Homemade natural beauty and spa treatments found in your kitchen

People are observed spending good sum in variety of beauty products. Grooming has become a major part of their life with change in lifestyle and urge of showing off. Even if you are having a tendency of growing old, the natural elements for beauty and spa treatment will rejuvenate your skin and bring back the physical charm with glowing skin once again. If you have been spending many dollars on variety of beauty products, this is the time for you to get a change and adopt the herbal way of beauty treatments. Some ingredients readily available at your kitchen will provide a great recipe for natural beauty and spa.

Spas have been really an expensive variation available in salons and beauty parlors. This beauty treatment is so expensive that it is hardly been availed by middle class people. But, there is good news today. You can now create spa treatment right at home. Some natural ingredients available at your kitchen can provide wonderful remedy. You can feel relaxed with the spa treatment throughout your body. You don’t require spending so much in professional salon. The spas for face and hair can provide wonderful remedy of all types of spots and wrinkles. You can also stay away from stress and tension.

List of homemade beauty and spa treatment in kitchen

Lemon and brown sugar recipe

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Lemon present in this scrub works in a wonderful way as a natural disinfectant. Another benefit of the natural product is its cleansing effect. It works wonderfully in opening the clogged pores. The oils that are present in your skin will make your skin glowing with softness. The ingredients that you require for this recipe include 1 tablespoon of honey, sea salt (1/2 cup), 2 tablespoon of lemon juice that is squeezed from fresh lemon, 1 tablespoon of essential oil, a single cup of brown sugar and two tablespoon of either olive oil or coconut oil.

If you want to add energy to your body with extraordinarily stress relief atmosphere, lavender will be an exclusive variation. You can also try out the jasmine essence for beautiful smell and relaxing ambience.

The ingredients mentioned above should be mixed really well in a bowl. This will probably turn out to be a paste. You must apply this paste over your moist skin with the help of the fingertips. It is better to apply it in a circular movement. Wash it away after sometime.  Now you can easily apply your favorite moisturizer to keep your face moist and healthy.

Foot spa with milk

Milk is another important natural ingredient that is readily available in your refrigerator. You can now make a wonderful foot spa with the help of milk and other ingredients. Some of the ingredients needed in this process include Epsom salt, warm milk, essential oil with any fragrance of your choice, lemon. You can milk all these ingredients really well and make a paste out of it. You can also add brown sugar scrub to remove the dead skin from your feet. After applying the scrub, simply add some vapor to your feet for a period of half an hour. There after wash it away with the warm water. Compare your fee after applying the scrubber and before application.

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If you are willing to look beautiful, you hair also needs to be groomed and maintain. Dull and dusky looking hair will fall a bad impression over the image of an individual. You can avail beautiful hair spa with the following masks.

Avocado conditioning

If your hair is long enough, you need to smash two avocados. You can smash it with the help of a fork and keep on pressing it till a thick and rich paste is developed. You can now add few drops of essential oil with the fragrance of your choice. After mixing all ingredients, your must spread the paste on the hair. You must use your fingertips to spread the paste from root till the end portion of the hair. Now leave your hair as it is till 20 minutes. Use a good branded shampoo that suites your hair type. Your dull and non lustrous hair will gain shine and health with this hair spa solution.

Olive oil deep conditioning

Olive oil is one of the essential oils which does not only constitutes an ingredient to cook but also forms an essential element to beautify your skin and hair. If your hair has catched up enough dirt and pollutants from environment and chlorinated water, deep oil treatment and conditioning is essential. Apply ample amount of olive oil in roots of hair from the root till the tip. Now you must wrap your hair with towel and leave for some time. Now wash away the oils with water. Since olive oil is really light you don’t need to use shampoo. Your hair will look soft and beautiful.

Chocolate spa recipe

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This is a facial spa recipe for which you require the ingredients like heavy cream- 2 tablespoon, honey – 1/4th cup, 1/3th cup of cocoa powder, cottage cheese – 2 teaspoon. Take a container and add all the ingredients one by one. Mix them and apply over your face. Let it stay for 10 minutes and relax. This is a wonderful remedy for normal skin people. You can get soft, smooth and silky face.

Papaya skin spa

Papaya is a consumable food but has variety of beauty benefits. You can easily use it for spa. To start the process, you need to wash your skin where you need to apply the spa. You also need a large tumbler made up of metal to boil. Simultaneously take half portion of a ripe papaya and smash it. You need to place the tumbler over a table and sit in front. Stoop and make your face close to the boiling water and cover you head with a towel. This is the way you can get the spa steam. Do this for 8 minutes. Now apply papaya over your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Remove it once the time is over.

Coffee spa

You can also get an extraordinary spa treatment with the coffee that you consume. You need ground sugar and granule coffee. You need to put 2 cup of coarse coffee in a container and same quantity of massage oil and sugar. Mix all the ingredients and apply over your skin where you want to do spa. Now take hot shower to open your skin pores. Now rub the ingredients over your skin and rest for some time. You need to scrub the portion where you have dead skins. Now wash it with plain water and see