Best tips to control your hunger

Avoid stalking snacks

When you are at parties, stand as far away as you can, from the chips, dips, and other munchies.

Stop road journey iure

If you have a tendency to munch in the car, convey just a single serving, not the entire carton. Put the rest in the trunk. Take a lot of low calorie snacks with you but keep them away and do not dip into them till it is necessary.

Proceed for single servings

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Buy snacks in small loads. If you buy the monster dimensions to economize, divide it into single-serving bags or containers as soon as you get dwelling.

Use strategic placement

Put the healthiest snacks where you’ll glimpse them when you first open a kitchen cabinet or the frig. Hide the other ones behind them.

Don’t mix food with business

Don’t snack in your agency. (And decisively don’t hold bags of chips or pretzels in your table drawer) but keep them in the pantry or the area where you prepare coffee.

Take a pick from — kitchen, cafeteria, lounge, or out-of-doors. That way you won’t associate your agency with nourishment.

Consume in

At dwelling enjoy your snacks in the kitchen — and nowhere else. Make sure that you won’t take your food into your bedroom or in your work area. This way you will not eat everywhere and tend to control high munching urge.

Snack for the right causes

Don’t eat to rest. Relax, then consume. Tension can be a big factor in diet.

There are some tricks to turn your appetite low. These can be quick ways to keep away from frequent binging.

There are different methods to keep the hunger at bay. Foods help you in this and these foods therefore must be discussed.

  • Take more fiber for filling: The bulk food that contains fiber can fill up your stomach and will keep you feeling full for a long time. Foods like fruits, whole grain and vegetables are good source of fiber. Eat them in good quantity and find out way to stay away from food for a long period after that.
  • Salad can keep your hunger satisfied: Salads are low calorie food and therefore you can eat them frequently. Eat these salads before lunch and you will find that you are taking lunch in a lower quantity. The salad prepared with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and celery is good for eating before lunch. Then you will not reach out for more food at lunch.
  • Drink soup to cool off hunger: You can start your meal with a bowl full of soup. This soup can be a vegetable soup without cream or sugar. This will ensure that you eat lower calorie meal after this and still fill contended. High fiber and low calorie soup is the one that will serve your purpose.

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  • Keep your meal simple: Do not go for a lunch or dinner that has many courses. Keep the meal simple and then you can ensure eating low calorie food that is good for your body. You will not tend to store more fat in your body when you keep away a large variety of foods away and stick to a simple 2 – 3 course meal
  • Food that is rich in soluble and fulfilling fiber: Oranges and other such fruits have water soluble fibers that are easy to digest and give you a fuller feel. These are low in calorie and plant food. They will make your blood sugar steady and give you a larger control over appetite.
  • Keep stress away: Often you will find that you tend to eat more when you are tensed or stressed. Stay away from tensed situation when you are eating. You will add lower calories to your body and stay better. Take a look at relaxation and meditation options that can help in keeping you stress free.
  • Re-energize yourself: Take a nap so that you are fresh after that. Now go for the food that you want. You will find you eat less when you are fresh. Tired mind and body start to binge more.
  • Change your body chemistry: When you are hunger then you can drink a glass of water and then some nuts. The almond, walnuts or peanuts can help you in this process. Eat them and then you will find the cravings are gone within few minutes.
  • Temptation must be destroyed: If you have got a packet of snacks or box of cookies and you do not want to eat them, destroy them. Do not store it for it will add to the bulge but ruin them. You will find some satisfaction.
  • Low fat dairy products are helpful: Low fat milk or yogurts are good for keeping you feeling filled. These are not going to add calories and are light to help you remain fit.
  • Fat and carbs are good together: When you eat fat, the leptin hormone is released from the fat cells. This is good for your body. Eat some carbohydrates with the fat diet and the leptin will keep the obesity at bay. If you eat moderate fat, this leptin keeps your hunger at bay. This is not the case if you are eating high fat diet.
  • Appetite controlling food: Soybeans are good for keeping hunger at bay. These are good at suppressing appetite and hence you can go for this food to keep away from more food than your body requires.