Best ponytail hairstyles & haircuts for Indians

One ponytail is a popular hairstyle which can be picked by girls of any age. While ponytails look their best with western and casual wear, they can even give you the right look with a traditional wear if you are able to pull it off properly. It can be very simple as well as complicated according to the style you are looking for. This article will present with some fresh one ponytail ideas that are quite popular amongst the Indian girls. So, check out the list and you can try these out everyday to look your best.

15Braided sleek ponytail

Different ponytail hairstyles

What will you say about this beautiful sleek braided ponytail? Yes, I know it is fantastic, and you are in a hurry to try it. So, don’t wait and get it set for a beautiful look.

14Fluffy ponytail

Sometimes you like to wear western outfits, sometimes ethnic or sometimes something else. Well, whatever the outfits you like this fluffy braided tail suits at every outfit to give the best-promoted appearance that you will never want to miss.

13High ponytail

Never underestimate yourself while comparing with the top class models. You can also get a model look with this gorgeous high ponytail to get a beautiful look.

12Overlapped braided ponytail

Wear beautiful and look beautiful, wait a minute here I am not talking about your clothing. My words are all about wearing this overlapped braided ponytail to promote your elegant look.

11Messy ponytail with loose waves

Trendy graduated bob hairstyles

Wearing the best hairstyle is equally essential as wearing the right dress. If you are seeking the best hairstyle to compliment your look, then mid parted ponytail with loose waves is the best option.

10Voluminous long ponytail

If your hairs are not that voluminous or long but you want to get a thick and long ponytail, this one can be the best hairstyle for you. It is easy to do and is sure to add a lot of volume to your hairs. First collect the hairs from the lower part of the head and tie them in a ponytail at the back as shown in the picture. Now collect the hairs at the top to do the other ponytail at the top of the head. Make sure that the two ponytails lie on the same straight line so that the base of the lower ponytail is perfectly hidden under the length of the ponytail on the upper section.

9Low side ponytail

Here the hairs at the top of the head has been collected in a bun for giving the hairstyle a new look. The sections of hairs flowing down from the sides at the front will be used for covering the base of the ponytail. The ponytail here has been made with the hairs at the lower back part of the head and it has been placed to one side of the back instead of the middle. This single ponytail hairstyle with a twist can look really stylish.

8Single ponytail with a crown puff

Kerala bridal hairstyles

A single ponytail with a bit messy and high crown puff can look absolutely great with any western party wear. Here the hairs at the front has been swept to the sides and the ponytail has been made with the hairs at the lower back section of the head. The crown puff has been made in a wrap up fashion just above the ponytail. The lowlights within the blonde hair color adds to the overall look of this hairstyle.

7Simple single ponytail with front puff

Check out this simple star style of single ponytail. Here the hairs at the front of the head has been back brushed, twisted a little and pinned at the crown creating the front puff. The rest of the hairs have been tied in a long sleek ponytail at the back of the head. The length of the ponytail has been taken to the front from over one shoulder. This sleek ponytail is simple yet extremely stylish and easy to get.

6Back ponytail with a headband

Party hairstyles for medium hair with saree

Check out this perfect retro hairstyle that you can easily get for your college or for a party. Here the hairs have been collected at the back, the puff has been created on the crown and the base of the ponytail has been tied with a thin section of hairs. The length of the ponytail has been curled in sections and the bobby printed hair band at the front has added the perfect retro look to it.

5High ponytail with sleek back brush

This one is a casual and easy hairstyle that can be ideal for a wide range of purposes. You can get this simple hairstyle for your college, office or even for day outs with your friends. Here all the hairs have been combed to the back and collected at a high position at the back of the head to make the ponytail. The ponytail has been left open at the back without any curls, but the layers in the hairs are clearly visible on the length.

4Long ponytail with middle partition

Short length black hairstyles with plum highlights

Here the hairs at the front has been parted at the middle and combed to the sides, but they have not been included in the ponytail, rather the length has been left lose to flow down from the back of the ears to get the soft look. The whole volume of the hairs has been collected at the back of the head and the long ponytail has been done. A thin section of hairs have been wrapped around the base of the ponytail to get the look.

3Curled side ponytail with front braiding

This one is a perfect party hairstyle that might take you some time but is sure to look great. Here the braiding has been done at the front of the head and it ends behind the ear. The hairs, including the end of the braid has been tied in a ponytail right at the back of the ear to get the hairstyle. The addition of soft curls to the lower section of the ponytail as a whole gives this hairstyle the perfect party look.

2Messy side ponytail

Hairstyles with lowlights

This is a simple messy side ponytail that you can get with ease and can give you the right look for college, casual day outs and even for parties. Here the hairs have been parted at the side, and a section from the bigger part has been swept to the side from over the forehead, covering the side of the eye as well. The hairs have been tied at the back of the ear to make the single ponytail. Natural looking light curls have been added to the length of the ponytail as well as to the lose locks at the other side of the head.

1Top long ponytail

If you are looking to add a slimmer look to your face, this top ponytail can be an easy and stylish pick. Here the hairs have been combed and collected at the top of the head and then the ponytail has been made by tying the hairs with a band at the base. The length of the hairs has been left open, without any added curls. You can easily get this hairstyle for your college and casual day or evening outs.