How to look beautiful in teenage

Teenage is such a phase in everybody’s life which people wishes to get back again. This is the time when the skin tone look beautiful with bubbly cheeks, n wrinkles, bright tone of skin and wonderful touch of youthfulness. But, many individual don’t look good even if they are in their teen age. The reason…

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Unwanted facial hair removal methods

Most women want to look attractive and beautiful with no traces of hair on their face. Facial hair growth is natural but when the growth is excessive it tends to affect the confidence of the woman and cause embarrassment. Hair growth can be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause in a woman. Genetics…

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Home remedies to remove facial hair

Facial hair is natural phenomenon, having an excess of hair is a very embarrassing condition especially for women. Facial hair is nothing but growth of unwanted hair in places such as chest, face, back and abdomen. Sometimes it is an underlying medical problem. Unwanted hair in women is a  group of harmonies know as an…

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