Marwari dulhan mehndi designs for wedding

The Marwari mehndi patterns are originated from Rajasthan region where most of the people were known as Marwari or marwadi people. People living in Rajasthan area have the tradition of applying traditional mehndi designs on all occasions. In the Marwari designs the sculpture of the bride and groom is very evident.

Marwari mehndi styles include the image involving sophistication and elegance. In most designs the history and tradition of kings and queens are depicted in an interesting manner.

Marwari mehndi designs involve flowers, peacock, radha-krishna and amazing motifs in their traditional and modern mehndi designs.Most of the Marwari women apply mehndi on their hands and feet during the festivals or marriage events. The designs also depict the folk dance, tradition, art forms, creativity and the colors of the Rajasthan culture.

They are representation s of the Indian culture and tradition with the help of flowers, mango leaves, peacock shaped designs etc. Sometimes mehndi designs include detailed designs on the hands and feet of the bride before the marriage.These designs often show the bride and groom pictures along with varieties of shaded flower and leaf patterns.

It is customary for the brides both hands and feet to be filled with heavy mehndi designs. Full hand mehndi looks even more gorgeous when they are accompanied with colorful bangles. In some areas of Rajasthan, the grooms hands and feet are decorated with elaborate Marwari traditional mehndi designs.

Marwari dulhan mehndi designs

40Bridal mehendi design ideas

Best mehndi designs for legs

A pretty big part of Indian weddings is the mehendi ceremony which kicks off the entire wedding proceedings. These two images on the left and the right show you two very distinctly different design ideas for your big day that you can try or customize with.

39Unframed or framed details?

Do you want your mehendi to look more organic and flowy or do you want it to look more structured with different shapes? Both can look incredible and you have some beautiful side by side inspirations for both sides to help you visualize what you want.

38The grid or the vine

The beauty of mehendi is the unlimited options you can create with the simple color. The design on the left shows you a unique diamond grid pattern with detailing while the one on the right is a vine design with more traditional shapes and designs.

37Uncluttered bridal mehendi

While bridal mehendi is generally thought of as traditionally being very dense and detailed, modern brides often want something less cluttered to make the design really pop. These gorgeous designs are perfect for the blushing bride and makes use of negative space making the designs stand out.

36Symmetry is beautiful

This image shows you the beauty of symmetry in a design. While getting different designs on different arm can give you more detailed designs, the use of a symmetrical design with minimal variations looks really cohesive and beautiful and makes for some incredible photos that you can keep as memories.

35Mirror image

While some people look for different designs for both arms, and variations in designs, a new emerging trend is the use of a mirrored image design. This image shows you two examples that unite to form a concrete image when you place your palms together.

34Dense or spaced out?

It is often quite difficult to figure out whether you should get designs that are super densely packed, which are traditionally preferred by brides or a spaced-out design like the left, that designs the fingertips without blocking them out. Both can suit different occasions.

33Arm length or elbow length

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

One of the things people often wonder is how much area should get your mehendi design cover. This is an image that shows you two different lengths, the one on the left is an elbow length design while the right extends to the mid-arm length.

32Animal motifs or classical paintings?

The source of inspiration for mehendi art is seemingly endless and rightfully so. Mehendi is often done with inspiration taken from both nature and culture. While the left draws from bird prints and motifs, the right features depictions of humans in the classical art style.

31Brown vs. color

While the brown tones suit and bring out your natural tones in the skin, some brides prefer to go for something a little different. The design on the right features the use of pops of fuchsia and white which really makes the design pop and stand out.

30Line art styles

Mehendi is very personal. While some prefer more design elements with less negative space, others want cleaner lines that are less cluttered. Whatever style you prefer, these images offer incredible guides for both styles. They can serve as inspirations and showcase the intelligent use of negative space.

29Complementary designs for both arms

One of the things we struggle with is how to pick designs that are complementary for both of our arms. You can pick the same design repeated with a twist, as in the right image or go for similar shapes with different details and designs.

28Body art in black and brown

These images can be used if you are unable to decide what color of mehendi to go for. While the black option does look amazing against your skin tone, the brown compliments Indian skin tones. Black designs are more contemporary while browns are traditional.

27Wearable works of art

These are nothing short of incredible works of art in their stunning incorporation of texts, classical painting styles inspired by the Mughal era and the rich cultural heritage of India. You can customize the text as per your choice to reflect ideas that matter to you.

26Subtle mehendi designs

Easy circle mehndi designs

While the general idea is to make your mehendi deeper, the truth is, the deeper the mehendi, the harder it is to remove the stains. You can get a subtler, warm toned saffron color that complements Indian skin tones by leaving the mehendi on for less time.

25Detail rich design ideas

These are some examples of just how stunning mehendi designs can be. With their incredible focus on the inclusion of stunning, intricate details, these are absolutely perfect designs that will forever be relevant and interesting, making them absolutely perfect for weddings and any other special occasions.

24Timeless traditions

If you are looking for a mehendi design you can’t go wrong with when you look back at photos years later, these are your best bets. They are timeless designs that will always be gorgeous and appropriate. With stunning attention to detail, they are impeccable and absolutely perfect.

23A love story in red

Red is associated with brides and is known as the color of love and passion. Why not incorporate it as a part of your mehendi design? This simple, yet stunning design features red hues and compliments brown skin tones and traditional red bridal attires beautifully.

22A design for the bride

Your wedding day is special and every element has to be perfect. This mehendi design shows two very popular bridal mehendi ideas. While the left is a traditional design with peacock motifs, the right one features paintings of couples in bridal theme with stunning details.

21Line art or color?

Gone are the days when mehendi was only one tone. You can find mehendi gradually incorporating more and more color with the invention of skin friendly dyes. The image on the left features line art in black while the right combines traditional browns with blue tints.

20Traditional motifs at their best

These mehendi designs are some of the examples that combine different motifs like the floral motifs and peacock motifs and incorporate portrait art into the designs to make for incredible and intricately detailed pieces that is bound to be admired by anyone who sees it.

19The peacock and the princess

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This image shows two of the most pertinent motifs to mehendi art. While the left shows incredible representation of the stunning peacock, the right image is a guideline for the artistic rendering of an Indian princess and helps bring mesmerizing, intricate details to the composition.

18Pattern vs. painting

The theme of this mehendi design idea duo incorporates the best of all worlds. While the image on the left is more of a traditional mehendi design, the one on the right is nothing short of a work of art with motifs from paintings and love quotes.

17The intricate saga

This mehendi design idea plays on the Indian aesthetics of maximalism, or the inclusion of the most details in a small space. With absolute gorgeous precision, the intricate design of this mehendi art is truly fascinating and transcends into a realm of a wearable piece of art.

16A sleeve or till the wrists

Henna tattoos that cover the entire arms often look like tattoo sleeves and can sport very intricate details like the inclusion of portraits and different auspicious motifs. Wrist-length tattoos can also offer quite some detailing and take much less time to dry and develop.

15Types of grid designs

Grid designs are pretty hard to master due to the precision they require. This image shows you two different types of grid designs you can try out. While the left has more detailing densely packed into each individual cell, the right design has smaller, circular patterns.

14Brown or red

While traditionally mehendi was done with the use of henna leaves which dyes the arms temporarily in a brown tint, the modern advancements enable us to use different colors. This red, simple design really stands out due the use of the white dots and looks beautifully contrasted.

13The rose or the patterns?

People often have trouble choosing between is the floral patterns or the structured patterns. Floral patterns are definitely more romantic to look at, they can’t capture the depth of the detailing you can find with structured. You can always combine both for a unique effect.

12How to integrate color into mehendi designs?

New mehndi designs for feet

Filling up small spaces in your mehendi design with color can make the entire design more elevated, interesting and more unique. For a similar effect in brown, you can experiment with thicker and thinner shapes that dry down differently to give the illusion.

11Coordinated hand and feet mehendi designs

In a lot of cultures, not only the palm, but also the feet are decked out in intricate mehendi designs for your wedding. These designs can look gorgeous when coordinated and here are two ideas based on the length you want the design till.

10Traditional or color

Visualizing how your mehendi will look can be problematic for a lot of people. This image shows you the difference between more traditional styles of brown mehendi on the left and a more modern look on the right with the use of a beautiful red colored mehendi.

9Shading and line art

Mehendi is a tricky medium but these images make it look so effortless and easy. The one on the left incorporates shading done via diluting out the rich brown color, while the right image features depth and dimension with shading and line art with perfect accuracy.

8Traditional or sequined

While a lot of brides go for the more traditional look for their wedding, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to mehendi designs. The one on the right features stones and sequins integrated into the design to give it a blinged out, more eye-catching effect.

7Saheli/Bridesmaid bridal mehendi design

If you are going to be a bridesmaid of your best friend’s wedding this year which happens to be a Marwari wedding then try draping your hands with this Saheli Mehendi design. Even if it is not a Marwari wedding you can go with this design. It depicts rich culture and history of the emperors.

6Full Hand bridal mehndi design

This Mehendi design was initially brought into practice so that it covered the entire hand of the bride and later gained prominence for the same reason since it made the hands of a bride draped in henna look fabulous. This Mehendi design is usually opted by bride to be or a new bride for an occasion.

5Heart shaped wedding Mehendi design

New bangle henna mehndi designs

This Mehendi design is definitely for a bride to be as it is all hearts and love. One half of the heart in one hand and the other half in another are drawn and the hands when joined together complete the heart so beautifully. A thoughtful way to depict some love on your wedding day is by choosing this Mehendi design. It signs as an epitome of love.

4Heavy hand jewelry dulhan mehendi design

Heavy hand jewelry isn’t about the weight; it is more about the look of the ornament. So, you can choose to get your hands draped in some beautiful henna which fantastically resembles a heavy ornamental bracelet. This Mehendi design has floral rings for all the fingers, circular shaped strings that attach the heavy ornament with the finger, the ornament can be of the shape of diamonds or roses or motif with a thick band made of special patterns.

3Jaipuri shaadi mehndi design

Every auspicious occasion in Jaipur is celebrated among the ladies by applying some henna on their hands. This Mehendi Design is the most commonly applied design by the ladies for every other occasion. Since Jaipur being the rich capital of Marwari’s, this design has gained a prominence among the other people as well. It is simple yet fills the hand so beautifully well.

2Self-Created Mehendi Design

The Marwari Mehendi Designs are majorly known for uniqueness and this one is a self-created Mehendi design every other woman chooses to draw on her hands. It is all about patterns that they like majorly revolving around flowers and semi-circles because it is common. Anybody who knows little bit of the art of applying Mehendi can get this design done.

1Marwari dulhan mehndi designs

This is a simple but elegant Marwari mehndi design. It features some exquisite floral patterns and shapes, but there is no ornamental detailing to it. It is artistically placed on the palm in the manner that the skin peeps out in several places. It is a common design used by women in family functions, because it is easier to make and requires less patience.


This is an artistic Marwari mehndi design featuring patterns and spiral designs. The image on the design has no meaning and the entire one is abstract. But still it looks attractive. The spirals, curves and lines are well arranged on the hand.


Here is a plain mehndi design with a simple flower in the center of the palm with more intricate pattern upon the forearm. The small shapes on the finger are a simple yet looks beautiful. These flowers and abstract shapes look lovely on anyone’s hands and can be applied on all occasions.


Best full hands mehandi designs

This is an elaborate mehndi designs for the bride and groom and their close relatives during the mehndi ceremony that takes place a day before marriage. It is an extremely complicated and elaborated design. It features typical figures of a bride and groom with many other images of the paraphernalia included in weddings


Mehndi is applied to the foot as well as on the palm. The foot mehndi designs are as elaborate as those worn upon the hands. There is intricate detailing and patterns looking like anklets or other ornaments. The mehndi looks better with the right color of nail polish upon the toenails.


Many Marwari mehndi designs are made more eye-catching and attractive by adding brightly colored rhinestones to them. These additions are temporary and do last for just an evening. They serve their purpose, of making the design more alluring.


This is a customary design of Marwari mehndi in which the figure of the dulha–dulhan is crafted on both the palms. It gives a royal and rich look to the hand.


This Marwari design attracts both the metro girl as well as the village belle. There are several geometric designs wonderfully amalgamated with traditional Marwari patterns. It is a perfect design for the bride. The name of the groom can be artistically hidden in any part of this design.


This is a beautiful design with a perfect combination of Marwari mehndi design and addition of color from the Arabic style. It is an ideal design for the bride. This design is more like a henna painting with paisley, flowers and dots.