Tips to grow eye lashes

Longer eyelashes are a pride to every individual when the question comes to give a vivid look to eyes. As women ages, density of eyebrows as well as eyelashes comes to deteriorate. It is also one of the bitter effects of old age. But, advancement in medical science has brought forward the reversal of the process with the objective of rejuvenating eyebrows as well as eyelashes.  You can now get step by step on how to grow your eyebrows naturally long and attractive.

In increasing the beauty of face, eye takes the big part where as to increase the looks of eye, eye lashes are vital. Having thin eye lashes don’t work in this high fashion trend. So, let us see how to improve the growth of eye lashes.

Eye lashes are one of the parts of human body that helps boosting the looks of each individual. You must have seen many people with very pale eye lashes and those with thicker eye lashes. But viewing both the categories, you will be able to distinguish their looks. Today, even ladies with thin and unattractive eye lashes can become attractive with the thick eye lashes growth. Whether an individual will get think or thick eye lashes depends on variety of factors. The factors include genes, deficiency of certain nutrition, hormonal disorder, age etc.  This article will speak about the tips to grow the eye lashes.

Tips to grow eye lashes

Brush your eye lashes

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To grow the eye lashes brushing is a simple tip to go with. Every day brush your eye lashes with a small and gentle comb before painting the mascara. It really works when it is done .

Apply a dab of Vaseline

It is another easy way to increase the length of the eye lashes. Apply a dab of Vaseline to your eye lids before going to bed, it will improve the growth of the eye lashes in a good period. Well, Vaseline doesn’t costs high so you don’t need to spend heavy.

Olive oil

Applying olive oil to the eye lashes is a good old remedy that has been under the tract to grow them great. Dip a cotton ball in the olive oil and swipe around the eye lids before going to bed . Eye lashes absorbs the essential vitamins and minerals present in the olive oil as we leave the oil for the complete night for soaking.

Mild massage

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Don’t just end with applying mascara to the eye lashes, apart from the great looks they need proper care too. Give a gentle massage to your eye lids by using any essential oil, this process will help the hair follicles to stimulate there by the growth of the eye lashes will be long and strong.

Lengthening mascara

If you didn’t get the results of growth in eye lashes, then always there is lengthening mascara that you can try.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known famous for its great affect on the hair, it will truly improves your eye lashes health and growth. It will help to pull the hair to the maximum extent. So, try applying a little amount of vitamin E oil directly on your eye lids. Keep on practicing this remedy to watch the visibly grown eye lashes.

You can get the vitamin E from vitamin E capsules or try out a lotion that is made out of vitamin E.

Follow a good diet

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Whether you know it or not, the diet we take truly affects the health of our eyelashes and its growth.  If you are a person who always like to hang with high fat dairy amount foods like high fat milk and pastries and also with high fat food items then you need to change your diet habits. Instead of eating those toss some real good fruits and vegetables to your dairy diet to get the difference.

Concentrate on proteins

When your food is lagging with proteins then the add up of fruits and vegetables may also don’t fix your problem.  So, concentrate on proteins:  Consume body friendly proteins rather than the meats or processed food items. Go with fish, eggs and other items that are renowned for protein.

Makeup removal at night

If you have applied make up for a formal or occasional purpose, the time to remove it will be at night. Harmful cosmetic effect must be eradicated right after the purpose is fulfilled. Beauty treasures will be effectively damaged overnight if you do not wash away makeup from your skin entirely. The eye liners as well as mascaras will eventually damage your eye lashes.

Using oil base make up remover

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If your eye makeup is very tight and is very hard to be washed away, you need to use dual action eye makeup remover which also has dual action. The cotton pad needs to be soaked in the makeup remover and then apply the same to eyebrows as well as eyelashes. Then after few seconds, just wipe off with the cotton pad.

Moisturizing eyelashes and eyebrows

As your skin becomes dry due to lack of moisturizers, your eye lashes will also become weak and unhealthy due to lack of moisturizer.  You can make a mixture by adding one part of castor oil with two parts of vitamin E and apply the same over your eye brows and eye lashes to get moisturized and regain longer eye lashes once again. You need to carry on with this practice once in a week every night.

Protein consumption

The cells of eyebrow as well as eyelashes are made up of protein.  Even our other parts of body become weak without having infliction of protein. When you are consuming food not rich in protein, our body would distribute proteins to vital organs as well which will not include eye brows as well as eye lashes. Thus, there will be no enough ways through which people will get new cells. Thus, if your protein consumption is adequate, it will be passed to all the parts of your body including your eye lashes due to which your eye lashes will regain its growth.


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Variety of vitamins such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, B5, B12 etc must be supplied to your body as well as different parts. These vitamins are highly essential to promote eyebrow growth, hair growth as well as growth of eyelashes.  Since circulation of blood and oxygen is important and is associated with vitamin C and vitamin A, there will be better food supply eyebrows as well as eyelash follicles.

Natural eyelash serums

There is variety of natural eyelash serums in the market which does not have any side effects. The factors like eyelash fallout as well as fallout of eyebrow will be eradicated with the application of natural eyelash serums in juts few days.

Avoiding quick fixes

You may have fuller eye lashes and dense eyebrows if you apply false eyelashes or artificial eyelash extension. You may have immediate appearance of longer and attractive eyelashes but, if you are putting it over your natural eye lashes for a longer period of time, this can even end up with ruining of eyelashes. Thus, even if you are putting such eyelashes over your eyes for a party of to attend some occasion, it will be ideal to get down from your eyes immediately after you reach home.

Massaging eyelid

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If you want to get the eye lashes growing in a natural way, go ahead with massaging of eyelid. While massaging the blood circulation will be improved. Rather the blood flows to the hair follicles will bring help the nutrients getting inside the hair follicles. The stimulation of hair will be increased with thickening of eye lid. You can apply some oil over the eye lids and massage it with your finger tips.

Use lemon peels

It is very strange to learn that the eye lashes can also get a proper thickness and length with the lemon peels.  You have to take a small container and add a spoon of lemon peels that has been dried and crushed in it.  Now add olive oil in the container so that it will soak the lemon peels. Wait for sometime till it sits. Now apply the lemon peel soaked oil over your eye lashes.  Allow it to stay for a night and then wash away the next day morning.

Castor oil

You must have heard about the benefits of castor oil in number of places. Even for your hair growth this will be an effective remedy. You can now get wonderful eye lashes with thick finish with castor oil application. You can use a cotton swab in order to apply this oil over your eye lid. It will be much better if you can apply few drops of vitamin E oil with it.  After application, it will be better to leave it overnight.

Aloe vera

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Aloe Vera is a very easily available herb that can be grown in your kitchen garden. Now, this can help you develop a wonderful thick eye lashes. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel extracted from the leaf and combine it with jojoba oil. Mix them and apply over your eye lashes. The application process will be just the way you apply mascara to your eye lashes. Keep this for 15 minutes and remove.

Green tea

Today, people have become highly health cautious. Thus, instead of having flavored tea they prefer the green tea as this is healthy. Thus, getting green tea at home will be easier. You have to prepare half cup of green tea without adding sugar. Let it cool down and apply it with cotton swab over your eye lashes. Let it dry for 20 minutes and wash it.