Common bad eating habits to avoid

It is important to realize that eating unhealthy is caused largely by bad eating habits. Binging on a lot of food during a party may not immediately hurt you. However, when you repeat the same behaviour at home, they become habits. If you would like to stop following your unhealthy eating habits, then you should first learn to identify them. Here are some of the common bad eating habits to avoid.

Bad eating habits are common. It is not hard to are powered by automatic in terms of food. Living in the fast-paced contemporary society often helps it be so you must eat away from home, skip dinners, eat whichever is easily or use food to ease stress.

Late night eating

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Eating late during the night time is one of the bad eating habits that are quite typical. Nighttime having often contains snacking and excessive calories from fat. This could be due to help boredom or even being sidetracked by less active activities like watching TV or surfing online. To steer clear of eating late during the night time, find interesting adventures that eliminate the boredom. Possible options might include an entertaining hobby, a unique book, relaxation, an exercising DVD or perhaps a conversation having a good friend.

Eating away from home

If your house is a active life, there will not be enough time to prepare dinners or have a seat to take in. Eating inside the car or experiencing a junk food drive-thru may be part of your eating habits. The concern with eating away from home is you don’t have to be able to seriously consider what you’re having.

Eating quickly helps it be easier to enjoy more. When you eat quickly inside the car or even while continuing your journey somewhere, your mind is on other activities and not about how much you’re having. If you’re eating junk food, you may also be very most likely consuming more fat and excessive calories without the necessary nourishment.

Feeding on large amounts

As bad eating habits go, eating more food compared to the body needs is a common habits. This can occur for many different reasons. If you’re distracted with the television, you could eat more. Some persons eat more when they’re emotion lonely.

To manipulate portion sizes, think ahead precisely much food will be enough. Serve yourself with a small platter or dish and have a seat at the actual table to enjoy. Avoid having foods right out from the box or even bag. It’s easier, as an example, to eat much more cookies when the box will be sitting right looking at you while you watch telly. Decide beforehand how a lot of cookies you may eat and put the actual box away prior to sit down.

Missing meals

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Many medical professionals and nutritionists will inform you repeatedly to avoid skipping dinners. When an individual don’t take in regularly, your cravings for food increases and you will also knowledge drops in blood sugar level. Some people compensate just for this by having larger dinners later inside the day or even by abnormal snacking. Make sure you eat breakfast time, lunch and dinner every single day.

Using food to ease stress

Some people use food to ease stress. After a long and difficult trip to work, eating a lot of slices involving pizza and drinking beer could be an appealing option. Using food that way, however, results in greater pounds gain. When feeling consumed with stress, find strategies to relax oneself that don’t contain food. A bit of time in mother nature, talking together with friends, meditating and exercising undoubtedly are a few alternatives.

Eating too quickly

Instead of eating your food slowly, wolfing down your food will not give your brain the time to catch up with your tummy. Your brain will not give you a signal that your stomach is full until 15 – 20 minutes after you have finished eating. If you eat a lot of food within ten minutes, then you could end up feeling that you actually need more food and noshing on a lot of food.

Eating while playing video games

If you are sitting in front of the computer and playing video games, you have to not only worry about mindless snacking, but also some other things. A study found that people, who played video games for more than an hour, ate a lot of food mindlessly for the rest of the day. This would result in weight gain. Similarly, when a person spends a lot of time sitting on the computer and working, they would also feel hungry.

Eating on the run

If you have a busy lifestyle, then it might seem like you should grab food whenever you can. However, when you eat mindlessly, you would realize that it would make your brain unsatisfied and at a certain point, you would end up reaching for more food. Do not eat while on the run, but sit down calmly and eat your meals.

Weekend indulgences

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During the work week, you have managed to maintain a balanced diet. So, it is time for you to reward yourself this weekend, right? Wrong. Many people end up taking in more than 300 calories worth of food on the weekends and this causes a weight gain of a few pounds per year. Moreover, the breakfast that you eat on the weekends is an extra source of calories. Alcohol is also another source of calories. So, you should avoid these things on the weekend.

Eating when you are actually thirsty

Many people end up eating thinking that they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. If you are not getting enough fluids for your body, then you should consider drinking plenty of water instead of eating lots of food.

Keeping tempting foods around

When you keep foods that are tempting around you, you would not be able to resist them. Even looking at tempting foods can make you feel like binging on them. This can add to the number of calories you already have. Keep foods that are tempting out of your sight so that you would not dare to touch them again. Instead, keep a few apples in your shelf.

Eating straight out of the bag

Irrespective of whether you are eating cookies, cakes, chips or any other soul foods, it is easy to get tempted to eat a lot of them without realizing it when you eat straight out of the bag. A key step towards losing weight is to avoid eating out of the bag. It is important to watch what you eat if you want to lose a few calories. Measure the amount of food you want to consume. If you would like some more food, then you should measure that too and eat. You should pay adequate attention to the portion sizes before eating so that you do not eat more than what you really want.

Eating too little or too much

Eating too little or too much is a serious matter. This mostly occurs due to a lack of proper knowledge or due to a busy lifestyle. Whether you are trying to lose weight or otherwise, you should be aware of what intake is healthy in order to maintain your current weight. You should know your Body Mass Index, which would allow you to measure the foods you take in and eat only as much as you need.

Eating the wrong foods

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Many people indulge in fatty, sugary or salty foods without realizing it. Taking in too much sugar can result in diabetes, periodontal disease, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and even osteoporosis. If you take in salty foods, it could result in healthproblems such asneurological disorders, high blood pressure, stomach cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Inconsistency in eating

If you do not regulate your diet, then it is likely that your metabolism would put you through misery. You must learn to balance your diet so that you do not gain weight. Otherwise, it might damage your metabolism and lead your body to enter starvation mode.

Sleeping directly after eating

When you sleep directly after eating, it can result in severe indigestion. One of the reasons why your body feels tired after you have eaten huge meals is because your body has worked extra hard to digest all that food. However, if you sleep directly after eating, it might give way to indigestion and other related health problems.

Drinking tea after a meal

You may want to think twice about drinking tea after your meal especially if what you just ate contains proteins. Tea is acidic and it can harden the proteins in your body. The protein in your body becomes indigestible when you drink tea after your meals. It will also make it difficult to absorb the minerals and the vitamins in your body.

Taking a bath after dinner

It is tempting to take a bath after your dinner. However, it is not a good idea to do so. You would need to allow your body to naturally administer the blood flow after your meal. You should not take a bath immediately after dinner since it will not allow the digestion process to take place, thus resulting in severe indigestion.