Best skin care tips using mango

Your king associated with fruits Mango, is ready to bad weather it’s flavour within the next few months. The scent of mango inside of it is intoxicating in order to relish their each bite is definitely a incredible delight. Aside from tickling your taste buds, Mangoes will also be your skin’s ally. Surprising as it might sound, Mangoes be capable of reduce dark spots, imperfections, acne along with add glow for a skin. With it is rich nutritional requirements like Nutritional A along with beta-carotene it is able to restore, rejuvenate along with revive the epidermis with vigour along with adds shine for a skin at the same time. Let us have a look at a several tips that you can follow utilizing mango for your skin.


Skin care tips for teenage girls

Please take a teaspoon associated with mango pulp, create half any teaspoon associated with milk/milk natural powder, honey along with rub the idea over the face in rounded motion. This helps to remove dead skin color and blackheads thereby putting a glow for a face.

Reusing your mango skin

Many of us generally toss the mango skin color. It can be used by sun-drying the idea and making a powder in the same. Mix it which has a teaspoon associated with yogurt along with use as being a face wrap up. This lessens dark locations, blemishes along with adds any golden complexion for a skin.

Raw mango juice

If you have baby mangoes as well as raw mangoes at your home you could create a slice along with boil the idea in h2o. Now utilize this water on the face as an acne removal. It acts as an excellent astringent.

Mango cleanser

Please take a teaspoon associated with wheat flour, add mango pulp to it and put it to use on your epidermis. It acts as being a perfect cleansing, reaching one’s pores along with cleaning all of them from within just.

Remove tan

Your skin of mango acts as being a de-tanning realtor. Rub the face and hands while using skin associated with ripe as well as raw mango along with apply some milk cream onto it. Leave the idea for 10-15 minutes and scrub it off of with cool water. Follow this for a minimum of twice as well as thrice every week as this reduces tanning drastically.

Mango-almond face wash

Daily skin care tips

Take one teaspoon associated with mango pulp along with powdered almond every and mix it which has a tablespoon associated with milk along with grind it into a paste. Apply this to your skin color and scrub after 20 minutes. This is suitable for just about all skin kinds.

Mango-oatmeal face pack

That is suitable regarding sensitive skin color. Make any paste associated with mango pulp, oatmeal, milk along with honey. Wash the face with cool water along with pat dried. Apply this paste on the skin, leave the idea for quarter-hour and scrub with cool water. Enjoy these important things about mango to obtain a glowing skin color.


Mango consists of antioxidants which help in delay the onset of skin pigmentation and ageing. It also protects the skin from harmful radicals which are source for skin cancer. Vitamin C in mango cures acne and pimples. Mango acts as a natural moisturizer when it is applies to skin.

Exfoliates the skin

Blend ¼ of a peeled mango, powdered almonds, 2 spoons of whole milk and crushed oats in a blender to prepare exfoliating mask. Apply this on your face and neck and let it be for 20 minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

Glowing skin

Mangoes are having ability to reduce dark spots, acne and blemishes. Vitamin A and carotene in this fruit revive, restore and rejuvenate the skin with vigor and add shine to skin.

Mango and fuller earth face pack

Best tips for skin lightening

Take the pulp of the fruit and add fuller’s earth with it. Mix them so that there is no clot and you now have a smooth face pack for your daily beauty regime. Apply this on your face and areas of neck and leave for 30 minutes. After it becomes a little dry, use your fingers to remove the pack. Rinse with warm water and then you will find your skin hydrated and much softer.

Refreshing face pack

You can pamper yourself with this face pack and find a fresh feeling at the end of the day. Take the pulp of ripe mango that is soft. Grind 7 – 8 walnuts and then pour 3 teaspoons of oatmeal in the powdered walnut. Then add the pulp in it and mix it well. Add a little water and make a paste to apply on your face and the soft areas around your face. Leave it for about 45 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You will feel refreshed after you wash your face.

Why to use mango for skin care?

You might be thinking of why to use mango for skin care, but the reasons are very simple. Check below.

  • Mango juice consists of vitamins which help in guarding the skin from atmosphere and affecting the skin from acne problems in summer.
  • It has revitalizing effect that eats away the dullness of skin which suffers from humid and hot weather.
  • Vitamin C is rich in mangoes. This boosts the production of collagen which gives a healthy looking skin. Using it in face packs and diet is beneficial.