Best marwari mehndi designs with pictures

The Marwari mehndi patterns are originated from Rajasthan region where most of the people were known as Marwari or marwadi people. People living in Rajasthan area have the tradition of applying traditional mehndi designs on all occasions. In the Marwari designs the sculpture of the bride and groom is very evident.

Marwari mehndi styles include the image involving sophistication and elegance. In most designs the history and tradition of kings and queens are depicted in an interesting manner.

Marwari mehndi designs involve flowers, peacock, radha-krishna and amazing motifs in their traditional and modern mehndi designs.Most of the Marwari women apply mehndi on their hands and feet during the festivals or marriage events. The designs also depict the folk dance, tradition, art forms, creativity and the colors of the Rajasthan culture.

They are representation s of the Indian culture and tradition with the help of flowers, mango leaves, peacock shaped designs etc. Sometimes mehndi designs include detailed designs on the hands and feet of the bride before the marriage.These designs often show the bride and groom pictures along with varieties of shaded flower and leaf patterns.

It is customary for the brides both hands and feet to be filled with heavy mehndi designs. Full hand mehndi looks even more gorgeous when they are accompanied with colorful bangles. In some areas of Rajasthan, the grooms hands and feet are decorated with elaborate Marwari traditional mehndi designs.

[Best marwari mehndi designs in Hindi]


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Marwari mehndi designs

Marwari mehndi designs

Best mehndi designs for legs

This is a simple but elegant Marwari mehndi design. It features some exquisite floral patterns and shapes, but there is no ornamental detailing to it. It is artistically placed on the palm in the manner that the skin peeps out in several places. It is a common design used by women in family functions, because it is easier to make and requires less patience.


This is an artistic Marwari mehndi design featuring patterns and spiral designs. The image on the design has no meaning and the entire one is abstract. But still it looks attractive. The spirals, curves and lines are well arranged on the hand.


Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Here is a plain mehndi design with a simple flower in the center of the palm with more intricate pattern upon the forearm. The small shapes on the finger are a simple yet looks beautiful. These flowers and abstract shapes look lovely on anyone’s hands and can be applied on all occasions.


This is an elaborate mehndi designs for the bride and groom and their close relatives during the mehndi ceremony that takes place a day before marriage. It is an extremely complicated and elaborated design. It features typical figures of a bride and groom with many other images of the paraphernalia included in weddings


Easy circle mehndi designs

Mehndi is applied to the foot as well as on the palm. The foot mehndi designs are as elaborate as those worn upon the hands. There is intricate detailing and patterns looking like anklets or other ornaments. The mehndi looks better with the right color of nail polish upon the toenails.


Many Marwari mehndi designs are made more eye-catching and attractive by adding brightly colored rhinestones to them. These additions are temporary and do last for just an evening. They serve their purpose, of making the design more alluring.


Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This is a customary design of Marwari mehndi in which the figure of the dulha–dulhan is crafted on both the palms. It gives a royal and rich look to the hand.


This Marwari design attracts both the metro girl as well as the village belle. There are several geometric designs wonderfully amalgamated with traditional Marwari patterns. It is a perfect design for the bride. The name of the groom can be artistically hidden in any part of this design.


This is a beautiful design with a perfect combination of Marwari mehndi design and addition of color from the Arabic style. It is an ideal design for the bride. This design is more like a henna painting with paisley, flowers and dots,

[Best marwari mehndi designs in Hindi]