What are the things that influence your dreams?

When people take rest at night and go to sleep, they may have various sorts of dreams. Researches by scientists have revealed that dreams are influenced by some factors and the activities in daily life. Some facts are that the things which create impressions in the mind can be explored in the way of dreams. The following points which have significant influences on the dreams are explained below:

Sleeping on belly produces erotic dreams

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The people who sleep on the belly will have erotic dreams. This factor has been revealed by the researches by the scientists. The belly gets less oxygen during sleep at night. So, the people who are sleeping on the other side will not experience erotic dreams. People often sleeping on the tummy may see the dreams of wild sex. It has been discovered that these types of people are really often of great personality.

Factors influencing minds in the day can be topic of dreams

The factors which influence the minds in the day time like gifts, flowers or something else may appear in dreams. Nice designs or arts can influence the minds and the artwork may appear in dreams.

Nightmares can be shared by genes

The nightmares can be shared by genes as per scientists. It has been revealed by scientists that the persons with similar genes can share the same nightmares. The twins having similar features and similar activities can share similar nature of nightmares. The genes are similar in the twins and they are the victims of similar nightmares.

Sweet smell or fragrance may sweeten the dreams

When the people experience the sweet fragrance of flowers or some fragrance from any other sources, it may accelerate the sleep with sweet dreams. If the smell is sweet and the person likes, then it is helpful for sleep and also to experience sweet dreams. Positive smell like smell of roses may bring the positive dreams. While the negative smell like smell of rotten eggs may bring negative dreams.

Sound may be the factor of dreams

When people sleep, they may have sweet dreams in silence. People are habituated in listening to the noise during the day time. But, at night during sleep even alarm clock may be the noise to them. So, sound may be one of the factors affecting the dreams.

State of mind can affect the dreams

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If the mental states of people are not in perfect mood or may enter in depression in daily activities, the color effects of the dreams will affect. If the people are in depression, then they may enter in the dreams with black and white colors. Too much depression may face negative dreams also. Weather also has got connections with the state of minds: researches have revealed. If the state of mind is delighted, dreams may come with the sunny days. But, if the mind is in depression, then the person may see the dreams of rainy season.

Quitting some harmful practices

Sometimes, people may have tried to quit some food for dieting like ice creams or some junk foods. Someone may try to quit the harmful habits of smoking. All these practices may be tried to quit. But, all these practices are related to nerves for sensing the feelings of it. So, it may affect the dreams also. The persons trying to leave their favorite pizza or ice creams, they may dream of their favorite ice creams or pizzas. The person trying to quit cigarettes may dream of favorite cigarettes. All these may appear in the dreams as all these are related to the senses and the mind. The mind is related to brain and in the dreams these appear in brain.

Vitamins and drugs may affect the dreams

When the people are addicted to the drugs, it may have effects in the mind and the brain. In this condition, the people with drug addiction may lose the memory of recalling dreams. The drugs may offer the vivid dreams at night. But, recalling may be lost. If the people consumes vitamins, and then recalling the dreams is possible.

Daily activities in the outer world influence the dreams

Researchers have revealed that the daily activities in the outer world have got impact in the brain. Therefore, during sleep also, these are reflected in the form of dreams. Humans have only one brain and have to store everything in one brain. So, it is required to shut down the brain at night and delete some history from the past, so that no overload is happened to the brain.

Different nature of sleep may be reflected in dreams

Researchers have revealed that from ancient age, the people may have two categories of brain and can make the division of night with two types of sleep. One is slow wave sleep (SWS) and another is rapid eye movement sleep (REM). The people may sleep in either of the sleep and can face dreams also in different ways. In two types of sleep, the features or characteristics of dreams may vary widely.

Earth’s magnetic field may trigger dreams

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As per scientists, earth’s magnetic field can have impact on dreams. When the geomagnetic field is high, the dreams may come in regular manner. But, if the geomagnetic field is poor, the dreams are so pure and clear.

Black and white television may give dreams in black and white

A study has revealed that the people who watch the television in black and white, may face the dreams in black and white. The persons who watch the colored televisions, their dreams will be colorful.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the dreams are the reflection of brain. The activities which are done in the day time are stored in the brain. The features of daily life may be revealed in the form of dreams during the sleep. The different categories of people are having different sorts of activities and all these themes are reflected in the dreams during sleep.