Best Braid Hairstyles & Haircuts in 2019 for Sarees

The age-old hairstyle for women has been a braid which has evolved over time with a series of latest styles and techniques. However, an Indian woman looks her ever-best in a saree, the traditional Indian outfit.

To glam up that desi look, add some grace and elegance with a basic braid hairstyle or go OTT with a dazzling braid bun or fishtail to add the needed drama.

Braids instantly uplift your look and gleams a feminine aura. When styled right, there are several ways to get your look right and get knotty! Here are some of the best braid hairstyles we love and hope you do too:

Side braid waterfall

Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Our fashionista and style icon Sonam Kapoor always gives us the right set of inspiration. Adorning the beautiful gajras, she has styled her hair in a side braid waterfall.

To achieve this look, divide your hair into two parts with a center parting and start braiding from each section till you wrap it neatly with the mogras. Use hairpins to fasten it and you’re a pretty party popper.

Braid bun blend

Be pretty as a picture in this easy to-do updo and be the girl in limelight with this elegant hairstyle.

Part your hair sideways and start weaving your hair into a single braid till it reaches the end, pin it. Take your leftover hair and swept them in a bun using pins and some spray. Now, you’re all set to accessorize and floor everyone.

Braid hairband

When in doubt, wear ethereal braid hairband on your crown to be that subtle Indian woman in the crowd. Accessorize a bit with embellishments or flowers for an added dreamy look.

You can take this look from weddings to after-party with an equal ease. Make sure your hair is heavy and voluminous to carry this look, add a ton of mousse and dry shampoo to keep this style in place.

Fishtail carnation braid

One of the most popular braid styles amongst Indian women, fishtails are never going out of vogue. Elevate your fishtail knotty braids with flowers for that magical look in your traditional ensemble.

This will be a perfect go-to for bridesmaids or bride’s friends who are looking for some flirty, feminine yet elegant traditional inspired hairstyle. Look no further girls.

Steaked fishtail braid

Best hairstyles to suit your saree

Have you colored your hair ladies and wondering how to go stylish in your traditional saree? We’ve got you covered.

Or maybe Deepika Padukone has. Here’s how you can cheat and style your colored streaked hair like a boss in a fishtail braid. Add a fluffy puff in the front if you are blessed with a huge forehead or you can also go easy with a center or side parting.

Knotty affair

The Queen of Sarees and braids is raided with options which are simple, attractive and extremely gorgeous. Just like our favorite Vidya Balan.

Known for her powerful leading roles and immense love for everything Indian, she epitomizes the ethereal beauty of our culture. We love her style and the way she dons braids with sarees is quite an art.

Here, sporting a messy center-parted side braid. Notice, the hair wrap at the end of her plaits and those flicks casually hanging out in their glory on the sides – all too beautiful not to miss,

Drench in French

We all remember the iconic hairstyles and outfits of Alia Bhat in 2 States. She played a South Indian character and gave us major goals of wedding outfits and hairstyles.

A glimpse from the movie where she draped a traditional South Indian emerald silk saree with that signature French braid hairstyle goes viral.

We surely gave this style a try, it’s time you do too and grab all the lovely compliments your way.

Minimalist beauty

Anushka is known for her sporty, minimalist and effortless style that resonates every college-girl’s picks. Here, she elegantly plaits her hair from the hemline I the front with a unique texture.

Loosely woven braids with a characteristic appeal make it more interesting as they go behind the back, tucked in a bun. She is a mix of glamour and chic style in this look. We’re totally trying and slaying this at our next wedding event.