Popular types of body massages and their advantages

Key to relaxation is different for all. Some people prefer spending some quality time alone, some feeling relax by taking a warm bath, some people go for spa or some people simply love to sleep. Something that tops all sorts of relaxation after a tiring week is definitely a good massage. It also keeps you healthy and active. In this article, we have listed down some of the best massage therapies along with their benefits. Go through them and pick the one you would love to opt for.

Thai massage


For people who have less idea about massages, every type is like relaxation to them. Although, Thai massage is different from regular ones. It is energizing and rigorous, which is why the other term used to define it is Thai yoga massage! Traditionally, therapists used to use their hands, legs, feet and knees to move your body into yoga postures. Thai massage is almost like doing yoga, even if it is not done by the person himself. The yoga asanas are performed for opening the joints. They relieve tension around your muscles and which lets out healing energies for the body. It stimulates acupressure and they need to be perfectly done. Thai massages don’t need oil, and it is usually done on the floor and over a mat.


Different types of best popular massages

  • Thai massages compresses your muscles and mobilizes the joints
  • It reduces your stress
  • Betters your blood circulation
  • Adds more energy and makes the body flexible.

Swedish massage


This is the most apt massage which everyone wishes to have. This massage rejuvenates your senses and is very relaxing. Unlike Thai massage, Swedish massages have 5 prime techniques called stroking and gliding, stroking and gliding, kneading and shaking. Most of the massage is done while the person is lying on his back and stomach. It have minimum rigorous activity like stretching or yoga postures. Your muscles are rubbed with gliding strokes in the direction on your heart pump. This de-stresses our body and makes it calm. Swedish massage is always oil based and can be done with essential oils according to your skin type. The massage is followed by steam bath which removes the grease and makes you feel fresh.


  • Your blood gets an added oxygen level
  • Reduces muscles from toxins
  • Better blood circulation
  • Reduces stress level

Deep tissue massage


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According to the name, this sort of massage focuses on deep layers on your muscle tissues and lets you workout the hard knots and adhesion which exist in the muscles. By following techniques like kneading through strokes by elbows, fists and knuckles, you will add deep compression on your muscle. You get friction along with the grain of muscles. This will in turn loosen your fibers in the muscles and release toxin and the deeply held tension points. This massage is to be done on bare skin with pain-relieving oil or aromatherapy. You must drink lots of water after doing deep tissue massage because it eliminates the toxin from your body.


  • It eases stiff neck, sore shoulders and low back tightness
  • It relaxes your muscles
  • Eases pain and relieves stress
  • Lower blood pressure



A lot of spas and massage centers are unaware of this type of massage, but it happens to be one of the most effective ones. It is transferred by finger pressure and experts call it equivalent to acupressure. The massage technique go beyond your pressure points, since it includes other methods like stretching, breathing, etc. Your energy circulates along with other channels of your body. It is very effective for people who have sleepless nights, swollen joints, depression and headaches. These are the areas where your energy gets blocked. Thus, when energy starts flowing these areas are cured.


  • Better flow of positive energy
  • Helps you have proper sleep
  • Reduces muscle pain and injuries
  • Cure premenstrual syndrome
  • Reduces depression

Other types of massages

Ayurvedic massage

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This is like just another Ayurvedic treatment which was followed by the ancient Hindus. Now days these techniques are quite offered in common spas and massage parlors. They relax your body with warm oil. It helps you reduce stress and dissolve toxins from your body and mind. This is also known to rejuvenate your skin and relieve you from fatigue. It adds nourishment to your body and skin.

Hot stone massage

This is a special sort of massage which includes round and smooth stones. These stones are heated on fire and then placed on the key points on your back. These are great for treating sores and tired muscles. The heat from stones deeply relax your muscles and eases the tightness.

Lomi lomi massage

This is a unique way to massage your body and it had been originated by the ancient Polynesians. This massage therapy is also known as ‘loving hands massage’. The therapists are supposed to gently flowing her hand on the muscles, while they are also supposed to massage with a spiritual level and love. The loving touches relax the body and de-stresses it.


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This is one of the most exclusive way to massage your body. It releases tension on the brain and stimulates the nervous system. In this technique their are pressures which are applied in specific reflex points. These points are feet, hands and ears. This type of massage complements other treatments like cardiovascular problems, headaches, kidney problems, diabetes and anxiety.

Sports massage

This is a blend of Swedish Massage and Shiatsu Massage! The technique concentrate on specific areas. It has been carefully created for people who are physically active, for example, athletes, dancers and sportsmen. These prevent them from injuries and also treat them.

Trigger point massage

You don’t massage the entire body but only the trigger points! These are the specific parts which are usually your back, shoulders and hips. The therapist will put deep pressure on these trigger areas and then relieve tension. This is relax your muscles and rejuvenate you

Californian massage

This massage is done with the goodness of essential oils. Your body is completely covered with oil while you will be given long and smooth strokes. There is a slight pressure added to Californian massage which makes the sessions a little long. It needs high expertise so you should always choose professionals for it. The benefit of this massage is that it provides mental satisfaction and relaxes your body entirely. This is one the best massages to clear your mind and relieve you from stress.

Esalen massage

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This massage concentrates on the muscles and circulatory system. This comes with gentle and unpredictable strokes which stretches your body and makes it more aware. You would be brought to a meditative state which is why it adds relaxation to the muscles and nerves. It is also known to promote lymph and blood vessels to eliminate body toxins and connective tissues. If you are fast and you have less time to focus on your body, this sort of a massage would be a perfect break for you!


This sort of massage stresses on osteopathy. You use gentle motions for manipulating your body and releasing pain from different areas. It stresses on the muscles and reduces muscular discomfort. It also improves self-balancing reflexes which stimulates body and that in turn reduces pain and stress. The benefit of this massage is to heighten the body’s inner awareness for improved possibilities of self-healing. It also improves emotional well-being and makes you happier!


This sort of massage is known as water shiatsu. You will be floated on warm water and then gently stretched. You will be given acupressure at specific points. This disrupts the gravity of the environment around and you feel differently. The reasons to do this massage type are to aware oneself of dynamics between floating and breathing. When you control your respiration you tend to relax a little more. It gives you a pampered feeling while floating which makes it more appreciable.