Summer health tips after delivery

Delivery is one of the critical situations for all mothers. Along with the baby, even mother needs care and medication for quick heal. Eating healthy is an important factor for the pregnant ladies just after their delivery. There are varieties food which are really nutritious and good for a pregnant lady after delivery is done.

You will be able to get plenty of fresh fruits in the market which is really beneficial to consume for a lady who has just given birth to a new born baby. The milk products with low fat must be consumed or else the fat deposition in belly area will recklessly increase.

Pregnancy is a stage when mother has to stay careful as she is carrying a life within herself. But the situation after delivery is also really delicate. During summer, both the new born baby and mother is not allowed to consume everything as per their like. Especially when the summer arrives, both of them feel really uncomfortable. Let us discuss some health care tips after delivery in this article.

Health care tips after delivery this summer

You need rest

What not to eat after delivery

In order to get over the fatigue and tiredness, your body needs rest. That is why get as much sleep as possible. The rule goes, you sleep when your baby sleeps. A baby is going to wake up after every three to four hours of sleep for food, that is when you wake up. Take care of the baby and go back to sleep again.

Ask for help

Seek help of family and friends. There is no shame in accepting help from your loved ones after postpartum. To allow your body to heal and repair, you need to get help to run your family. Your family and friends can prepare meals , take care of different errands and they can provide comfort to you and your baby.

Start to exercise

It is your doctor who will give you the go sign for exercising. You must  do physical activity which in no way harms you or puts you under a lot of stress. Go for walks in the evening. It will refresh your mind and bring back your level of energy.

Reach out to your partner

It can be a bit tricky with your partner after you had his baby. A new member in the family is a whole lot of adjustment to the whole family. This might even put some stress on the relationship you and your partner share. But, there are always ways to take care of this problem. You have to understand that it is something every family goes through. Be patient and give it some time.

Talk about the problems you are facing and urge your spouse to do the same. Other kids in the family sometimes feel left out and they should be taken care of too.  Take out some time for your hubby and make the most of it.

Be prepared for a tad bit it depression

How to treat depression after pregnancy

Everyone goes through depression and gets a bit lost after the birth of a child. It mostly happens after a few days of delivery and can last up to a few weeks. Symptoms vary and they don’t last all the time. Four out of every five women go through this. They get negative feelings, mood swings, and other sorts of stress.  The cause of such depression is only because of the hormonal change.

The symptoms can be.

  • Crying for no reason.
  • Being agitated.
  • Not able to sleep or get quality sleep.
  • The feeling of sadness.
  • Mood swings.
  • Being restless.

When these symptoms last for two weeks it is time to see your doctor.

Post partum checkup

Even after the delivery is done the new mother has to go through variety of complication. Now, it this delivery happens during summer, the situation gets worse. You must know health tips after delivery. You should go for post partum checkup when you have given delivery to a child in normal way. This is done to ensure your organs are healing well.

Resolving urination problem

When the normal delivery takes places, not only cervix and vaginal but other parts around the portion also gets affected. Most of the common problems during post delivery mothers are during urination. They get a burning sensation. During summer due to excessive heat in the environment, it becomes critical. You can do kegels. You need to hold your pelvic muscle for five seconds and release. Do this regularly to stay healthy.

Pulses and cereals

During summer, the Pulses and cereals are very good for a lady who is in post pregnancy period. This is really light without any spice or hot flavor. Thus, this will help your stay healthy during summer. Even this can give you great digestion power and will be loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Green vegetables

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The pregnant ladies generally lose a lot of iron from their body with the extraction of blood.  Green vegetables will again retain the iron content in the body of the lady after the delivery. Even this will give great nutritional value during the summer. The baby can get properly breast fed if the new mother consumes good amount of iron rich vegetables. The green seasonal vegetables will really recommended in food post delivery of every lady.

What to avoid?

Since, after delivery mother has to keep the baby on breast feeding for a long time, it is better for the mother to avoid junk food. You need to think about your baby’s health even if you have an urge of consuming junk food. Along with your baby, you can also get ill due to consumption of junk food.

What should be consumed after delivery?

Top fiber rich foods

  • Lean protein
  • Low fat milk
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Preventing infections

A pregnant lady as well as a woman after delivering a baby has a good chance of infection. It is important to take adequate care of her so that she does not get infected. You must consume Vitamin C in order to stay healthy and get rid of all infections in your body. Other food also includes broccoli, potatoes, citrus fruits, tomatoes etc.

Iron intake

A lady have delivery has lost ample blood during the creaser or normal delivery procedure. It is important for her to replace the loss of iron after the delivery is over. Iron in diet helps in restoring the blood which is done by producing hemoglobin.  Enhancement of immune system is another important feature of iron in a female body. The food sources which are rich in iron include legumes, fish, red meat etc.

Adequate fluid intake

Top best summer health care tips

Ladies generally faces problem in consuming fluid after delivery. But, just after few days of delivery, the lady needs to consume good amount of fluid. They must consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day in order to stay hydrated. If you are not drinking adequate water, you must substitute the place with other fluids such as milk, juices and water. Adequate water needs to be provided to each woman who have delivered baby recently.

Choosing a light cloth

Since these ladies have a tendency of feeling hotter than normal people, it will be good if they can stay by wearing very light clothing. It is better to wear dresses of cotton fabric as it will provide enough space to breathe. Loose clothing are also preferred as compared to heavy and tight clothes.

Your must also keep your temperament cool as baby is connected with you. It is important for her to keep herself cool in every possible way. You must feel easy of spreading your hands legs while sleeping.