How to lose weight with garlic and lemon?

Garlic and lemon can help you reduce weight, but it comes with time and needs consistency. Calorie deficit can happen when you have a balanced diet and you exercise. Plus, when you add on more ingredients towards the weight loss process, you get faster results. In this article, we will go through the benefits of garlic and lemon, and how they can help you shed weight.

Fat burning process with garlic

Health benefits of garlic

There was a study in 2011, which was tested on mice. It was to see the difference in fat storage with the consumption of garlic. The mice were fed high calorie diet for 2 months, and then they were given garlic supplement or placebo for about 2 more months. The mice which consumed garlic saw a reduced body weight compared to the other ones. These mice also had higher body temperatures which suggested that fat-burning through garlic can be utilized for weight loss.

How to lose weight with garlic?

If you opt for the aged garlic and extract the juice, they can be more effective for weight loss, in accordance with exercise. Although, a study had warned that aged garlic extracts can risk you cardiovascular health for postmenopausal women. These women who were researched were divided to either have garlic extract or placebo. The ones who consumed aged garlic extract reduced weight significantly, compared to the placebo participants

Side effects

Adding ingredients of ginger and garlic don’t just enhance the taste or help your reduce weight, but they also have other reactions in the body. Adding garlic to your body can increase bleeding and it can lower blood sugar which affects people on diabetes. It is also known to blood pressure and result in gastrointestinal problems. Before starting off with remedies which include garlic, especially for weight loss, make sure you consult a doctor that you can consume them regularly or not.

Lemon for weight loss

Health benefits of lemon juice

As we mentioned above, a single food or beverage will never make a difference in weight, if it is not added with exercise and a proper diet. Lemon is one essential ingredient which can faster than weight loss process compared to other edible products. Lemon water is one of the most essential drinks that drop down calorie with time.

Water for weight loss

Drinking water is anyway an important aspect for people who are trying to lose weight. They are supposed to consume a definitive amount of water, at timely intervals, to improve the weight loss process. Lemon just adds to the goodness and the taste. There was a study in 2011, which stated that people, who have 2 cups of water before a meal shed more weight than the people who drink water after a meal. The water fills up the stomach and curbs the consumption amount, and also helps your metabolism process after eating.

Lemon for weight loss

Polyphenols in lemon are known to be the main reason for reducing weight. A 2008 study, which was done on animals, was to determine if this at all worked and if it would work on human too. A small amount of potassium present in lemons, is about 49 milligrams from one lemon extract, covers how much you need it in a day. This improves digestion since it better the metabolism process. The juice from one lemon includes 1/4th of the daily required vitamin C content. This too triggers the weight loss process.

Replacing lemon water with other beverages

How to lose weight with honey

The best step towards weight loss it curb down the consumption of sugar and sweets. They add an excess level of calorie which should be replaced. If you are used to drinking tea every morning, replace it with lemon water and use honey instead of sugar. This is a great step which will leave you long lasting results and help your process too. When you consume a soft drink, you have about 136 calories which is similar to apple juice, and a fruit punch would add about 192 calories. It is funny, but lemon water doesn’t have any calorie at all. Replacing one beverage with lemon water will save you from about 3500 calories a month, which is around 500 grams of weight!

It is important to remember every pound of weight that you lose, has to be added with 500 fewer calories consumed. This is the only way to progress towards a steady diet plan. On the other hand, it is important to not consume less than 1,200 calories for women and 1,800 for men, since it slows metabolism and makes the weight loss process difficult.

Exercise is important

No matter how badly you diet, exercising is very important for faster and healthier results. Switching over to a completely different diet without sweating it out might frustrate you, and sometimes you might just eat unhealthy and break the cycle. This can be only maintained, when you keep yourself motivated with exercising. When you exercise you start feeling better and once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to let go!

Lemon water and garlic for weight loss

Beauty benefits of lemon

It is important to blend both the ingredients together and make effective weight loss consumption. Start your mornings with a 3 pieces of garlic cloves, consumed raw or boiled, and then follow it up with a glass of lemon water. Simply take one fresh lemon and extract the juice, mix it with water and drink it up. Remember to have the garlic cloves first and then the water. This has to be consumed in an empty stomach and you shouldn’t have anything for the next one hour. This is also the best time to do some yoga, free-hand exercises or hit the gym! You will see significant results within 15 days of this regime and you will love to continue till you reach your goal!