Karwa chauth dress and hairstyles with accessories

Karwa Chauth is an annual festival which is celebrated by the married Indian women, and holds a great significance in our culture. On this day, they seek the blessings of Goddess Parvati to grant their husbands a long life. The fasting is the main ritual that is observed on this day.

There is an old custom where people narrate the stories that reflect the significant of Karwa Chauth ceremony. Women sit in groups and sings religious songs. These songs and stories remind them about the power and devotion they have towards their husbands.

The main story revolves around a woman who was bestowed with special powers when she brought back her husband’s life after practicing a strict fast. The story strengthens the married women of today and makes them much more confident.

The day of Karwa Chauth starts before sun rise, when the married women consume sargi. After that, they are to stay without food and water, till the moon comes out and then complete the ritual. However, by evening, the celebration moods hike up and everybody gets dressed up for Karwa Chauth ki katha and puja.

In this article, we will go through some nice dressing ideas so that you know what all you can wear on this special day. The styles have tried to remain traditional but come with a modern blend, for the woman of today.

Karwa chauth dress and hair ideas

Classic red and gold


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Most women like to wear red on Karwa Chauth. This is how the ritual goes and you are likely to see your entire group, decked up in red and golden. Nonetheless, it is very important to not have something same or similar to what someone else is wearing, so we have added one of the latest saree collections here.

Red and golden always stands apart, but you need to make sure that you don’t buy some common. This red plain print has been bordered with red and golden, which adds shine to the blandness in the middle. The blouse is shiny and attractive one, to grab all the attention that you would need.

Coming to the hairstyle, nothing beats the traditional look when you have a nice bun. This down tied bun makes the entire attire get more onto the tradition side, and makes the look complete. The hair has been parted from the middle to add the hair chain, and then back-brushed for the bun style. It is an easy to do, easy to carry and best hairstyle for tough times like a day of Karwa Chauth.

Red stressed saree


If you want the redness of your look to steal the show, match it with a color which will retain the red for you. In other words, if you choose tones like red and dark blue or dark green, where the contrast falls in well but stresses more on the red, you will look perfect for you Karwa Chauth attire.

Here, we see a nice red saree, which has been added with sparkles with stitch designs, and a thin border in blue. The stylish blue blouse contrasts the tone, but still doesn’t overlook the brightness of red.

This is a common hairstyle for all the women who like to keep their hair open. Thinking about the most stress-frees hairdos for this celebration, have your hair parted from the middle and straightened for the first quarter of the length. Have it rolled into simply curls to give the waves and let it fall the way you want.

Stylish suits


There is no hard and fast rule that you will have to stick to a red saree. If you want to look different from everybody else, try out something that doesn’t break the norm but still makes you stand apart.

In this picture, we see how Shilpa Shetty is slaying with her offbeat white and golden striped, paired with white printed palazzo shaped salwar and a vermilion dupatta to maintain the Karwa Chauth feel. If you want to go different, make sure you carry bits of the ritual styling and then you’d get the perfect look!

The open waves are another easy hairdo where you don’t have to stress much with your hair. Make sure that your hair is nicely shampooed and blow dried, after which you simply add a wave to every layer of your cut. This makes them have a curve and doesn’t make it look stick-straight. Let the hair part from the middle and flow!



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After the sarees and suits, we would also like to add the freedom of wearing lehengas on this occasion. Many new weds would want to wear light lehengas, like we see in the picture here. Light lehengas are much easy to carry during a strict day of being with food and water.

It is a sensible decision to not stress your body with heavy clothes and jewelry and wear something way more soothing. Here, we have the common Karwa Chauth color tones, with a touch of style and sensibility.

This is another hairstyle to set your hair free and have it minimally styled. You simply get your hair nicely untangled and brushed, and then just waves towards the tips of every layer. Have the hair parted from the middle or from one side, after which you let it flow have at the back and half down your shoulders.

Other colors for a difference


Finally, we’d also like to add the fact that you can have your own way in dressing up for your Karwa Chauth ceremony. If you don’t want to stick to the red or you don’t want to wear a saree, make your own choice and make your skin comfortable in what you wear.

This day is very important for every woman and they must stay comfortable in what they choose to carry. Here, we see a lovely blue stressed lehenga choli, which has been added with off-white and purple tones. This gives your look a nice difference than what other women are likely to wear, or what you have worn over the years.

Braiding is one of the most traditional hairstyles, which we always try for our occasions. When we make simple braids, the attraction is drawn towards what we are wearing. You equalize the attention by adding some accessories and keep your hair prevented for flying or disturbing your face, during the rituals.

Karwa chauth dress and hair accessories

We now add some of the easiest hair accessories which will help you do up your hair with ease. You might discover or get to try some new styles with these, and innovate your own hairstyle ideas for Karwa Chauth.

Pankh Donut Bun Maker CR-89


The most important thing that you technically should keep handy in terms of hair accessory is a bun maker. It is the easiest hack when you cannot have the energy to make stylish hairstyles on a rough and tiring day like this celebration. A bun maker will make your have a neat hairstyle within seconds and you don’t have to think about your hair until you have enough food in your stomach!

Bridal Hair White Pearl Crystal Headdress


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If you want to enhance your bun hairstyle, then you can have a stylish bun accessory to make your style look way better than how it was before. A simply sparkled bun accessory can change and improve your hairstyle like you couldn’t even imagine looking so well on the pale face day. Add this to cart if it suits what you are wearing and settle yourself well.

Sarah Black Plastic Hair Comb for Women


If you want to keep your hair open, back-combed but you don’t want to put much effort in pinning it up, simply use a back comb to make your style set. It will leave your hair open, but keep it away from the front. It is easy to manage and neat to look at.

VOGUE Golden Latest Stylish Rubber Band and Ponytie


If your style permits you to do a ponytail to your hair, you can buy this stylish hair band. This will neatly tie your hair and make it have a singular flow. You can let the layers fall in front, to give you a better effect, but it will surely be one of the best styles if it suits what you’re wearing. You are safe from hair hassles and you get away with the day.