Summer hair care tips for women

Women always wish to keep their hair as well as skin in a perfect order. But, during summer the hair maintenance should be more. Dirt and pollution accumulation will also be more during this particular season. Excess sebum and oil is produced by your hair follicles in this season. You need to find the ways through which your hair as well as scalp will remain healthier.

During summer, your hair becomes dull and fizzy. Also due to accumulation of sweat over the scalp, hair roots become stinky.  Summer hair care tips will help you give beautify and attractive hair quality. There are some natural ingredients which help in providing a good luster to your hair. Also the hairstyles during summer must be chosen in a wise way so that you don’t feel hot. This article will speak about summer hair care and hair beauty tips for women. You can easily learn to protect your hair from heat. The attractive and stylish hair can also be adopted during summer.

Summer hair care tips for women

Prevent frizz

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Dry and frizzy hair is a common problem to us in the summer season. You should try to prevent your hair strands from getting frizzy or dry. Tie up the hair all the time. You may also make various hairstyles by tying it in different ways. Buns and knots are the best options to you at this time. These hairdos will also reduce your sweating.

Put up the hair in a slightly loose style

You can create messy, loose braid to control the hair and reduce the sun’s effect. Very tight hairdo may be much damaging to you as it pulls hair. This is not good to your dry hair.

Wide-tooth combs are the best tools to you

The combs, having wider teeth, are the right accessories to untangle your hair. However, the brushes may tear your hair while snagging the strands.

Do not straighten your hair

The heat of the sun can dry out all the things, including your hair. Thus, you must not curl or straighten the hair at this time. In all these treatments, the hair stylists apply heat to your hair, and it is really damaging.

Hair care for swimmers

You may love to swim everyday in the summer months. However, prior to getting engaged in swimming, you have to wet the hair. Your hair won’t absorb much chlorine from the water.

Manage the colored hair

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While you have applied color to your hair, you have to check out your hair condition. The color treatments can make your hair drier. Moreover, your color will also get faded in due course. You may also look for special products, which are designed especially for colored hair. When you have applied the color recently, you must not have direct contact with sun. You can cover the hair with scarf.

Sun exposure

When you are facing the summer season, it’s natural to have a wider sun exposure. Now you can utilize the summer heat and stay healthy during the summer season. Take a sun bath across the beach side where you will get your hair exposed to sun. Your hair will receive Vitamin D from sunlight which is both essential for skin as well as hair. You might get intense damage repair conditioners in the market that will help restoring your hair fall. Sunlight is also an important remedy when you are facing the sun rays during the summer season. Thus, sometimes heating up your hair naturally in sunlight will be a good option to maintain hair in summer.

Slicking dry hair

If you don’t want to get your hair damaged with the sun rays, you can even make a guard effective. You can apply conditioner in your dry hair when you are out ion beach and exposed to sunlight. This will protect your hair from excessive sun exposure and even save you from all types of harmful radiation. This will be a wonderful barrier to chlorine, sunlight as well as saltwater. You can also get highlights during summer if you can side of some of your hair strands.

Herbal tea

It is quite easy to get variety of herbal tea from the market. Now simply rinsing your hair with the herbal tea will be another way of protecting your hair during the summer season. If you have blonde hair, using lemon and chamomile extract in tea during summer will be ideal. People having brown hair and wishes to retain the same must wash hair with black tea. If you want to get a copper or total read hair, wash your hair with red zinger. But remember to wash your hair after the tea has cool down. Using hot tea will be harmful for your hair.

Styling your hair

During summer when you are going out for a party or a meeting, you would actually wish to get your hair comfortable so that you don’t feel hot. Thus, the loose hairstyle will be perfect to keep you stay away from the heat of summer weather condition. This will also minimize your exposure to sunlight. But, if you go for a tight hairstyle, there will be wider scope of sweat accumulation which can even lead to dirt and dandruff. Apart from this, you can also get a tear on your hair along with hair fall.

Put conditioners

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After shampooing your hair, you must always use a conditioner to maintain your hair during the summer season. You can get variety of conditioners in the market among which you can choose the suitable one those suites with your hair.

Hair masks

If your hair is falling off during the summer season, this is the time for you to be cautious. Get a hair mask at home naturally and apply it to supply adequate protein to your hair. Simple egg mask will also be very beneficial to keep your hair in a good condition. Since enough protein is supplied to your hair, you can easily get your hair healthier than before.


Your hair also requires oil and moisture in all season especially summer when it loses moisture. Thus, regular massaging with coconut oil, almond oil or any other essential oil will be ideal to maintain your hair during the summer season. You can apply the oil and massage it at night and then wash it away once you get up in the morning. This will nourish your hair properly as enough time is provided to them throughout the night.

Avoid frequent washing

Some people have a misconception that their hair will remain good with frequent wash during summer. But, it has been proved wrong by some of the hair experts. Excess washing can wash away the natural oil that remains over your scalp and nourish hair roots. Hair care tips for women during summer involves less washing hair.

Covering hair

Too much exposure of hair to the heat of sun is really not a good idea. The UV rays that come directly to your hair can affect it in many ways.  This can even make your hair gray before you are aged. Thus, hair care tips during summer involve covering your hair with a cap. You can even use a cloth to cover your hair. Most ladies use umbrella.

Do not use blow dryer

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Since it is not winter, drying hair quickly may not be an issue to you. During summer, hair can dry up easily and quickly. It is better not to use a blow drying that brings out heat.  Some ladies also have been using flat iron for styling purpose. But, during summer it should be avoided to keep hair healthy. You can avail some natural ways.

Hot oil for massage

Even during summer your hair becomes dry and rusty. Thus, proper nourishment is actually needed. You can use the natural oil such as coconut oil, olive oil almond oil for hot oil massage. Heat them little and feel the warm in your hair roots.