What is a Softcup and how to use it? – Is it safe?

A Softcup may be used during menstrual period by way of inserting it into the vagina to collect the blood rather than absorb. Softcups are produced by sac along with the firming ring created with the material of polymer. This type or ring is also used in baby nipples and catheters. This is like a diaphragm which can collect the menstrual fluid.

Utilities of softcups

The women can use the Softcup during sleeping, swimming, sports or even intercourse. They can hold Softcup for longer time than the traditional ordinary menstrual pads or products .Even the women can remove the menstrual odor and can overcome the dryness or irritations.

Is soft cups are safe?

For each use, the Soft Cups should be disposed and for this purpose it is disposable product. But, reusable options are there for Soft cup. This means that the cups may be reused for single period. After that it should be disposed. The Softcups are eco-friendly, super convenient, comfortable and very much safe.

Softcups of various brands & Instead Softcups models

Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection,14 Count

Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection,14 Count

This product is the best for the menstrual problem. It completely swims proof, leak proof and you can feel relax complete 12 hours. It is completely period protected. It is designed in this way so that it collects menstrual fluid rather absorb! Softcup is perfect for the light or heavy periods and it is comfortable to wear during any kind of activity like swimming, exercise, and sleeping, waking, etc. It does not create any side effect or rash problem. A girl can wear this during menstrual problem easily.

Menstrual lady cup medical grade silicone menstrual cup

BIGHUB Pink, small : Copa menstrual lady cup medical grade silicone menstrual cup

Try this product up to 12 hour and you will feel relax and comfortable. Girls can wear it anytime from anywhere. Easy to wear and maintain. You can do any kind of work easily using this silicone set, like sleeping, walking, hiking, etc. It is very simple and easy to insert and remove. It does not provide any kind of side effects, no irritation, or rashes. This product is completely safe, non-irritant, silica gel, absorption-free and hypoallergenic product. You can wear this menstrual strap for 12 hours constant. It is the best for girls and women both. It will collect the fluid rather absorb. So, try this product now!

Softcups of various brands & Instead Softcups models

Reusable softcups

This model of Softcup can be reused for one menstrual cycle. Then you can dispose it off.

Disposable Softcup

This model is available only for one single size. This model can be worn during the intercourse also. It means, the women can make intercourse during the menstrual cycle also. It will not allow making any mess. Both the Softcups are disposable and reusable. It holds varieties of packs with different counts. Women can buy the packs as per convenience. The counts may be of 2,6,12, 24.

Keeper menstrual cup models

The cups may be available with various grades of materials like rubber to silicone grades or medical grades. The Softcup is perfect to the requirements of women. It suits to the women in perfect manner to make them feel comfortable. This Softcup is rubber based only. These are available in two sizes A and B.

Mooncup model by Keeper

This is highly popular type of Softcup and manufactured in USA. This is made with medical grade silicone material. This type of Soft Cups are available in two sizes and can be used easily .It is designed in such way that there will be no leakage during use. The women can feel comfort with relaxation. Some reviews on this product has revealed that the women with high profile with activity prefer this model as this model can give them high protection during menstrual period. The two sizes are A and B. The larger size refers to A and the smaller size refers to B.

Keeper cup model by keeper

This menstrual Softcup model was first launched by Keeper in 1989.It has been observed that it is more durable in nature than the silicone based model. Mooncup and Lunette are not recommended to any women who may have allergy towards latex. The model is available in two sizes like A and B. A is larger model and B is the smaller size.

Ruby cup menstrual cup

This Softcup was launched in the year 2011 and the extra care during menstrual cycles was explored. This Ruby cup is made of totally medical grade silicone material. This is available in the market in two sizes .One extra feature of Ruby cup is the different four colors of the Softcup. This is eco friendly and suitable for all ages of women.

Features with benefits of soft cups

  • The women need special care for the menstrual cycle and Soft Cups have fulfilled the needs at this period. It reduces irritation and provides comfort to the women.
  • It can be used after wearing up to 12 hours for both reusable and disposal.
  • It provides more comfort than the traditional cotton bulky pad.
  • It is safe and does not show any toxic effect or shock syndrome.
  • This device is very much fruitful for the women with active pattern of life.
  • It is less costly than the traditional feminine pads.
  • It is already proven that it holds extreme leakage protection of menstrual fluid.
  • The device provides the women extreme freedom to move during the period.
  • It is easy to wear and to remove to dispose or wash.
  • It can be worn during sexual relationship without making mess.

Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection,14 Count

Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection,14 Count