How to lose fat after cesarean/c-section

The C-section or Cesarean section is a surgical method where one or more than one incisions are made through a pregnant woman’s abdomen and uterus for the delivery of a baby. A c-section is executed when there is a risk factor working with the vaginal delivery, which may harm the mother or the baby. In some cases it is executed upon request of the family members. Though the WHO (World Health Organization) strictly recommends that, it should only be performed under serious medical needs or conditions. Women who have cesarean or c-section to give birth, struggle to get rid of the c-section belly fat during postnatal period. The period starting right from the birth of a child and continuing till the next six weeks is known as postnatal or post-partum period. If considered from the aesthetic point than this fat along the lower abdomen is a matter of concern for most women. For some women it may seem impossible to get rid of this belly fat, but there are few steps to be undertaken for getting rid of it easily.

Belly fat consideration

Skin or fat

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It is very important to know whether it is the fat or the skin, because most women get it wrong by suspecting the loose skin as fat. If it is the fat then you can easily get rid of it by maintaining healthy diet and some regular exercises. But if it is the skin then diet and exercise are of no use. You need to remove the skin surgically.

Nerve damage

Nerve damage is a frequently noticeable problem following a c-section according to the Pelvic Health and Rehab. Nerves, those are cut or entrapped after a C-section can cause pain throughout transitional activities, such as moving from a seated position to a standing position. Regrettably, this pain will keep on bothering you whenever you attempt to do any kind of physical activity. Physical activities are important following a c-section as it helps to reduce the fat and bring you back into shape.


If you want to shed that extra fat hanging around your body then all you need to do is cut off the calorie intake to a limited amount. Burn more calorie than what you consume and try eating healthy foods.

Count your calories

Restricting the calorie intake is the first and basic attempt which a person does to lose weight. While this can be accommodating in certain conditions but it is a grave no for women who are looking to discard C-section belly fat. It is recommended that women who have had a c-section must consume 1800 calories per day for to fuel their body.

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Although this is a significant suggestion for all women, it is particularly very vital for those women who are breastfeeding.

Follow a balanced diet

For most favorable results when it comes to shedding down weight after a C-section, it is recommended that following a diet which incorporates an ample variety of different types of foods is very important. Superfoods are those types of foods which are densely nutritional and low in calories. These foods are especially useful when it comes to supplying you and your baby with key vitamins and minerals, however keeping your calorie count above 1800.

Include plenty of vegetables, milk, yogurt, fruits and healthy fats and lean proteins, like chicken, beans and fish for most favorable results when it comes to fueling the body with necessary elements and cutting fat down.

Water intake

It is mandatory for each and every person to strike a balance between the food consumption and the water intake on a daily basis. It is much more vital for women who have had c-section as they require at least the half of their body weight as fluid consumption, which means if your weight is 160 pounds then you need to consume at least 80 ounces of fluid a day. This actually helps in flushing out the excess calorie and maintain a balance your and the baby’s health.

Consider breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding can boost your everyday calorie burn and may be useful for women who are willing to lose C-section belly fat.

In addition, breastfeeding can also reinforce the baby’s immune system and provide other important health benefits.


Exercising is very important for your health, even if considered under general aspect. A steady workout plan not only boosts the blood circulation the body but also burns calories, provides energy, reduces fat and keeps you active for the rest of the day. It is vital and recommended to set a schedule of at least 30 to 45 minutes of workout plan for six days a week. For women who have had c-section, it is essential to workout as it keeps her healthy and active. It also reduces the fat and helps get back into shape which seems tough for most women after pregnancy.

Cardiovascular exercise

For women who have undergone c-section, it is recommended to start off with low intensity cardiac training. Low intensity cardiovascular exercises include 30 minutes of walking, swimming, jogging and cycling. Cardiovascular exercises do not target any specific area for weight or fat reduction. Thus it reduces the weight as a whole. It would be much better if you consult your doctor before getting into exercises for avoiding health related issues.

Resistance training

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When you target the lower abdominal muscle, it may not specifically aim for weight loss but may tighten the muscle by giving a lean shape. Try weight less exercises which will help you work on the c-section belly fat. There are few resistance training exercises which are of great help when it comes to c-section belly fat reduction. Glute bridges are considered as a helpful exercise that lets you tone the abdomen muscle without putting pressure to the C-section incision area.

Bust belly fat

It is very important to keep in mind that losing the belly fat after c-section or cesarean section is not an easy task. Just like pregnancy, losing the belly fat after c-section also requires ample amount of time, dedication, diet control, exercise, etc. It is not a task of a single day whereas it is not a task of a long span of time too. With proper guidance and dedication you can get rid of belly fat easily and achieve a well toned structure, just like the one you had before the pregnancy period.