Surprising foods that kill your sex life, sex drive

If you are not eating the right food then you may not have the perfect sex drive. Once you take to the faulty foods in life your health is badly affected and in the process you feel so imperfect on bed. You cannot make your partner happy because you are not well yourself. There are foods which you can have for the best promotion of the sexual existence. You should prepare the list first and then it is time that you avoid the foods which can kill the sex drive. These are the foods to make you feel so unfit and for the reason you are sure to have a low performance on bed.

Stop having packaged foods

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Packaged foods have the inclusion of monosodium glutamate and this is the component added to the food in order to enhance the taste of the same. Once the component of glutamate is added to the same the food becomes so tastier. Monosodium will affect the health negatively. On the intake of the same you are sure to have the cognitive effects and you tend to suffer from depression and cardiovascular problems. Due to the low brain functioning there is a decrease in the amount of libido. In the process your sex drive gets disturbed and you feel so low and dejected. Even your brain denies functioning normally.

Beans can make you feel uncomfortable

Beans have antioxidants and fibres and this can help you from becoming over weight. However, because of the glassy factor the same can work as the perfect anti-aphrodisiac. There is no point of being sorry later on. You have to be safe and careful from the beginning. Beans have the sort of sugar which are hard to digest and this helps in feeding the good bacteria in the form of probiotics. With this it is true for you to have the healthiest colon. The sugars in the beans cannot reach the colon and before that they reach the stomach. This is the reason you feel uncomfortable due to the floating stools. This makes you feel so glassy and bloated. You are not able to digest the beans and you feel the flatulence.

Chocolate intake can kill sex drive

In chocolate you have two obvious compounds. These compounds are anandamide and phenylethylamine. The compounds help in releasing the endorphins and these are being triggered by sex and physical activity. However, the same has the presence of cocoa and this consists of methylxanthines and this is specifically identified as aphrodisiac and with this the skin becomes extremely touch sensitive. This can even make your libido low and you are made to feel so lethargic on the bed.

The intake of canned food is not right

The canned foods are in most cases packed and prepared with the substandard materials. You have the presence of the artificial additives and sodium. Canned food have low potassium and it also has extreme dietary sodium which can increase the level of high blood pressure ans there is lesser blood flow to all the essential sex organs. So once you are on the bed you don’t feel that inclination due to the poor flow of blood to all the essential sex organs.

The plant known as liquorice can make you have low sex drive

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Liquorice is a plant and it has the maximum sugar content. This plant is used for making candies and the same has high level of phytoestrogens that can badly affect the endocrine system. This one has an association with the low level of testosterone within the human body. This is the reason if you have more intake of liquorice you are sure to have the lowest sex drive.

Quinine intake can kill sex drive

Quinine is a flavouring agent and it is mixed in tonic waters and beverages. You get quinine from the fluid extract from the cinchona tree bark. Quinine is also an agent to be used which can help in combating malaria. Quinine has the best link with all sexual functioning. This is the reason there is no point for you to consume the same without thinking. You should be alert when taking quinine. Too much intake of the same can make you inactive on the bed.