How to wash your hair in the right way?

Everyone needs to wash their hair as this makes them look tidy and clean. It is really important to wash hair on a regular basis in order to keep your hair tidy, clean and shiny. Different people wash their hair in a different way. But, the presentation of hair varies after washing as they have chosen diverse options. Some people are still unaware of the right process of washing their hair. This article will speak about the right method through which your hair must be washed and protected from dust and other elements from outside. If you are very unhappy about your hair health, adopting the right way of washing hair will be really important. You can also get a perfect and complete makeover of your hair if the hair washing procedure can be done in a proper way.

You must be shampooing your hair repeatedly to keep it clean beautiful. But, not everyone is aware of the right way of applying the shampoo. This article will give you step by step ways in which can wash your hair in suitable way.

Steps to wash your hair in right way 

Rinse your hair

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Before you start washing your clothes, you generally do soak your clothes. Similarly while you wash your hair it is equally important to rinse your hair. It is important to soak your hair in a proper way before going for shampoo application. You can also apply lukewarm water to it as this will help you remove dirt from the scalp and open the cuticles. Sometimes dirt can be accumulated over the scalp which can give rise to excessive oils and carbon deposit. lukewarm water can help removing such carbons from the scalp.

Condition for long hair

Some people have a habit of applying shampoo first but according to the experts, it is necessary to apply the conditioner first and then the shampoo. Yes, it is important to check whether you have hair beneath the shoulders. If yes, you need to condition your hair before applying shampoo. There is more tendency of the long hair to become fragile as compared to the short hair as they need more maintenance and care. If you can condition your hair before applying shampoo, it will be really a good way to gear up your hair shine. This will also keep your hair ends healthy.

Create lather at scalp

Now you need to put your shampoo on your scalp and let it lather up. It is important to shampoo your hair especially the nape portion. You must apply little shampoo and rub it over your scalp to make lather. Some people use more shampoo in order to get lather over the scalp. But, this is not the suitable procedure. This will leave enough shampoo over your hair which might not go in one wash and can give rise to dandruff. Also using shampoo more than what is needed won’t be good for your hair health.

Be gentle to your hair

While washing your hair, you must be aware of the proper procedure of applying your fingers and hand palm. Do more your hand softly over your hair and scalp so that your hair does not get friction at the roots and haircuticles which can also give rise to hair breakage and other hair problem. You should also be really careful about your hair shaft while washing your hair. It is better to allow running water travel between your hairs and let the water drop down from your hair tips. This will vigorously allow shampoo to run out from your hair. If require apply your fingertips in removing additional shampoo from your hair.

No repetition of rinsing

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You might have seen some instruction laid down at the back of your shampoo bottle. It is not necessary to abide with all such instructions. Expert says that, it is not necessary to wash your hair twice while you are trying to clean your hair. It is totally a waste to stripping hair while applying shampoo. You might have seen that the instruction says, apply shampoo twice. But, it is not always necessary. Only in special cases when your hair is extremely dirty, you can think of applying shampoo twice. In such case you can go about with lathering up twice.


Short and mid length hair can be applied conditioner after completing of shampooing. There is also a procedure of applying the conditioner. It is important to rinse your hair after applying shampoo and there after squeezing water from hair is important as you are making your hair prepare for conditioning. Once enough water is squeezed from your hair, you need to apply the conditioner. After applying the conditioner you need to clip the hair up to make a bun. Keep the conditioned hair as it is while you do other proceedings such as bathing and all. Try to keep the conditioner longer as the more it stays, it will absorb and your hair will become attractive and healthy.

Rinse your hair for shine hair

After you have kept your hair with a coat of conditioning, the next step will be final rinsing your hair. Use cold water to rinse your hair after keeping the conditioner for adequate time. The cold water is important as it will tightly shut the cuticles and seal the shingle and make an outer layer. This will help you give more shine and luster. Shine is possible as it creates reflection of light.

Important factors for washing hair

It is really important to make a good choice of the shampoo as any local shampoo might be harmful to your hair. You must choose a branded shampoo which is really reputed and work well. There are varieties of hair shampoo categories those suites the types of individual hair. You need to pick up the shampoo that suite your hair type.  Once you have chosen the shampoo, using the shampoo in a right way is also important. Washing your hair also depends upon your hair type. If you have oily hair, this can be shampooed in two days. Also the time period of people with dry hair will be different. It is far more important to know about the tid bits before initiating the washing process.

Ways of washing hair in right way

Apply shampoo twice

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Most of the people go ahead with the technique of applying the shampoo once over the hair and then washing away. They think this way they are cleaning their entire hair in a one go. But, this is totally a wrong process. If you apply the shampoo once, very less lather is created and you don’t get the chance of covering the entire hair and scalp. All you have to do is wash your hair with water thoroughly and apply little shampoo. Wipe it over your scalp really well and wash away. Now again apply shampoo over your hair and scalp. This time you can see that better lather is observed and also your hair becomes smooth with extension of wider boundary.

Use the filter water

You must be viewing that your white hairs are becoming red in color gradually. This can be due to presence of iron content in water. Thus, when you are washing your hair, it is better to use the filtered water as the iron won’t be present to damage your hair. It has been repeatedly seen that the iron content in water can make your hair rough and very unattractive. Your hair breaks and also get damaged.  Thus, it is better to use the filtered water while shampooing your hair.

Oiling before shampoo

These days’ people have totally forgotten about oiling hair. But it is really important to provide enough nutrition to hair and initiate hair growth. Before you are applying shampoo, you too need to go ahead with good oiling and massaging your head. This is a healthier way to keep your hair nourished. This will help restricting hair fall when you are shampooing your hair. Otherwise most of the people experiences hair falls while washing hair. Try this technique and reduce hair fall.