Ways to remove the white spots on the finger nails?

Today, most of the people are getting white spots in their nails. If you don’t have white spot yet, it will be quite likely for you to get it at some point of time. There are certain indications of this spots. Indications depend upon several pattern and formations of the spots. You can also learn about some causative conditions of the same. The important indication of the spots in finger nails is the fact that, you are not well. This is one of the ways of your body to make a clear indication about your health condition.

Causes of white spots in finger nails

Nail injuries

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People can come across various situations when they get hurt in nails. Sometimes, this spots and dots can also be called as leukonychia. If you get some injury at the base of your nail, this can gradually give rise to spots.

Allergic reaction

Some people have very sensitive nails. This can be one of the side effects or reaction caused by the nail paints. Some people get harmful effects of the nail polish rernover or that of the nail hardener. Some people also gets trauma due to the application of acrylic nails.

Home remedies to treat white spots in finger nails

If you want an immediate remedy of this problem when you are out with your friends, covering the nails with the nail paint will be quite effective. It is preferable to cover the same with some light shade. Individual can try out the nail paint colors such as peach and pink colors.


It is very important for individuals to maintain moisture in hands. If you want to apply a home remedy, it will be important for you massage your hand with some lotions that include vitamin E. You can massage it easily with the help vitamin E capsules absorbed in the massage oil.

Workout for its growth

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You can simply let the white spots in your nails. It is important to be patient while the spots grow. When you keep it growing, it will also grow till the smile lines. Some people may not know about the smile lines which are nothing but a boundary between the nail bed and the place where the nails actually grow. Once it grow bigger and touches its tips, you can easily cut the nail from that area.

Balance diet

Diet is also an important way to keep your nails free from white spots.

Step needed to be taken for removing white spots from the finger nails

Hydrogen peroxide

Tissues of nails and cells regeneration is increased by Hydrogen Peroxide. Use cotton swabs to apply them on the area which is affected at least twice per day for an effective treatment of fungus on nails and also for removal of the white spots on the nails.

Coconut oil

Vital antifungal properties are contained by coconut which makes it effective on the finger/toe nail fungus. For the removal of the white spots on the nails apply the oil of coconut thrice per day on area which is affected. The coconut oil also acts against moisture thus preventing any further growth of fungus on the nails.


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Lemon can cure the infections caused by fungus by its antibiotic properties and increases the strength of the cells which are ravished. Prepare a mixture using extracts of lemon and iodine in equal amounts and soak your nail in it, this will cure the fungal infections and can also remove the white spots.

Lavender oil

Lavender Oil is an effective home cure for fungus on nails. Its antifungal properties are capable of preventing fungi growth. It also protects the nails against moisture by forming a protective layer around the nails.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very well known for its properties which are antifungal. It is very effective in declining the growth of fungus on the nails if it is locally applied on the area affected. It is considered to be a well known home cure for fungus on nails.

Decolorized iodine

Decolorized iodine very effectively can cure the white spots related to fungus on your nails. For better results twice per day apply the lotion on the area which is affected.

Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citrates)

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Lemon grass is an antifungal herb which is very effective. It promotes the growth and regeneration of nails’ fresh cells and also treats finger/toe nail fungus infection very effectively.


Lactobacillus acidophilus is contained by yoghurt which helps in curing fungal infection on toe nails, specifically if mold or yeast caused the infection. Apply yoghurt on the nails and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it. The nails are needed to be dried properly after washing.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil is a natural remedy for finger/toe nail fungus due to its strong antifungal properties. For attaining the best results apply it on the area which is affected twice everyday.


Thyme is considered to be a very effective antitoxic herb. It helps in the removal of nutritional disparities from the body and also restrains abnormal fungi growth. Fungal infection on the nail is very effectively cured by thyme as it is a natural remedy.

Cinnamon oil]

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Cinnamon oil is very much beneficial in curing the infection of fungus on the nails due to its vital antifungal attributes. For preventing the growths of fungus apply it on the area which is affected.

Food rich in zinc

Deficiency of zinc can also cause white spots on the nails. Mutton, oysters, roasted pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, beef, dried watermelon seeds, peanuts, dark chocolate and roasted squash seeds are some foods which are rich in zinc that should be eaten in moderate quantities if suffering from this deficiency. Moderate amount is suggested as overeating of these foods can cause loss of hair and increased toxicity in the body.



  • Always keep your nails clean and free of damp.
  • For removal of toxic elements from your body drink juice of cranberry.
  • For boosting the immunity of the body do a diet comprising rich amounts of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink water a lot everyday.
  • Consult a doctor for diagnosing in case there is increase in white spots or spreading with time.
  • Leave the white spots on its own if it is causing due to trapped air.


Best tips for long nails

  • Try to avoid the usage of nail polish and colors.
  • Try to avoid consuming white sugar as it is responsible for fungal growth.
  • Try to avoid excess contact with moisture as it increases fungus growth.
  • Try not to panic because of small white spots because most of the times they are harmless and will so disappear within the time period of 8 months.