How to make nail polish remover at home

The latest fashion trend is to change the nail polish to the color that matching with the color of the dress. The easiest way to remove nail polish is to use nail polish removers that are chemical based. These nail polish removers are made with acetone and not eco-friendly.

They may lead to discoloration of the nails and making them weak and brittle. There are several natural ways to remove nail polish without damaging the nails.

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You find it actually tough to remove fastener polish when your eliminator bottle is empty. The urgency to eliminate nail polish at events can make you intolerant.

If you don’t have a fastener polish eliminator and desire to eliminate those peeled off fastener decorate, here are couple of homemade fastener polish removers which are very simple to use. Homemade fastener polish removers:

Fresh coat One of the easy tips to eliminate nail polish is by applying a new outer coat of the nail decorate and then directly wipe the fastener on a cloth.

This removes the fastener paint routinely! Vinegar: Soak a cotton fabric ball in vinegar and rub on the fasteners. You can add lemon or orange juice extract in it and use as a homemade fastener polish remover.

Lemon This is another natural ingredient to eliminate nail polish. Just wipe a slice of lemon on the fasteners and eliminate the nail decorate.

It is also a natural manicure recipe. For best results, soak the nails in warm soapy water for 3-6 minutes to soften the fastener polish. Then wipe a lemon slice as a fastener polish remover alternative.

Vinegar Soak a cotton fabric ball in vinegar and rub on the fasteners. You can add lemon or orange juice extract in it and use as a homemade fastener polish remover.Vinegar takes time to make softer the fastener polish so keep wiping on the fasteners.

alcoholic beverages wiping alcoholic beverage is a simple homemade fastener polish remover alternate. Soak a cotton ball in alcoholic beverage and wipe on the fasteners. It may take couple of endeavors to eliminate the fastener polish absolutely.

Alternative methods to remove nail polish

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  • Hot Water Method A great method to remove nail polish when there is no remover is to soak the hands in hot water for 15 minutes. Scrape the polish as soon as the polish gets soft.
  • Spray Deodorant Method Most deodorants contain a product that helps to remove nail polish. Spray the deodorant on the nail and immediately wipe the nail with a soft cloth or napkin. The process can be repeated for better results.
  • Top Coat Method involves in putting a fresh coat on the painted nails. Wipe it off immediately with a cotton swab. It can be repeated several times till satisfied.
  • Body Spray Method makes use of some perfume or deodorant. Spray the perfume on Q-Tip and press it over the nails. Rub the Q tip in up and down till all the polish has been removed.
  • Hair Spray Method hair sprays also have the chemicals that help in removing nail polish. Spray hairspray on the gel and wipe it off immediately.

Homemade recipes for removing nail polish

Besides lemon, vinegar and alcohol there are several things available to remove the nail polish without the regular nail polish remover containing acetone

  • Vinegar and citric fruits help to break down the acidic content in the polish and allows it to be wiped off. Mix any citric fruit like orange, lime or lemon with vinegar and wipe the painted nails with cotton swab dipped in this solution. Sometimes a little scraping may be required to make the nails clean.
  • Perfume Old perfume can be used as a nail polish remover. Spray or dip a cotton ball in the perfume and rub it on the painted nail. The polish will come out slowly. The process can be repeated till the nails are clean.
  • Hand Sanitizer can also be used to remove nail polish by rubbing the nails with a cotton pad dipped in hand sanitizer.
  • Toothpaste can be used to remove nail polish.Spread any toothpaste on the nails and scrape it with a nail file. Continue scraping till the nails are clean.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be a suitable alternative to remove nail polish. Soak the nails in a bowl of hot water and hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes. Then scrape the nail polish with a regular nail file.
  • Paint Thinner can easily be used to remove the polish from the nails. Apply a few drops of paint thinner on the nails and rub the nails clean with a cotton swab.
  • Solvent and Sponge can be prevent by using any solvent like acetone, thinner and fluid thinner and a sponge. Cut pieces of sponge to wrap the fingers and fill them in a jar. Fill the bottle with the thinner.  Pull out a piece pf sponge and rub the fingertips in it to remove the nail polish. Alternatively fill the bottle with a single piece of sponge and fill it with acetone. Now wriggle the fingertips inside the sponge and remove the nail polish. Seal the jar tightly and store it for another use.


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  • Soak the hand in warm soap water for 2-3 minutes to remove any spray used to remove the nail polish.
  • Cotton should not be used to wipe the nail paint as it can stick to the nails. A soft muslin cloth is a better option.
  • Any color nail polish can be  used to  remove the old nail polish off,
  • Deodorants used to remove nail remover must be carefully chosen.  Normal ones do not work.  Never use a deodorant which may cause allergy.
  • Old nail paint may require scraping, which may damage the nails.
  • Nail paint can also be removed with a regular nail file.
  • Always  moisturize and hydrate  the nails after removing the nail polish