Winter vegetables for the health and beauty care

Winter is seasons when we can consume variety of food as the climate allow us to feed it. The season also gifts us variety of healthy vegetables which we cannot obtain in other seasons throughout the year. Thus, it is really important to grab them and get proper utilization with regards to your health and beauty. Since variety of healthy vegetables are present in the market that brings health and beauty benefits, you need to choose them and consume in your meals on a regular basis.  By consuming such vegetables you can easily pay attention to your skin and make your skin healthy and attractive. If your skin has been facing the UV rays of sun for a long time, it is the time to mend it with some healthy food habits.

Winter vegetables are tasty and healthy. Even people can find variety of vegetables in the market in winter than other seasons. People wait for the whole year to get winter season and enjoy consuming variety of healthy vegetables in meals, soups etc. Harvesting of specific crops will depend on the climate of a particular zone. But, during the winter season, almost all vegetables can be available near your locality. Thus, the price of fresh vegetables will be less costly as compared to the ones available during summer and or climatic zones.

List of vegetables for the winter season


Top fruits to eat during winter

In the temperate climate, this vegetable is seen to be grown year round. But, this may not taste well if consumed in summer season. But, if you consume Broccoli during the winter season, it will be very tasty. It will be less bitter and sweater during the winter season.


During the winter season, beets are also having a great demand. This is also available during the other seasons but, people gets beets in the market mostly during the winter season. You can consume beet in raw form or can add it in your curry. You can get fresh beets along with their greens.

Brussels sprouts

These sprouts generally grow on a stalk. But, you can see them quite longer in length and size. This is also a wonderful vegetable consumed by people during the winter season. Some people can also consume it in the form of a special ingredient in curries.


Carrots are available in very good quality during winter season. Though you can find carrots round the year, the color of carrot that you can find during the other seasons would be orange whereas in winter season it is red in color. It is more tasty and sweet in taste once consumed in winter season. You can make a special sweet dish with grated carrot during winter season. Carrot can keep your body warmer during winter.


Winter heat generating foods in body

Cabbage is a wonderful ingredient among the list of vegetables which have good fiber contents. If you consume it in the raw form, it will appear to be crisp and bright. You can cut cabbage in equal slices and add in your salad to make it complete. There are many tasty curries made with cabbage. Whether you want to consume vegetable or non vegetarian dishes, cabbage will be always properly utilized.

Celery root

Not all vegetables available during the winter season will be available during summer or other seasons. One of them is known as celery root. You will get this in the best form when the temperature is cold.


This is a crop grown in the regions where the climate is cold. If you are staying in such a region where summer and other weather exhibits round the year, you need to import it from places with colder climate. This is also available in the early springs. This is very good to eat and is also quite healthy for people consuming it.


It is one of the vegetables that is available in winter and has variety of health benefits. Since this food is rich in isoflavones which acts as the antioxidants, it will remove all oxidants from your body. If you have been facing the sun invariably and the free radicals attack your body, this vegetable will help you preserve the skin firming collagen. Thus, you will look younger than your age.


Best beauty tips for winter

Spinach is one of the very common vegetable that is available in the market during winter season. It has variety of health benefits with all its vitamins and nutrients present in it. It will also boost lutein in your body and will protect your skin from UV damage if you have enough sun exposure. According to the researchers, if you can store spinach under light for three days, it will boost vitamin C in your body. Also it will make proper utilization of vitamin K and E in your body.


Another wonderful vegetable that grows in winter season is peas that has high amount of polyphenol which is very effective to prevent stomach cancer. It also has loads of proteins and fibers and rich in antioxidants. You will be amazed to discover its anti aging properties. You can easily use it in making some effective vegetable curries in lunch or dinner. Even if you can consume peas on a regular basis, this can help you reduce the problem of bronchitis, constipation and osteroporosis.

The beauty benefits of peas include wrinkle free skin. You can get a clear and young looking skin with peas.


Beetroot is also another effective vegetable that will keep you healthy and beautified during the winter. Since this has loads of antioxidants, the oxidants present in your body can be eradicated. The wrinkles that grow over your skin before speculated age can be removed with the help of beetroot remedy. You can include it in salad and consume it raw. If possible you can also prepare a mix vegetable curry within which the beetroot can be included. If you can consume this vegetable on a regular basis, getting pink and glowing skin will be easier.


Top spices that generate heat in winter

The deep green kale leaves are considered as one of the most healthy green leafy vegetables on the planet. Kale is a great source of B vitamins, Vitamin E as well as folate and niacin. It also has a decent quantity of protein and is loaded with omega-3-fatty acids which ensures overall good health. The list of minerals present in kale is extensive. It contains significant quantities of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. Being high in dietary fiber kale helps in filling the stomach and ensures better digestive health.


Cauliflower is a winter vegetable that is rich in food value and can be an ideal item in your dishes during winter. Cauliflower has high vitamin C content. A single serving of cauliflower can cover as much as 77% of the total daily Vitamin C requirement. Apart from Vitamin C, it is also a rich source of vital nutrients like Vitamin K, Thiamine, B proteins, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin. Being high in minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and manganese cauliflower can also fill up a good part of the daily mineral requirements of the body.

Winter squash

Winter squash is another seasonal vegetable that is nutritious and can be a great addition to your regular vegetable list. Winter squash has high folate content which makes it the ideal vegetable for expecting mothers and for everyone in general. Apart from Folate it also contains vital nutrients like Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A and B vitamins. It is also rich in minerals like manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium. The Omega-3-fatty acid content of winter squash is the other point to note. It also supplies a good amount of fiber to the body which helps in promoting better digestive health.  Winter squash is also known for its high antioxidant content and it overall promotes optimal health.