How to remove stains from your nails and skin around without using peroxide

White stains on nails

How to fix curved nails

Nails can have white discoloration which as a result of chemotherapy, injury or some diseases of the liver. White spots caused by trauma or injury take several weeks to disappear as the nail regrows with time. Spots on multiple fingers without any injury can be the result of zinc deficiency. As there can be many causes for discoloration it is best to be evaluated by the doctor and treated accordingly.

Causes and remedy of yellow stains on nails

The colour of the nails often reflect the general health as well as the lifestyle and nail care habits of a person. This article looks at smoking, manicure and medical causes of yellow nails. Nails are constantly growing ina person’s life.There can be changes in their shape, pattern, and color due to several reasons.

Yellow nails are often caused by heavy smoking or overuse of nail paint. Heavy smokers often have the finger nails and the skin around the nails yellow. This is the result of nicotine and tar in the cigarette smoke. These stains can be prevented by giving up smoking completely, but if this is not possible it can be reduced by putting back the cigarette in the ash tray between each puff instead of holding it in the fingers

Prolonged use of nail polish can also cause the nails to become yellow. Dark nail paints applied directly on the nails can lead to yellowness of the skin and nails. This problem can be solved by applying a base coat beneath the dark nail paint and by leaving the nails unpainted from time to time to give them some breathing time.

How to get beautiful nails

Sometimes yellow nails can be a symptom of a health problem. Fungal nail infection is the most common cause of yellow nails. Nails become thickened, yellow and crumbly. Infection of nails can be treated by oral medicines. It is possible to reduce the risk of fungal infection on nails by avoiding to walk bare foot in open areas, washing socks daily,Keeping the feet dry and clean, wearing gloves while washing dishes and working in the garden and by avoiding nail polish and artificial nails .

In rare cases a yellow nail syndrome takes place in which chest and lymphatic system problems occur together with thickened yellowish green nails. The growth of the nails slows down and sometimes they become separated from the nail bed. The appearance of these nails can be improved by dietary supplements and Vitamin E ointment.

Home remedies to get rid of yellow nails

Soakthe nails in commercial denture cleaner. Denture cleaning tablets have some type of active ingredient that is capable of removing stains from hard, white surfaces.

Soak nails in a mixture of lemon juice and soapy water for about five minutes. Rinse well and apply a good amount of moisture. The acidic properties of lemon will help to dissolve the stain particles from the nail and the soapy water will help in removing these particles from the nails.

Soak nails in a mixture of white vinegar and warm water for about ten minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply lotion. Vinegar is a mild acid that helps in removing stains from hard surfaces.

How to make nails white and stronger

Scrub the nails with whitening toothpaste that is keratin based with a soft tooth brush.

Rub lemon juice on the nails   to remove stains.

A lemon juice and baking soda paste forms a very powerful cleaning product for the nails. Leave the paste for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with soapy water.

A scrub made of salt and lemon makes a good buffer for stains on nails. Leave the scrub on the nails for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Other remedies for whitening nails also include the use of whitening pencil. This pencil is available in the market and it gives an instant touch up to the stained nails. They do not clear the stain but mask the stains for the time being.

Regular buffing of nails with a gentle buffer can slowly scrap away stains, giving a healthy look to the nails.

Stained nails can be prevented by applying a base coat on the nails before applying nail polish. The base coat fills cracks and crevices in the nail surface and makes it even. Base coat can also be applied to protect the nails from other potential stains.