How to make oval face look round

An oval face surely has its own beauty, but a round face is considered as ideal particularly because it gives a more youthful look.

If your face is more long than wide you have the opportunity to try out maximum types of makeup and hairstyles, on the other hand every style might not be very suitable for round faced beauties.

However, if you think that your oval face is not really cool and you would like it more to make your face look round and get a more youthful appearance, there is nothing to worry.

You can do that efficiently through some makeup and hairstyle tricks. Getting the right makeup in the right way and the right hairstyle can actually make an oval face look round. Read on to know the tricks that can make your oval face look more round

Get the right brows

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Eyebrows play a very important role in dictating the shape of your face. It gives the right frame and hence can be groomed effectively to give your oval face a roundish appearance. For getting the right round face create long and horizontal eyebrows with end tapering.

Create the flat and straight shape with your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Also try to maintain the same shape while threading your eyebrows to get a round look.

Face contouring

Contouring is the primary art of makeup. By contouring your face in the right way you can actually make your oval face look round. If you have an oval face that you want to appear short and round focus on the cheekbones, jawline and hairline while contouring.

This can make your face look smaller. Contouring under the cheekbones, that is, the hollow of the cheeks, will make your face look wider and round. Shading under the jawline will make the jawbones less prominent giving a fuller look to your face.

You can effectively make your forehead look smaller by shading the hairline in the right way while highlighting the middle part of your forehead above your nose bone.

Another important thing in face contouring that can draw the attention to the middle of your face, is contouring the nose bone. Highlight the bridge of the nose while shade the sides, this will make your nose look more sharp pulling attention to the middle of your face.

Use blush on your cheeks

In order to make your oval face look round it is important to highlight your cheeks and you can do that effectively by applying the right blush color in the right way. Go for natural blush colors but ensure that they are sufficiently pigmented.

Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks in an upward direction with the help of a makeup brush. Do not make outward strokes as that will take the attention away from the center of your face.

Get the bold eyelashes

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To make an oval face look round your aim should be to draw the attention to the center of the face, and you can do that effectively by donning bold eyelashes.

You can use falsies to get the heavy and long eyelashes that will attract the attention more towards your eyes giving your face a more round appearance. You can also go overboard with mascara. Dramatic eyes are perfect to pull attention to the center of your face.

Pick the right eyeshadow color

To make your face look round the eye makeup is very important. Use light and sheer colors of eye shadow to make your face look more round.

Focus the area at the arch of the eyes and go on blending to get that perfect look. Do not add more colors just below the eyebrows as that will make the gap look wider.

The right hairstyle to make your face look round

The right hairstyle can effectively make an oval face look round when combined with the right makeup and contouring. Bangs can be excellent for hiding the oval shape of a face giving a round look.

Front bangs can effectively hide the broader forehead of an oval face and thus making it look round. Opt for mid length fluffy layers which can hide the ends of your face, giving it a more roundish look.

Going short with your hairs also make the face look shorter and round, and hence can be effective to make an oval face appear round.

The above tips and tricks are highly effective to get the look you want. However, to reach perfection you might need some practice time.