Teenage and puberty-age of anxiety

Teenage girls and boys are anxious to know as to what changes take place in their bodies during puberty. The age of puberty is between 10-18 years when each person has different unique experiences.The teenagers feel normal and come to know that what is going on with them is normal if their questions are answered properly.

Questions coming from boys and girls?

What are wet dreams?

How to look beautiful in teenage

The male body produces and releases new semen daily. Wet dreams or nocturnal emissions are normal release of this semen in the middle of sleep in boys during the age of puberty.

What is normal?

Most boys are concerned about the size of their penis, habit of masturbation,and their thoughts of fantasy. The boys need to know that the size of the penis is normally 3-4 inches. A boy can masturbate twice a day

What is menstruation?

Menstruation in girls starts from 12-14 years. The time is slightly different in each individual. It is a monthly flow of blood which lasts from 3-4 days.

What is the size of the breasts?

Girls are anxious of the size of breast which varies according to their genetics. Breast size is normal and is a part of a girl’s beauty. Its size has no significance.

Basic topics of discussion with teenagers

Teenage sexuality is a difficult topic for parents to discuss with their children. But it is essential to discuss this topic with teenagers specially girls for their health and safety. Sexuality is from movies, net, and other media but parents should know how to talk about sex to their child. The topic of sex should be discussed with the child in a quiet and comfortable place. They should have an interactive discussion on the topic along with a relaxed atmosphere with snacks and drinks. All aspects of sex and sexual relationship need to be informed to the child. The child should be told that all aspects of society can change but the sex issues have not changed. The child should be explained the types of emotional and sexual attraction, infatuation, love. They should be made aware of the biological attractions to the opposite sex and its effect.

Birth control

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Another topic that is important for teenagers’ girls and boys. They should the ovulation cycle, the fertility period and use of condoms and contraceptive pills

Knowledge of STD

sexually transmitted diseases, their varieties, their effects, causes and treatment should generally give to teenagers.

Teen anxiety and puberty blues

Teen anxiety is often an indication that puberty has started in the boy or girl. The teen kids become stubborn, they stop listening, and they start answering back and show sudden outbursts of anger.The children are not to be blamed at this time as this a normal change during puberty. The kids are unable to face the physical and emotional changes in their body and are full of questions arising in their mind. Children do not understand this transition but adults must understand the situation and spend more time with them instead of posing greater demand from them to make them rebellious. Children do not consciously understand what is happening to them as they make the transition into their teen years, so it doesn’t help to blame them or impose tighter demands on them in an attempt to curb their rebelliousness.