Is botox treatment is good for aging skin?

There are times in ones life, when you stand in front of mirror and are surprisingly shocked. The reason for this shock is the appearance of some detrimental signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots under eyes.

If such a situation has arised in your life, it is time to introduce you to anti-aging Botox treatment that has become quite popular in recent times.

This treatment has provides the human community with a tool to control the reflection of the age on the face. There are millions of people most of them celebrities or stars from advanced countries who have undergone Botox treatments.

Are you tired of having wrinkles over your face? Is your facial cream and other beauty products not working in removing aging skin totally? This is a time to avail some other remedy for an effective Botox treatment.

Some of the simple and minor procedure in your doctor’s clinic would be really useful to create an ease and get wrinkle free skin entirely. You will get wrinkle free skin in less than an hour’s time.

Botox treatment drug sold in pharmaceutical companies are regarded as purified toxin of bacteria which is connected to the bacteria that causes botulism.  Some people may not know its effectiveness, but in reality it will consider giving rise to anti wrinkle treatment.

There are more advantages than disadvantages that Botox has to offer unlike other cosmetic procedures or surgeries it is

Cost effective treatment

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The anti aging Botox treatment has been qualified as the least expensive form of cosmetic treatment that is easy on everybody’s pocket.

Time effective treatment

The anti aging Botox treatment consumes less than 15 minutes for completion and you can easily recover from this treatment.

It is advantageous over most other forms of treatments, where you need to lay in bed for number of days before you can get back to your normal routine.

Safety tips

  • Before you decide on going in for anti aging Botox treatment, consider following points:
  • Pregnant women must not undergo this treatment
  • Nursing mothers are also prohibited from Botox treatment
  • Person undergoing treatments for other health related issues are disallowed to take Botox treatment.
  • You must accompany someone with you for the administration of Botox injection to avoid mishaps after injection, as it may lead to droopy eyelids and fatigue.

The treatments themselves are relatively painless and are typically done in a physician’s office. With the application of numbing cream, the treatment itself causes little if any pain or discomfort.

Many people are thinking about Botox treatment when it comes to improve their wrinkled faces, or if they want to reduce fine lines, and give them the younger looks.

Botox treatment has been one of the affordable cosmetic treatments compared to others of its kind. This encourages many individuals to consider this as the solution to most of their beauty problems.

If you would like to undergo a Botox treatment, here are the top factors that you must consider before undergoing the treatment:

Know the effects of botox

Once you have decided to undergo the treatment, you must make certain of all the possibilities and probabilities of its effects and its impact to your health and life. Know the risks of the treatment, and its pros and cons.

Know your doctor

Choose your doctor carefully; make sure that he is certified to give Botox treatment.

If your doctor is experienced and is licensed, that means that he has done numerous Botox treatments to clients and their testimonials would affirm the professionalism of the doctor, then you are in good hands.

Know the cost of the treatment

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Once you have decided for a doctor, you must know the cost of the treatment since normally, it would depend on the professional charge of the doctor. If your doctor is a plastic surgeon or of related discipline, he will charge you according to the fees that he is accustomed to.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to go to a Botox injector, then be very careful. There are many trained Botox injectors out there but there are also fake or inexperienced ones.

Inexperienced Botox injectors will just paralyze your face. As a best advice, always prefer a licensed doctor with years of professional experience.

Botox treatment for aging skin

Many people have a doubt for whether this Botox treatment will work well for anti aging skin. Getting wrinkles over your face means that you are aging and getting old.

Some people accept the fact and take this natural marks and reality without any hesitation. But, most of the crowd would always wish to get a very bright, clear and wrinkle free skin.

Most of the people who have adopted the procedure of botox treatment have also agreed with the fact that, this procedure works really well for relieving anti aging skin.

Botox injection

People have known about Botox injection for a long time even for as long as a century. Even the medical practitioners have highlighted this fact for a long time.

Whether you have wrinkles over your cheeks and a portion just beside your eyes, Botox injection will effectively work well to get you the youthful glow back again.

Even if you wish to have relaxation over your face, this botox injection will work well.  Apart from aging treatment, botox injection also works well in treating migraines and eradicating excess sweating among individuals.

Some people have a misconception that, after injecting Botox injection, people can suffer from facial paralysis. This can take place under dire circumstance and that too when extreme amount of Botox injection is given to the patient.

Even after the Botox injection, there must not be too much of activity or else you can have side effects.

Too much of expressive face will be harmful just after having the botox injection. When you are availing botox treatment, it will be ideal to consult a trained medical surgeon so that your treatment remains perfect without any side effects.

Rejuvenation of skin through Botox injection

In order to get youthful skin people must have tried variety of techniques. Staring from pimples, skin pigmentation to that of folds of aging everything must stay intact to get a rejuvenated skin.

You can now remove facial lines over your forehead as well as cheeks with the help of Botox treatment.

Botox consists of Botulinum toxin which works well in relaxing your muscles in an appropriate order. Generally fine lines occur due to contraction. This can be eradicated with Botox injection.

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Today, cases of success in botox treatment are increasing and people are gaining confidence with a fresh and youthful look.

Now let us take a quick look at the FAQs about the Botox treatment,

How does the Botox treatment works?

Botox injection contains a particular amount of the purified botulinum toxin which is a protein produced by the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum.

Botox is directly injected into the over strained facial muscle for relaxing it temporarily. As the underneath muscle is relaxed, automatically the wrinkle on the skin is erased.

Am i the right candidate for it?

One of the best things about Botox is that it can be used by anyone of any age, except any expecting or lactating mother.

This treatment is ideal for people who are suffering from fine to moderate wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet near the eyes or bunny lines at the top of the nose.

Botox can also be used for giving a slight uplifting effect to the eyebrows and the mouth corners. So, if you want improvement for any of the above things and you are not an expecting or new mother, you can surely go for Botox.

What are the types of wrinkles that can be treated with Botox?

One thing that the aspiring Botox candidates need to be clear about is that Botox is not ideal for deep set or “static” wrinkles.

By “static” wrinkles we mean the wrinkles that stay on your face even when your facial muscles are relaxed. Botox is perfect for treating the “dynamic” wrinkles that become prominent only due to the movement of facial muscles.

How long it takes for Botox treatment to show results?

You might not see the effects of a Botox treatment instantaneously.

The muscle paralysis caused due to Botox sets in slowly and the best effects can be observed before the end of a month of a treatment session. However, you will start noticing improvement in your facial features within 24 to 48 hours.

How many Botox sessions I will need?

Well this is a common question, but in reality no one can answer you this accurately without studying your facial condition and the outcomes you are looking for.

The number of Botox sessions you might need to get a desired effect completely depends on your present facial wrinkle condition as well as your objective. So, before you go for the treatment, have a clear discussion with your doctor about it.

How long the effects of a Botox treatment last?

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Normally, the effect of a single Botox injection lasts for up to 5 months and then slowly the muscles start to return to their normal movement.

For continued long effects, one needs to repeat the treatment at least twice a year, depending on several other factors. However, according to the latest reports the effects of the Botox treatment becomes more long lasting with regular use.

How long does the treatment take?

The actual injection process takes not more than 10 minutes and it is performed as a strictly outpatient procedure, which means you need not to stay over at the facility.

What is the recovery time of Botox treatment?

After the treatment you might develop a bit of numbness in the area, coupled with reddening or pain. Normally, these side effects can be treated with simple medications and one can get back to his/her normal work on the same day.

The minimum downtime works as a reason for the huge popularity of the treatment. However, you might need to follow some aftercare instructions strictly, particularly during the first 1 week of the treatment.

What are the risks involved in Botox treatment?

You should not opt for any cosmetic treatment without knowing about the risks involved in the process. As far as Botox treatment is concerned, it has really minimum risks which can be again mitigated through proper injection technique.

So, if you are taking the treatment from a renowned cosmetic surgeon, you can be actually assured that the risks involved in the treatment are really less.

Bruising can occur in case of Botox treatment and there is also a risk of weakening of the surrounding muscles due to the injection. However, usually both of these conditions can be resolved pretty quickly.

What is “Preventive Botox” treatment?

The preventive Botox treatment is gaining quick popularity amongst the young generation. Botox can not only erase the already formed fine lines on your face, but it can also work to prevent the formation of the lines at the first place.

Under this treatment, the Botox injections are injected into the particular muscles, where the lines are most expected to form. When Botox is used as a preventive measure against wrinkles, it can give even more long lasting effects.

Cost of Botox

Before you can plan for the Botox procedure, it is very expected that you would like to know in detail about the cost of the treatment. Usually, the Botox treatment price for each injected area comes within $350 and $550.

However, it can vary depending on the particular geographical region where you are taking the treatment and also on the doctor performing the treatment. The facility charges can also add up extra with this cost.

Botox reviews

Having discussed in details about the Botox treatment, the FAQs and the Cost of Botox, now we will move to the real reviews of Botox.

The people who have already used the Botox treatment and are still using it can actually give you a fairly clear idea about the total process and its’ effectiveness.

So, before you go for it, just check out the reviews to have a clear idea about what you can expect for your money.

According to a 53 year old Ophthalmic Technician from New Jersey, she went through the Botox treatment to erase the signs of aging from her face.

You can understand that treating the wrinkles on a 53 years old lady can be really difficult particularly due to the already formed depth of the wrinkles.

However, according to her review, from after she has got Botox, she has started to look 10 years younger than her age and she actually suggests the procedure to everyone looking out to have a more youthful look.

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Botox is ideal for both men and women and it can be used at any age. This review will certainly tell you that no age is less for a Botox treatment. According to a 28 year old guy living in California, he had those horrible forehead wrinkles that used to give his face a tired look.

He actually hated them but had no way to get rid of them. Then he tried Botox, which was his first cosmetic treatment and he started seeing the difference within 1 week. By the end of 2 weeks, the wrinkles were just gone and he was highly satisfied with the results.

According to a 30 years old mother of one, after the birth of her child, she was not really happy with the fine lines and wrinkles on her face, which had started to give her appearance an aged look.

She went for Botox, and had the treatment done from a renowned specialist and was absolutely happy about the results. Now she takes the treatment regularly, at a gap of 3-4 months and is hoping that with time she might need it less often.

Botox treatment can also be very effective for repairing the sun-damage on the skin. As shared by a 25 year old girl from CA, she had always loved the sun and she started to notice major crows’ feet as well as wrinkling glabella.

This was the time when she became serious for repairing the damages caused by the sun, and she opted for the Botox treatment.

The process took only 10 minutes to complete and within a week, she was completely satisfied with the results. Most interestingly, she did not see any trace of wrinkles even after 3 months of the first treatment.

However, the reviews of Botox do not say only the good about it. People have also been through side effects after the treatment, but nothing that was not resolved quickly.

As reviewed by a 43 year old resident of Phoenix, she had been suffering from severe wrinkles between the brows and finally she decided to do something about it. After she had Botox, she developed a severe migraine on day 2 and it seemed like becoming worse with time.

However, within the next few days the pain was gone and by the end of one week she was actually very happy to see the results of the treatment on her face that looked completely rejuvenated.