Beauty tips and fitness secrets of kareena kapoor

It is a fact well acknowledged by all that Kareena Kapoor Khan is the real queen of Bollywood at present. Her popularity has grown tremendously over the years not just because of her back to back hit movies but for her fit body and mesmerizing persona too. Kareena is an inspiration for many women, and this inspiration is driven from Kareena’s strong vocal opinions and extremely fit body.

Secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s ravishing beauty

Secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s ravishing beauty

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A look at Kareena Kapoor and you are bound to go weak at your knees! You just can’t take off your eyes however hard you try. Her flawless skin with the radiant glow makes everyone envious of her.

Ever since her first appearance on screen she has been adored for her heart-throbbing beauty. Let’s take a quick look at the beauty tips that she shared:

  • Kareena Kapoor ensures to drink lots of water to eliminate toxins from her body and skin which subsequently keeps her skin pores clean resulting in shiny, healthy skin.
  • She prefers not to use any make-up when she isn’t engaged in any shooting. She has been spotted by paparazzi many a time without make-up.
  • Kareena’s preference for vegan diet enhanced the glow of her skin.
  • For her scalp, she uses a mixture of castor, almond, coconut and olive oil.
  • She swears by the face wash by Lancome to keep her face clean.
  • She is known to use Sisley-Hydra Global Intense Anti Ageing Moisturiser and Clarins Sunscreen.
  • Kareena prefers light neutral lipsticks, her favorite being MAC Cherish Lipstick.
  • She is too fond of Chanel Black Kohl kajal for routine wear.
  • She pays a lot of attention to her nails, as she opines that nail colors can pump up your glam quotient.
  • Kareena says no to facial; the actress does not believe in facial treatments.

Fitness secrets of Kareena Kapoor Khan

Fitness secrets of Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena kapoor weight loss diet & workout secrets

A fitness freak and a regular gym goer, Kareena Kapoor’s activities are tracked by youth via her Instagram posts. Though Kareena had gained a lot of weight owing to her pregnancy, the actress was in no haste to lose those ounces with crash dieting after giving birth to her son.

Let’s delve into her fitness secrets which throw light not just on her fitness regime but the secret behind regaining her pre-pregnancy figure:

  • Kareena does pilates for 45 minutes, 3-4 days a week.
  • For toning her body, she works out with Cadillac, ladder barrels and jump board.
  • Reformer is Kareena’s favorite exercise machine as it has the potential for 500-600 different exercises on machine and Kareena loves to challenge her body to reach new fitness levels.

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  • Apart from gym workouts, Kareena Kapoor practices yoga quite often. She believes in the power of surya namaskar which accounts for her healthy and flexible body.
  • Kareena believes that one should have enough food so that one’s body receives proper nutrition. Eat well and exercise well to keep your body fit.
  • Kareena Kapoor has a major piece of advice – no crash dieting.
  • Her fitness mantra is based on a combination of a strict diet of homemade healthy food, cardio workout, power yoga, hot yoga, and ashtanga yoga.
  • Kareena believes that motherhood ages the body by more than 5 years and the mother’s calcium levels take a hit. She advises compensating that loss through proper supplements like drinking milk which also acts as a fat burner and by taking up some physical exercises.
  • Ghee which is shunned by most of the weight-watchers is part of Kareena’s diet which is recommended by her dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

Her everyday diet is as follows:

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  • Breakfast: Muesli, cheese,  bread slices/paranthas with milk, soya milk
  • Lunch: Chapattis, dal, green salads
  • Snacks: Protein shake and fruits
  • Dinner: Chapattis, lentils or vegetable soup
  • Water: 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day

Although Kareena Kapoor Khan or Bebo is the uncrowned princess of Bollywood, she does not shy away from sharing her fitness and beauty secrets with the world. Kareena is not only admired for her beauty but also her presence of mind and confident aura.

Bebo is known to have inspired millions of youth with her confident speech, sharp memory, and beautiful looks. So whether you like her or hate her, you cannot ignore her.