How to correct the dark uneven skin tone with common homemade tips

When your facial skin does not show same color and brings out some dark patches over the face, uneven skin will be ideally observed. Acne, pimples and scar marks over your skin can also give rise to discoloration of your skin. This uneven skin tone makes the person look unattractive and clumsy in appearance.

Thus, people are always willing to get even skin tone without any pimple, scar marks, acne over the facial skin. Pigmentation is another reason for change in color in some parts of your face. This can be either due to hereditary problem or the signs of aging. But, you can now get some wonderful homemade tips that can correct dark and uneven skin tone.

Even skin tone is the general problem in the every one’s life. The uneven skin is because of the pigmentation in the skin pores. Uneven skin tone results the skin appears darker and in pale shade than the other parts of the body. They can be appearing in any part of the body like legs, face, hands, body etc. This is because of the skin pores on that particular area is blocked and the melanin produce at that skin area is high.

The increased melanin is due to the sun exposure of the body, vitamin E deficiency etc is the causes. The skin pores blocking is due to the skin pores are covered with dust and dirt. They are not cleared properly. Here are the some of the tips to correct the uneven skin in the body. Follow the tips to get beautiful glowing skin.

Tips to correct the uneven skin

Sun protection

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The uneven skin is caused because of the sun exposure to the body. Use the sunscreens creams with at least 15 SPF or higher sunscreen creams. Better to read the label before buying the any cosmetic products. Use the cream for your skin type like oily, dry, mixed skin etc. The sun protection creams protect  From the UV rays and controls the melanin content in the skin. The Sun protection creams in the market are below 15 SPF so choose it correctly.


Dead skin cells in the skin causes the uneven skin. This dead cells in the skin is removed by exfoliates. Use the natural exfoliates likes sugar, oatmeal, gram flour etc. This natural exfoliates remove the dead cells from the skin pores and make the skin pores appears in their natural way. Use exfoliates while you are taking the bath in addition to the soap. There are wide range of exfoliate products are available in the market you can use those also.

Lemon toner

Lemon is the natural ingredient which lightens the skin. The uneven skin can be lighten and removed by the lemon juice. Apply the lemon juice on the uneven skin and wash after 10-15 minutes repeat this process until you get the desired results.

Stay hydrated

Drink the plenty of water. All the skin cells in the body gets the sufficient amount of the water to get moistures and bright. The water shows effect on the skin if they are not available to the skin cells.

Healthy diet

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Take the healthy diet is the way to get off the uneven skin .The vitamins and mineral deficiency is also the reason for the uneven skin. Take the Vitamin E rich food and apply the almond oil and olive oil on the uneven skin. Vitamin D deficiency is also another cause for the uneven skin. Sit at least 20-30 minutes in the evening sun shade and morning sun shine.

Skin whiteners

Use the skin whiteners for the results. These skin whiteners contain the melanin decreased compounds. Give the instant results than the other. Uses the best natural skin whiteners and avoid high chemical include skin whiteners.

No smoking & no alcohol

Avoid the smoking and alcohol is the best practices not only for the uneven skin but for the total health. The nicotine and alcohol are shows the impact on the skin and absorbs the all the vitamins and minerals from the body. So leave them also.

Consult the dermatologist if you suffer with heavy uneven skin from the long time.

Homemade tips to correct dark uneven skin tone

Sugar scrub

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Sugar is one of the important ingredients available in kitchen without which you cannot prepare tea or make any sweet dish. This is not only beneficial to make dishes but also have excellent use as a scrubber. You always need a scrubber at first to remove the dead skin layer from your face. The natural homemade scrub can be made with a spoon of sugar, little water and a spoon of daily use face cream. Mix them all well and apply over your face and rub it slowly. Do this for 5 minutes and wash your face with Lukewarm water. Regular exfoliation can make your skin tone even.

Yogurt mask

It is quite important to tone your skin on a regular basis to remove dark uneven skin from your face entirely. Yogurt face mask can be proved to be a wonderful way of making your skin toned and remove dark uneven parts from your body totally.  Since Yogurt is also known as natural bleach, it will remove dark part from your face replace the same with light skin tone.  You need to take a homemade or organic yogurt and apply it over your face evenly. Keep it over your face for 20 minutes and then rinse it with Lukewarm water.


Milk has wonderful properties of making your skin soft and even. The melanin deposit can be naturally lightened with the application of milk over the skin layer. Milk is also considered to be a wonderful cleanser which when applied on a regular basis gives rise to much more clear and radiant complexion. But remember not to boil milk if you really wish to treat uneven skin tone. Dip a cotton ball on raw milk and apply it over your face in soft hand. Keep it for 20 minutes and remove it with the lukewarm water. Uneven skin tone will be easily diminished with raw milk application.

Baking soda

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Another wonderful natural exfoliate ingredient available at home is the baking soda. Some people have a fear about the reaction of baking soda on skin. But, it is really safe and will never harm your skin. If you have managed to get dry and flaky skin due to excessive sun exposure, baking soda can give you the remedy. You have to take a small glass bowl and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Now mix it with water such that it becomes a paste. It will be much more preferable if you can add rose water instead to water with the baking soda. Now, apply this baking soda paste over your face and leave for few minutes. You can also take up the task of massaging your face with baking soda for 2 minutes and wash the same with the lukewarm water.

Milk powder

Some people prefers milk powder instead of raw milk in kitchen as milk powder can be easily stores as compared to that of raw liquid milk which is susceptible to get damaged under extreme hot temperature. Now, you can also treat your uneven skin with the help of milk powder. Take 2 tablespoon of milk powder in a container and add water to make a paste which is neither too thick not too light. Apply it over your skin with a brush evenly. You can also add some freshly extracted strawberry juice with it to make it much more effective. Keep this pack for 5 minutes and remove it with Lukewarm water.