How to avoid armpit sweat

Sweating is a natural condition, quite beneficial for the body. Especially in summers when the sun is high and the temperature of body increases with the hot weather, it helps in regulating the rise in the temperature by allowing the sweat to evaporate through the surface of the skin.

Despite of such a good reason behind sweating not many of us are fond of being in wet shirts due to excessive armpit sweat.

Nobody likes to be judged due to that ugly look under the arms even after being properly dressed! It is a matter of embarrassment to be caught with body odor, stains and irritated look for anyone.

Some tips to reduce underarm sweating

Tomato rescue

Home remedies to get rid of armpit odor

Tomato is inhibited with antioxidant properties that are quite beneficial for human body.

It has been proved to reduce sweating as well. You can choose any of the ways to use this, either extract out tomato juice or drink it on alternate days or once a week to reduce armpit sweating.

Otherwise, you can mash it to apply it externally through hands upon underarms regularly for some weeks to see results.

Steam baths

Other than normal bathing sessions that we are supposed to take regularly in to avoid sweating, steam bathing is another easy remedy that can help you stay free from sweating for long.

You can carry out this activity twice daily for at least 15 minutes. Steam bathing helps in detoxifying the body and relieving stress that is another stimulator of sweating.

Use alum

You can also resort to alum to control sweating in armpit area. It is very easy to apply; all you need to do is rub in underarm area few times in a day.

Alum works to prevent the growth of bacteria due to presence of aluminum hydroxide that is a natural antiperspirant. What it does is aluminum ions get into the cells with plenty of water causing swelling.

The swelled cells close the ducts and do not allow the sweat to flow out. If you keep on using it regularly then the sweat glands present under your arms might begin to shrink and ultimately reduce sweating.

Lemon magic

How to get rid of armpit odor

This is yet another easily available solution to sweating.

All you need to do is cut a lemon into two halves, apply or rub it in the armpit area and leave it as it is throughout the night. You can wash it next morning while bathing. It will not only control the sweating but also leave a good odor in your body.

Apple cider vinegarTop tips to control body odor

If you are not too happy with the scent of lemon then apple cider vinegar can let you achieve somewhat same results.

This too can be applied at night time by diluting some quantity in the water. It helps in controlling the bacterial growth and maintains the Ph level of the armpit area as well.


Normal deodorants and other ordinary scents are not efficient in keeping you dry for long. Basically because they just spray the good smell onto the body and hide the bad odor.

While, antiperspirants block the sweat glands by reaching them. There are several good brands that keep on coming up with such products in the market, mainly during summers. Other than this, a baby powder or talcum powder can also keep the body dry for some time.

Lastly you can also use some bath salts to keep your body and armpit region fresh and free from sweating for long hours. A good combination of bath salts works well to unclog the pores and get rid of impurities.

Apart from this, bringing a change in eating habits or simply avoiding the food items that trigger sweating should also be taken into consideration. There are several things that trigger sweating that you might be consuming such as alcohol, cigarettes, heavy spices and caffeine.

Top tips to control body odor

Also, remember that excessive sweating is not something very harmful so there is nothing to worry much about this problem.

You can take help of a doctor to know more about other options that you can opt to. They have the best knowledge about which strong antiperspirant can be good and nonreactive or harmful to your skin type!