Some health problems that develop during pregnancy

Your body has many changes during pregnancy that can cause irritation or discomfort. There are some health problems that occur during pregnancy that cause complications. They may be the baby’s health or mother’s health or sometimes both too. So always when you visit your doctor ask about your concerns.

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List of health problems that can develop during pregnancy

The most common health problem during pregnancy is complicated and need to recover from them. The problems include pregnant with more than one baby, previous problem pregnancies, over the age of 35. There are some people suffering with chronic condition, which should talk to your health care and provide how to minimize your risk before you get pregnant. You need a health care provider or doctor to monitor your pregnancy. Some of the health problems that include:


The most common cancers during pregnancy are cervical cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, and lymphoma. Cancer rarely harms the baby and only some treatments are safe at the time of pregnancy. Consult your doctor for better treatment to find out the type, size, and stage of your cancer. There is another type of cancer during pregnancy are tumor, which is called gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD). It happens when a fertilized egg becomes a fetus. Treatment depends on the type of tumor.


Infection is the common problem during pregnancy. But some infections are dangerous to the baby, so try to avoid infections. Don’t eat raw or uncooked meat, don’t share food or drinks with other people, wash your hands frequently and many more. You need to take proper medicines or get a vaccine to prevent an infection in your baby. Take antibiotics, if you develop an infection with group B strep or take medicines, if you have geneital herpes.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause problems for you and your unborn baby during pregnancy. If you have high blood pressure before you are pregnant, then get it once you are pregnant which is called as gestational hypertension. It causes low birth weight or premature delivery of the baby. Control your blood pressure during pregnancy is very important for your health and your baby too. The treatment includes close monitoring of the baby, certain medicines, and lifestyle changes. Some pregnant women with this problem develop preeclampsia as a sudden increase in blood pressure after 20th Week. So, try to avoid complications as it is a life threatening for both you and your unborn baby. The only way is to deliver the baby that the reason be cautious about high blood pressure.

Anemia in pregnancy

Anemia is less hemoglobin, hemoglobin is very important because it carries oxygen to all the tissues, placenta and to the fetus. If the hemoglobin levels are less in the RBC it reduces the oxygen level that is carried to the tissues, the placenta and the fetus, which causes low birthrate baby’s, no proper nutrition will reach the fetus.

Symptoms of anemia

  1. If the hemoglobin level is 7 or less than 7 the person has anemia.
  2. Feeling tiered, irritable, unable to concentrate on things, feeling breathless with little extortion


When you feel such symptoms better to visit the doctor and take a hemoglobin check. Other than hemoglobin there is vitamin B12, folic acid and iron is very important for the fetal tissue that helps mature baby by 9months. Instead of taking them orally as medication you can get with a proper diet.

Foods rich in vitaminB12

Yogurt, cow milk, eggs, turkey liver, fortified soy milk, chicken, whole milk, cheese….


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Foods rich in folic acid

Egg yolk, soya products, almonds, sweet potatoes, wheat flour, spinach, beet-root, broccoli, cabbage, nuts, bananas, oranges, peaches….

Foods rich in iron

Kidney beans, black beans, dark chocolates, coco powder, peas, cashews, potato, sesame seeds, Brussel sprouts, sunflower seeds……

Eat healthy food which is good and safe for your baby’s.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a very common medication complication during pregnancy. It is caused just because the pregnant women’s body does not use insulin properly. Pregnant women undergo several changes, metabolism of blood sugar is one of the change occurred during pregnancy. If your blood glucose levels are not in proper range you may develop complications such as high blood pressure, cesarean birth, and premature birth. It also causes risk to newborns by excess birth weight, jaundice and low blood sugar

Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Increase in urination, gestational diabetes during previous pregnancy, weight loss despite increased appetite, increase thirst, nausea and vomiting, frequent infection, family history.


To keep your blood glucose levels normal you have to work on your diet, physical exercise, and regular blood glucose checkups. If all these diet and exercises don’t keep your blood glucose in the normal range your doctors may sagest insulin for you

Hyperemesis gravidarum

It occurs during the first trimester. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a nasal vomiting in term severe form of morning sickness in pregnancy. And it also gets to a point of dehydration, weight loss, lots of calorie intake, feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

Treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum

Small frequent meals like eating dry fruits, drinking plenty of fluids, Vitamin B6 helps in decreasing Noisia in early pregnancy. Medication of noisia is recommended in some cases were vomiting is in persistent and severe.

Some other problems are as follows.

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

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