places across the nation where the heat waves are quite common. Your pets can get affected and get sick due to these heat waves. Whether it is a dog, or a rabbit, heat maladies can be a biggest problem.


Due to excessive heat they might suffer from indigestion and can get the trouble of Diarrhea. This can also become epidemic effect for people staying with them. This is really important to check this problem and get remedy.

Fleas affect

Summer also brings fleas effect which can directly hit your pets. You must keep them away from such places where flea affect is maximum.

Remedies for pets

Your pet should always be in shade

Pets need way more water and shade than you can imagine. They find absolutely no place to cool their hot and panting bodies. That is why keep them in shade, all the time. When your pets are out their bodies can get over heated. You can also provide them with a small pool of their own.

What are you feeding your dog?

Dogs and cats shy away from food in the summer season, they loose the appetite for it. But, in order to cool themselves they end up losing energy. You need to feed your dogs and cats meals that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Come summer, remove the cushions

Allow your dog and cats to sleep on the cool tiled floor. It is better if they don’t sleep in their beds that is covered with cushions.

Don’t make mistakes

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People often lock their pets in the balcony. This makes them restless and miserable. It is is better to keep them inside the house where there is access to fans and air conditioners. When you are out for work, keep them indoors always.

Put locks on lids

Summer means misery to pets. They only find ways to cool themselves off. It is obviously not possible to watch them all the time. That is why you must put locks on the toilet lids. This will prevent them from drinking dirty, chemically laden water.

Keep your children off them

Kids love pets and pets love kids. But, nobody wants to be hugged and squeezed in the hot summer days. No, not even your pets. Kids don’t understand that but you should. Do keep them away from your pets. Give your pets the space they need in summers.

The use of a hose

This can be an exciting experiment for both you and your pet. Use a hose, that doesn’t spray water in a harsh way. Now, try it on your pet. It might take a few attempts for them to enjoy it. But, they will surely love the refreshing feeling of being wet in the summer.

The trick of evaporation

What happens when you sweat? It evaporates. That’s all there is. But, this law of physics doesn’t apply for those furry friends of yours. They sweat a very small amount and that is why it would be better if they got some help trying to evaporate the sweat in a faster way. Rub your dog’s paws with cotton that is dipped in alcohol. Don’t overdo it though.

Keep away bugs

Since insects and ticks can create a major problem to pets, it is better to keep the pets in such a place where there is no influence of bugs at all.  It is better to keep them indoors most of the time.

Water safety for pets

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Pets love to play with water during the summer season. But, even water can spread variety of water borne disease. It is better to contact a veterinarian and ask for the disinfectant for pets. Apply it in water and then let your pets to play.

Avoid antifreeze

Anti freeze can also lead to variety of complications for your pets. It is thus better to avoid anti freeze. It can leak out of cars when the heat of sun rays is extreme. It is better to keep your pets away from such places so that they can remain safe.

Summer pet safety tips

  • A pet should not be left behind in the car because the temperature in the closed car becomes high in a short time.
  • Dogs and cats should be taken out with a leash to avoid getting lost and to avoid eating and drinking which can make it sick.
  • Plenty of water must be given to the pet during the day. The water bowl must be always full to the brim.
  • Furry pets must be well groomed to keep it safe from sun and heat. Thick haired pets will trap too much heat. Hence some clipping must be done.
  • Pets are tempted to drink water from puddles which contain some chemicals which are sweet in taste but are very toxic for the pet.
  • Humidity lessens the ability of the pets to cool them as they perspire only under their paws which is not enough to cool them. The pets normally pant to cool themselves.
  • It is essential for pets to exercise, but over exertion must be avoided when the weather is hot. They must be made to walk at a slow pace and plenty of water given to them at intervals.
  • Some elderly, very young or sick animals fail to regulate their body temperature; hence they should be kept away from the sun.  Certain breeds of dogs like the Pekingese and bull dogs, overweight dogs and dogs with snub noses fail to cool themselves as they cannot pant in a proper manner. They should be kept in cool places.
  • Pets should be kept indoors during the summer time. The room for the pet must be kept cool

Summer dangers and their care

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Pets are liable to get heatstroke which calls for immediate treatment. Symptoms of heat stroke include panting, warm dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and a dazed look.  Heat stroke can be fatal if not given immediate medical attention. Till medical attention is given the pet should be wrapped in towels soaked in cold water.

  • Sunburns can be prevented by applying sunscreen lotion on lips, mouth, ear and nose. And keeping them covered.
  • Burned foot pads are caused by walking on hot patios, sand and streets. Dogs should be taken for a walk in the mornings and evenings.
  • Dehydration is caused by lack of water. Ice cubes and frozen food and lot of fluids will prevent dehydration in the pet’s body.
  • Heart worms are parasites that enter the pet’s body by a mosquito bite and enter its heart and reproduce. The condition is often fatal. Pets should be prevented from mosquito bites.
  • Chemicals in water are toxic. Pets swimming in chlorinated water can get skin rashes or stomach upset. Pets should be given fresh water to drink and not allowed to drink water from puddles.
  • Seasonal allergies include allergy from fleas, pollen and flower. These can cause rashes, coughing, discomfort, sneezing and some other problems. The pet should be kept away from these allergens.
  • Allow your pet to play in cool area. Don’t take your pet for walk during day time.
  • Fly strike Many pets that stay outdoors will be having problems with flies. These flies cause small crusty sores on the ear tips of animals. Apply fly ointments which are mostly available. Fly strike may cause other diseases like autoimmune disease and skin cancer.