Perfect christmas party hairstyles & haircuts

Christmas is a magical word itself. It reminds us that it is party time and time to turn on the beautiful mode for yourself. We know you party lovers and your fashion struggles too. There are so many things to decide. Dress, makeup and most important what to do with hair. We hope that you have started your preparation so we have come with some gorgeous hairstyles that would make you the show stopper and you will be the only girl your partner going to check out on. So have a look and decide for yourself.

Wavy medium length hair with soft curls


Long wavy hairstyles for girls

This can be one of the best hairstyles for medium length hairs. The artificial soft curls are giving the hair a wavy look. You can keep your hair open and with the help of rollers and dryer you will be able to create those soft curls. You can part your hair on any side you want. You need to divide your hair volume equal on both side and you are ready with a party look. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or like the above picture a sexy Santa outfit you are going to rock. So don’t be afraid of attaining any Christmas theme party or Xmas night party.

Fancy curly hair


People who love curls it’s a treat for you.  This hairstyle can be done on short length hairs too. So if you have made your hair short don’t worry and go for this.  You can part your hair from the middle and simply leave it open. The best thing you can do apply a fancy accessory. Like above the picture you can go for a flower or a bow shaped hair band. Instead of using it in the usual way you can try this style. It would definitely give you a party look in a distinctive way.

Classy wavy hairs with short locks


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Another one for medium or long length hair. You can give your hair a wavy look by applying curls at the ends.  And those short locks are giving it an absolute party look isn’t it? You can keep your hair open by part them on any side. You need to keep the volume same on both sides. A stylish hat like the Santa cap or anything else will go good with this hairstyle.

Messy looking long wavy open hair


If you are a fan of fairy tales and have always dream of dressing like one. We have one for you. You need to have long or medium length hair for that. You can divide the front section of your hair from the middle and roll up those hairs and tie them at the back. Leave the rest open. To make the best of it try it with a tiara and get the princess like look you always dreamt of.

Up tied hairstyle with curly locks


Hairstyles for girls with curly hair

This is another suitable hairstyle with your ethnic or classic dresses. If you are planning to look like a 90s diva or want to wear something ethnic go for this style. The front style should be parted from the middle and take the rest of your hair and tie them on any side preferable for you. The front locks are giving it an extreme classy touch. You can apply flowers for getting the best look. You can try this look with any party gown that you are going to wear on your Christmas Eve.

Short fringe tied hairstyle


So if you haven’t decided your hairstyle with your little black dress or party gown we have come up with this.  All you need to have short fringes that should be spotted on your forehead. And the rest should be tied with hair pins. You can use tiara or ribbon or any classy hairband with this hairstyle.

Tied crown braided hairstyle


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This hairstyle may look a bit complicated but it’s a very easy yet gorgeous looking hairstyle that would help you to steal the lime light of the Christmas Eve party. You need to have long hair for that. Make a loose braid and round it up on your hair like a ribbon or hairband. Puff the middle portion of your hair and leave a little part from side and curl it up. Make a side lock in this way and get ready to be appreciated for your super sense of fashion. Don’t worry we will keep your secret.

Long braided princess looking hair


Are you lazy? But still crave for the fashion diva look? We know you must have got tired of admiring those beautiful hairstyles that you see at parties or shows. We know you want to have one too but can’t deal with the effort it needs. So we have come up with a very easy tricked hairstyle that will give you a perfect princess looking hairstyle that you can carry with your party gown in minutes. You need to have long hair for that. Make a loose braid at first. Try to take out some strings of bunch of hairs carefully and tie them in crisscross way with the help of hair pins. To decorate your hair you can buy hair pins or any flower of your choice. Small ones are preferred.

Long side swept hairs with fancy curls


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Remember how the princesses and queens of your childhood fairy tales used to admire you? You spent your whole childhood by admiring to look like them. Sorry for being late but you can still look like them now. Or you can get a look of your favorite fairy tale character in a few easy steps. If you have long hair you can make your dreams true. Part your hair on any side. A keep a little volume of hair string for your front lock. The rest can be tied with an updo. You need to make perfect curls for it. And updo can be made with a crown easily. And the front lock should be curled as well. Now you are ready to be appeared as a show stopper.

Curly hairstyle with back braiding


This comes last, not the least though. Here a braid has been done at the upper portion of the back of the hair. The rest of the hair has been keep open with the help of soft curls at the end. We can assure you this hairstyle would go with most of your outfit. And these are easy to maintain. To make it look more graceful you can apply any accessories like flowers or hair pins any of your choice.
Hope we have save you’re a bit amount of time and energy. All you have to do now decide what you are going to choose as your party avatar.  So try these and be the star of any party you are going to attain.