Tamanna bhatia beauty tips & fitness secrets & diet plan

Tamanna Bhatia is one of the famous actresses in the South Film Industry and Bollywood. She is known as “milky beauty” because of her gorgeous skin. She has a fit body and a hot figure. Every woman wants to know the beauty secrets, fitness regime and the diet plan she follows for healthy skin and to stay in shape.

Tamanna’s beauty tips

Tamanna’s beauty tips

Priyanka chopra weight loss diet

  • Tamanna’s mother had advised her not to use any fairness cream since than she never uses a fairness cream but her fair skin complexion is her natural beauty and genetical.
  • One of her beauty tips that makes her look gorgeous is “You should always smile” which adds an extra bit to your look.
  • She prefers to use homemade face packs. She frequently uses mixture of besan, turmeric and neem leaves as a facial or a scrub to rejuvenate her skin after a crazy shoot day or applies sandalwood face pack to restore the glow of her face and make her skin look pumped up again.
  • She exfoliates her skin regularly using herbal scrubs which makes her skin look healthy.
  • On no shoot days, she stays away from makeup to let her skin breathe and likes to be simple avoids fancy hairdos.
  • She always prefers to go light on makeup.

Beauty tips & fitness secrets of priyanka chopra

  • She is very particular about the products she uses for her skin and opts only for the ones that suits her skin.
  • She makes sure to remove her makeup at the end of the day without leaving any makeup traces to avoid breakouts and pigmentation on the skin. After that she uses a toner and a moisturizer to hydrate her skin properly. She applies a night cream and eye cream before going to bed.
  • She keeps her lips hydrated with Clarins Instant Light lips Comfort Oil.
  • Sometimes she uses cold water to wash her face which helps to cool down her skin and the pores. She also applies natural aloe vera gel on her face to moisturize her skin and improve the texture.
  • Tamanna avoids using chemical based shampoos that are available in the market. She cleans her hair and scalp with homemade herbal powder which is a mixture of Shikakai, Papaya and Amla. Her hair is frequently exposed to bad weather conditions due to shoots and prefers to wash her hair daily.
  • She frequently massages her hair and scalp with coconut oil.

Tamanna’s fitness secrets

Tamanna’s fitness secrets

Kangana ranaut beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • She workouts everyday for at least an hour and she never skips a session.
  • Her basic workout routine includes cardio to burn extra calories, weight training to improve muscle strength and endurance, ab crunches and free hand exercises.
  • Her workout plan also includes Functional training to increase flexibility, balance, endurance and strength and running to improve stamina.
  • She includes Pilates in her fitness regime which is a full body workout that helps to manage back pain. Pilates helps to hit the core muscles.
  • She does Yoga on a regular basis to improve her body posture, de-stress herself and calm her mind. She does a combination of asanas to shape up her body and increase flexibility.

Anushka sharma fitness regime & healthy diet

  • She also meditates for few minutes every day to channelize her energy and calm her body and mind.
  • She sometimes dances and does aerobics to get some change in her workout routine.
  • She goes for swimming for an hour whenever she gets time.
  • She takes a sufficient amount of sleep of about 7 hours to let her body heal and gain back the energy. She prefers to sleep on time as sleeping late makes her feel hungry and she ends up munching junk food and adding extra calories.
  • She wakes up early in the morning to be more productive, active and sharp.

Tamanna’s diet plan

Tamanna’s diet plan

Sonam kapoor’s fitness regime & healthy diet

  • She drinks at least 3 liters of water daily to keep her body hydrated and flush out the toxins from the body. She drinks 2-3 glasses of water when she wakes up in the morning which improves her bowel movements.
  • Every morning, she drinks a glass of lukewarm water mixed with honey and a pinch of lemon juice. She eats a handful of soaked almonds which helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • She believes to eats everything in moderate quantity and prefers to avoid crash diets.
  • She drinks coconut water and fresh fruit juices throughout the day.
  • She prefers to eats every 2-3 hours.
  • For breakfast, she prefers to eat carb-rich foods. She usually eats oatmeal, idli or dosa with chutney and sambar.
  • In lunch, she takes 1 cup of steamed rice, 1 cup of dal and vegetables.
  • For dinner, she prefers eating a protein-rich meal to boost her metabolism. She usually has egg whites or grilled fish or chicken and vegetables. She prefers to take dinner 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

Aishwarya rai beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • She includes soup or malai in her mid-meal snack to hydrate her skin and improve the texture of it.
  • She includes nuts, flex seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, fish liver oil, olive oil and rice bran oil in her diet which helps to improve immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • She loves yogurt and adds it to every meal which helps to keep her body cool during long shooting hours.
  • She used to drink butter coffee every day in the morning but recently she has replaced butter with ghee. To prepare this, she blends 1 tablespoon of organic, unsalted butter or ghee with instant coffee powder and hot water which turns out to be her favorite and it helps her to keep her cravings away and lose some fat.
  • She drinks apple cider vinegar to keep her sugar cravings in control and makes the skin and hair healthy.
  • She eats everything from avocado to broccoli to maintain her skin.
  • She occasionally has cheat days when she eats her favorite ice cream, chocolates, pasta and fried food but works out extra on the next day to burn those extra calories.
  • She avoids fried food, processed foods, frozen food, sugar and sugar products.