Blush makeup – Tips and tricks for your face

Makeup is an attempt of covering those portions of your face that are uneven, inappropriate and less than perfect. For example, if you have dull and dark skin, makeup helps in making your complexion fair and brighter.

Again people with small eyes can make it distinct with the help of some attractive makeup variation. Blushes are also an important part of the makeup which are generally applied over your face in order to bring a facial shape with dark and light shades.

A good quality of blush would always provide a lit on your face from within which will gives rise to a wonderful glow over your skin. In the other hand if you have chosen a bad quality of blush, it will give rise to a clownish and streaky look in you.

It is important to get some blush that will go with your skin tone. Also a good quality of blush will give you a natural look.

Best blush makeup tips and tricks

How to blush cheeks naturally

  • You should habitually clean your blush brushes with baby wipes. Because any kind of carelessness in keeping your makeup brushes clean, could lead to accumulating and move of bacteria to your skin.
  • If you desire to wear that sexy gaze then you can dab a little shimmer blush on the highest issue of your cheekbone beside your eyes.
  • While utilizing the powder blush make certain that you habitually clear it in one direction. Going over & over or round and round can origin marks and can injure your blush brush.
  • While using the gel blush, dab a spot on the apple of your impertinence and two lesser spots graduating up the cheekbone. Then combine the dots simultaneously up to the hairline.
  • Dusky pink blush could warm up any face wearing a exhausted gaze.
  • For a wholesome suntan you can put a little bronzer dust on your forehead, chin and nose.
  • You can dilute a dark or bight elite blush instantly by mixing it with a little concealer.
  • Dark blush is great for toning down the color of blush.
  • First request foundation, eye makeup & lipstick makeup and certainly the blush is your last makeup step.

Amazing make-up tips for beautiful skin

  • It is the form of your face, which could be oval, heart, around, long or square that helps you workout where it is best to request the blush.
  • Not ever apply blush above your cheekbone area because that will make your eyes gaze puffy.
  • In the daytime if the blush seems to be darker than the natural blush colors then you should pitch it down by fine covering some translucent dust over it.

Tips and tricks to apply blush

Sometimes the quality of blush is good but the person applying the blush has made a wrong attempt with regards to the process of application.

Once you are aware of appropriate procedure of applying blush, the blush will look natural and make you look very beautiful. Let us have a look at some procedure of applying blush over the face.

Choice of color

The first step of blush makeup will be to choose an appropriate color of blush. It is very important to choose the color that matches your skin tone.

You can also do a quick test of blush application over your hand and find out whether and which color suits your skin tone. If you have fair skin, try out the colors like olives, rose and peach. But the individuals with dark skin tone can go for red or apricot tone.

Type of blush

Different types of blushes

Once you have brought the perfect color of blush for your skin, the next step will be the process of applying it perfectly. If you have combination or oily skin, powdered blush will be ideal for you.

Again, individuals with dry skin tone must go for the cream based blush as this helps in getting the moisture balance on each skin type equal.

Final step of makeup

You also should know the application of each makeup variety in step by step order. Applying the blush in the beginning will not be appropriate at all.

First of all you need to apply foundation on your face and then eye makeup has to be done. Even after applying the lipstick you can go ahead with the blush.

But, if there is some makeup artist, who wishes to give a natural glow on the face, thus they apply blushes before the foundation. But, if you are not a makeup artist do not try it as it requires great expertise and experience.

Blush brush

You can find different types and sizes of blush brushes in the market. If you have the brushes of freebie or Barbie size, you need to throw it away and adopt a professional type of brush. This will give you more density and comfort in applying the blush over your face.

Way of taking blush

How to cover scars on face with makeup

If you are using the powdered blush, just dip the brush once inside it and then apply it over your face. For those applying the gel based blush or needs to take a drop with the finger and apply it over the face.

A healthy flush

If you don’t wish to make your skin tone very loud with the application of the blush, apply the lighter tone of the blush. If you wish to get a healthy flush, just apply it over the apples of your cheeks. After applying the blush, you can also dab it with the help of the middle finger.

Direction of brush movement

There is also a perfect procedure as well as direction through which your blush must be applied. If you have round face, it will be really difficult to get a perfect photography.

Apply blush on your cheeks and brush it from lower side say an inch above the chin to the upper part of the cheek. This will make your face create a shape and your photograph will obviously look attractive.

Now that you know the general way of applying blush, let us go throw the minute differences which occur when you blush according to face shape.

This makes your blushing formula, a little more precise and you give a perfect finish! The four basic shapes to classify faces are square, round, heart and oval. It can be further diversified, but any face type fits into these types.

How to blush a square face?

Square faces have sharp angled jaw and that is usually wide. It is heavier and stronger compared to other shapes. If you are confused with you face shape, and you need a tip to confirm that it is square, look at your hand.

Your hand will also resemble the shape of a square, if your face too is. This application is similar for round faces too. Square is slightly more elongated to your profile. The eyes are also away from the sharp jaw.

Apply blush on hollows of cheeks and towards the outer corner of eyes. Don’t go as far as your temples though. Chalk out the rounded triangle pointing at the bottom of the ears. Use discretion to figure out if you want to make it more triangular or not.

This way you might be suited for a softer line. The tip is to make sure that the blush is more stresses on the upper parts of the cheek and looks soft. If you take it lower, then it emphasizes on the lower lines.

How to blush a round face?

A regular round face is in same length from one part to another! This means that length from one ear to another is same as the diagonal length from your left forehead to the right jaw. This blush method here is for slimming down the face, by retaining the cuteness of it.

Best makeup ideas for oily face

Apply blush along the cheekbones starting from under the iris as you look forward, right up to the temple. Follow this in an up and down motion, and then blend into the apples of the cheeks like little dabs.

You draw a triangle that is pointing on your nose, and brighten up the face by giving a smile. Add some more blush at the middle of your apple, and ensure that the color isn’t very close to the ears. Add some highlighter across cheekbone to add a glowing effect.

How to blush a heart face?

Heart shapes are the most loved shapes, which come with the most flattering way of blushing. The top half of the face is heavier than the bottom.

If you want to give an illusion to make your cheeks look fuller, you can apply blush on the apples of the cheek. Blend is across the hollows and under the apple.

How to blush an oval face?

The oval face is between the round and heart! If need to apply the blush across the cheekbones and has to be kept under the outside of eyes, not on the temples.

The facial features are pretty balanced, so you don’t need to apply blush on the lower part of your face. This can also make your jaw look heavy!