Natural ways to whiten underneath nails

Ladies having white nail tips would always look attractive and youthful. But, since you are continuously touching variety of things in our surroundings that puts stains in our nails, eventually our nails become really dirty. But, you can now get variety of ways through which nails can be whitened in natural way. There are very commonly available natural ingredients that are suitable for making your nails white. You can refer to magazines and beauty blogs over the internet to find out the best way to whiten the underneath nails.

Methods of whitening nails

Baking soda

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You must have baking soda readily available at home. Since it is necessary to keep baking soda for making various food items, you can get benefit of whitening your nails with the help of the baking soda available at home. You have to make a paste with little bit of hydrogen peroxide and 2 and half parts of baking soda. Mix the paste and apply it under your nails where you want to create a whitish appearance. Keep this for 3 minutes and rinse it.

Tooth paste

Tooth paste can also work effectively in creating the underneath nails white in color. If your nails have become yellow in color due to stains, tooth paste will be a wonderful remedy. Since it contains very gentle abrasives which helps removing the stains of the surface, your nails will turn up white in color once again. You should use a separate tooth brush with your tooth paste that applies over your nails.


For years, lemon is treated as a natural cleanser. You can make your nails white in color if you have fresh lemon at home. Squeeze a full lemon in a small separate so that enough juice is extracted. Now dip your fingers in the lemon solution and keep it for some time. It is also a wonderful solution if you can make a paste made from lemon juice as well as baking soda. You can keep it for a period of 10 minutes before washing it completely.


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Even if you do not apply anything and simply soak your fingers in water for 5 minutes, water will wash away the dirt and stains leaving your nails really very Attractive. The stains will be easily removed and your hand will become very beautiful. This is good to soak your nails from very beginning when you have seen your nail is not very attractive and have yellow stains. Instead of using the cosmetic and acidic product in the market, it is better to soak your hand in a natural solution.

Cleaning deeply

An effective way of extracting the yellowness of your hand will be to deep clean your hand with a solution. You can easily remove the unwanted yellowness of the nails. You can use a cleanser along with the natural astringent. A toner available at home with natural retains will also be really effective. After removing the stains that lies in the external side of the nails, you can proceed to the internal side. Slowly you will get a wonderful remedy of the yellow stains of your skin.

Tropical treatment

Some people also prefer tropical treatment as it is also quite safe and effective. For this you need to take half cup of water, peroxide as well as baking soda. You need to make an appropriate mixture of 1 tablespoon baking soda in a half cup of water and also 1 teaspoon of peroxide. Make a good paste so that it reaches its consistency. Now you need to make an attempt of soaking your finger nails in the solution inside the bowl. IT is important to keep your hand dipped in it for 60 seconds. If the stain is really strong, you need to soak for a period of 10 minutes constantly. After washing your hand, apply a mild moisturizer.

There are varieties of tips which can be availed by individuals in order to make the underneath of the nail white in color. If you want to get white color underneath your nails, white pencil must be used under the nail tip. Some people also uses nail filer to remove yellow stains from nails. But this may damage your nail in the long run.