Top 10 summer drinks for better refreshment

In India summer is so scorching and unbearable. You need something to cool your heart and brain. However, you have some of the finest summer chillers and these are special summer drinks to help you stay refreshed throughout the season. When the temperature is in rise you get the best variety to cool your appetite and stay energized for the rest of the day.

The yummy mango lassiMango Lassi

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Mango Lassi is a special yogurt drink in India. This is the perfect cool drink you can choose to have on a scorching hot summer day. If you desire, you can add some extra sugar content to make the drink so yummy. To create that sweetness you can add either sugar or you can even add considerable amount of honey. To make the drink you need to have three glasses of pure yogurt, one glass of solid crushed ice and one glass of ripe mango pulp. To make the drink better yummy you can add one teaspoon of silver almond and thick dense cream.

The delicious angoori lassi

Angoori Lassi

You have the next refreshing drink with the name of Angoori Lassi and this is the drink which can genuinely quench your thirst in summer. For the same you need half teaspoon of cumin seeds. You need one and a half glass of sweet and creamy yogurt. You need more things like one cup of crushed ice and four tablespoon of sugar. You need one cup of red or green seedless grapes. The grapes should be finely chopped and a pinch of salt will balance the taste of the drink.

The bumper delhi coffeeThe bumper delhi coffee

You have the most delicious Delhi based cold coffee. This coffee was specially prepared at the Connaught Place and this is the reason you can call it the famous Delhi drink. Just coffee and ice will make the drink so delicious. The coffee is made think with creamy milk. Just sip the coffee and you can feel the real taste.

The rosy drinkThe Rosy Drink

The Gulab Ki Sharbat is the most famous rose drink in India. The taste of the rose causes freshness inside the mouth. To make the same you need 2 cups of rose petals and one full cup of sugar. Then you must take half teaspoon of cardamom powder and the juice of two full sized lemons. You should add the crushed rose petals to one cup of pomegranate juice. There is a perfect way for you to blend the ingredients and make the juice so tasty.

The special cucumber lassiThe Special Cucumber Lassi

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In India Lassi is even prepared with yogurt and cucumber. This is a cooling appetizer for you. To make the drink you need chopped ginger and garlic. You can even add lime juice, and add the required amount of salt to create the real taste of the drink. Remember this is a salty drink and there is no need for you to add sugar.

Lemonade so spicyLemonade so Spicy

Here you have the details of the spicy lemonade. This is one of the best summer refreshing drinks you can have. To make the same you need to perfect lemons, sugar or honey, jeera powder and crushed ice. After the drink is prepared, you can feel the coolness running inside.

The appetising raw mango drinkThe Appetising Raw Mango Drink

You would love the taste of this raw mango drink. This is made with raw and fresh mangoes and this is a drink quite popular in the western part of India. The drink is both sweet and sour and you even get the spicy touch. To make the drink with raw mangoes, sugar, grinded black raw salt, ground pepper, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and crushed ice. Once you have finished preparing the drink the taste is sure to linger in your mouth.

The magnificent indian thandaiThe Magnificent Indian Thandai

You have the famous Thandai in India. This is a popular North Indian drink and this is a special beverage you can have during the hot summer months. To make the same you need one litre of milk and sweetened condensed milk. You should arrange for thirty blanched almonds and six teaspoon of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. To add to the drink you need cardamom powder, rose water and crushed ice. This is the special Indian drink you would choose to have in all seasons.

The tasty apple drink for summerThe Tasty Apple Drink for Summer

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You can even make a fabulous apple juice for the summer. For the same you need eight full cups of apple cider. Other ingredients include cinnamon, cloves, split cardamom, four peppercorns, half teaspoon of crushed ginger and one fourth cup of brown sugar. These are the ingredients you should mix well to prepare the great summer drink.

The popular summer badam drinkThe Popular Summer Badam Drink

You even have the most popular Indian Badam milk. To make the same you need one cup of almonds, and one cup of pistachios. To make the drink you can add either warm or cold milk. To enhance the taste of the drink you can add sugar, cardamom powder, two tablespoon of kewra essence and two tablespoon of rose water. This way you can prepare the best summer badam drink.