Best hairstyles & haircuts for sarees in 2019

Hairstyles play a major role along with the outfit. But the major challenge has been what goes how and in which kind of hair suits what. Here are some styles to suit your hair type and go gaga with different kind on sarees and occasions that suit. The trend goes somewhat as followed.

10Loose swing braided taildo

Latest bridal hairstyles for wedding sarees

Have a traditional day-out in family or rituals lined up? Bloom in with multiple thin braids swinging on to. To give it a traditional look, buckle it with fancy pins at intervals to complete the tail and you are all set for the day!

9Center parted loose twirl hairdo

This much awestruck hairdo goes perfectly for durgo pujo, navtratri and Indian festivals. Tuck a fewer hair low and semi-tightly. Curl smaller sections of hair and give it altogether a messy look. A mesmerized diva in that look much awaits!

8Floral hair, curled up trail

Attending the fairy-tale wedding? Your pastel colored outfits would go perfect with the sectional twirls pinned with a colored floral tuck-back and plinging the rest in a messy mixture of out-turn and in-turn full length diffused curls. Pamper yourselves with the much trending indo-western hairstyle. You go girl!

7Side part in turn hairdo

Easy hairstyles for sarees with face shape guide

Loosen the mid-length hair and give your voluminous locks an in place look with inward turns. Pamper the glam girl in you with the chic diva look that makes folks fall head over heels. Your saree will swing the binge.

6Side lock, pulled-straight hairdo

Have got those long Rapunzel hair? You gotta show it girl. Why not flaunt it with a straight hairdo. The hair here is pulled back and pinned for a sectional side part lock. Line up rest of the straight hair on to the shoulder to swirl the twirling satin and silver saree affair.

5Super messy, center part hairdo

Got medium, frizzy hair? Shine in a simple fall saree for a friendly wedding with a center part hair brought sideways and done loose with a band. The tamil doll is all set with the prerequisite. The pure ethnic hairdo is worth every dime.

4Double loop, side part hairdo


Simple hairstyles for silk saree

Want to have all eyes on you? This double loop side part goes stunning with all the prewedding functions and wedding attendings. A part of double loop shows ahead of and rest is pulled pack to give a magnanimous look on minimal jewellery or jumkas.

3Sleek mangteeka braid

Go all Indian and desi with that ethnic styled sleek gloss braid with a hidden tail mangteeka and jewel stars all over it. The hairdo goes along with medium to long length locks. The gajra floral trail enlightens the whole desi look.

2Center part, wavy look

Have a farewell at college /office? Or a professional attending? Go the all glam plain look with a simple and easy hairdo, with center part and fall water locks that will surely draw a special attention amongst all. The hairstyle goes well with short to medium hair. Rock it on!

1French ringlet low bun

Easy simple hairstyles for silk saree

Wedding bells and there you go! A low done bun filled with ringlets around and pinned softly with floral trails encircled brings your wedding attire to a notch up. The bride in red and the French bun will definitely kill the look