Best braid hairstyles & Haircuts for thin hair in 2019

Rising pollution and nuances of city lifestyle can often take a toll on your hair leaving them dull, thin and brittle. Besides following homemade therapies to revive and restore the shine and strength to your hair, here’s how can add a few more ounces and bounces by weaving them into gorgeous plaits. Braids have long been known to promote and increase the length of your hair while keeping them all healthy and strong, here’s how can play and strut stylishly:

Carefree braid strand

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We know the everyday struggles of dealing with thin hair hairstyles, this easy yet statement-worthy braid strand will resonate the uber-cool personality and give you an edge over others. Try this look and add a layer of streaks to your hair for some fun.

Braid in bun

Yes girls, you can try this one easily. Messy uncombed straight from bed hair looks great for this, so, ditch that comb and embrace your glorious mess. Start weaving your hair from the side and pull them into a messy bun like this reference. It’s easy to-do and a summer hot head turner for you. Great deal, isn’t?

Braid bun wrap

Put your chic face forward even if that means being plain and simple. We got you covered. Wrap a braid around your bun immaculately sitting elegantly on your low pulled back hair. Give this look a try and blush your date with your natural charm game on.

Braid bandana

Feel blessed for you can carry this braid bandana look without an actual bandana because who needs it anyway. Thick hair is not the way to go, so try this with thin hair only. Make a few layers of braids falling on your forehead to allure men out there in this boho funky look.

Braid divider

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Top Knots are a passé, try the unusual and set those eyes on fire. Divide your hair into upper and lower layer while you beautifully wear a braid on the divider. It’s not only a love at first sight but gives us major goals to try this gorgeous fairy look.

Vacay fish tail braid

Glue all eyes on you while you sport this attractive twin fishtail braid. This is just a go-to for vacations especially if you’re hitting the beach or tropical paradise. Play flirty in this fishtail that will very well complement thin hair and long face.

Asymmetrical braid

This is a perfect epitome of what Sundaze looks like. Lying on your bed all day long curling with a book, snoozing alarms, your asymmetrical braid will be a perfect partner-in-crime. All weekend, don this cool hairdo works fine with messy hair.

Coachella cornrows

Adopt bohemian style to keep yourself fuss-free and get away with the hassle of taming long hair into braids. Head to the Coachella music festival with these uber-cool cornrow braids that will win hearts and souls alike. Superstar braids are ruling the world, have you tried them yet?

Layer locks

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Get the Queen locks with this beautiful waterfall adorning your cascading silky smooth long hair. Try this fountain of youth style which will be easy to make and gorgeous to lay eyes upon. Stunning weaved braids in the partition of your hair certainly makes us believe in fables all over again

Freestyle braid

Take your freshly clean hair into two parts Weave your pretty locks into a daisy fresh braid from the hemline and leave the rest of your hair open like a mesmerizing cloud hovering on head like a halo. Take this braid game to another level by creating ripples or frizz for a better texture.

Cindrella inspired

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous Cinderella inspired braid style to flatter your man and others staring at you. Quite an easy to achieve, this look will cater to your dreamy looks all at once, weave your hair into a pretty braid that flows right through the center and wrap it with a cute bow pin or heart shaped band.

Off to beach braid

Soak the salt in your hair and turn them into a bohemian beauty. Weave your braids into a glorious mess by tying them into a high ponytail and let the braids strands fall through. Put those aviators on with your tank and shorts to take a dip the holy water.