Latest Black Braided Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2019

African American women are long known as the creators of stunning mind-blowing handcrafted braided hairstyles. Twisting braids like cornrows or just pulling them open with colored streaks, sweeping into a bun like Beyonce does it- they’re just cool like that. There’s no denying that however they style their long unique tresses, it’s a matter of quick turning heads and turning those envious eyes wherever they go. Volume and color of black women is unparalleled which gives them a further edge to style hair like a boss.

Black men and women frequently style their hair in such rocking avatars and give us a toss for style. We would rack up Instagram for inspiration – from crochet braids to old school Poetic Justice making a comeback, call us fans.

Here are a few best black braided hairstyles we totally love and you will too. So, go and take a look:

1000 problems but my hair ain’t 1

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This sweet and say look is a perfect go-to for causal day outings, college or even work. The simplicity of the long beautiful open braids gives us all the reasons to love braids even more now. Surely, a kitschy take on regular braids, it’s a conversation-starter and lust-worthy.

Beyoncé is Bae

Keeper of eccentric styles and renowned for her infamous feminist personality evoking a sense of style in her dressing. That’s what makes Beyoncé truly special. She has given up her glam quotient by twirling her voluminous long braids into a statement bun. And a tint of red lips with cat eye just lifted up that drama in her look. So, lovin’ this for our weekend shopping sprees.

Half Bun Box Braid

Such a killer when you toss your hair into a half bun updo with colored streaks adding a bit of sex appeal. Box braids are in vogue with black women following this trend largely. You can take this look out for a long drive or vacation alike. Those sharp defined brows compliment her nude lips and cornrows from the hairline – so much WOW in one picture.

Sleek is the way to go

Just what you need to beat the summer heat. Look edgy, sensuous and all kinds of sexy in this pulled back cornrows and sleek hair look. Styled like a DIVA, she truly does justice with her Poetic Justice braids that made us go envy. Put on that red lipstick and throw some highlighter for an impeccable look for the day.

Old School Glam

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Remember when we played as little girls with two long braids hanging down our shoulders? This is exactly the reminiscence with a twist and how. Weave intricate braids from the front till they finally converge into the longer braids. Sharp, sleek, defined and robust, we’re pulling this off on a bad hair day and stealing the showstopper look with a fancy T-shirt dress and pumps.

Side Swept Sensation

Don’t we all just love that flirty sexy appeal of pulling hair to one side. It’s oh-so-irresistible and working wonders for this beautiful black woman too. The grace and poise of sweeping those thick yarn braids on one side with a clear shaved ground on the other is remarkable. Don’t forget to take this look up a few notches with hoop earrings and sheer glowing face.

Sweet Ponytail

She’s probably the epitome of knotting the gorgeous boho braids into a playful ponytail. Give this quick look a try and shut those lips for once and all. While you weave your cornrows perfectly defining that spectacular face, make sure your hair is falling behind and adding glory to your halo- how cool is that.

French Cornrow Braids

On days when experimentation is your BFF, go ahead and sparkle like a sunshine in this pretty French cornrow braids that will suit every face type. Start plaiting your hair into a tidy French braid from the hairline with tiny cornrows adorning your crown, this look will add an instant oomph. Dress up in your favorite number and stay jazzy.

Colored Senegalese Twist Braids

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If hotness is your forte and living in a black/white world is just too passé, you’re meant for colored Senegalese twist braids. Style them like a pro like her with a huge half bun resting on your head and exuding a Rockstar look.