Hair fall control due to hard water? – How to overcome it?

Hair fall is a very common problem for most people. Most of the people are concerned about their hair. But the water we are using regularly may be ‘hard water’, and it contributed to hair loss. Hard water contains some high mineral like copper calcium and magnesium. However, water with a high mineral content might make your hair feel drier and stiffer.

Here are some methods to fight against hard water and hair fall.

Prevent hair fall by using some unique methods

Soften the water

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As hard water is not at all good for hair ones have to soften the water first. And soften water helps to make the hair healthy and strong. There are many water softener machines available in the market which is specifically designed for it by lowering the mineral content of the water.

Using a shower filter

Another very useful thing is shower filter. Just fixed it with the shower head and it will work in much same way as water filter.

By adding some alum in the water

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It is a very useful and easy process to fight against hard water. Just add 1 tablespoon of alum in the bucket of water which will be used for hair rinse.

Shampoo which fight against hard water

There are some shampoos available in the market who help you to reduce the hair fall. Look for a shampoo with the ingredient EDTA but just used it once in a week.

Using some useful conditioner

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It’s always a good method to use a conditioner after you wash your hair in hard water. This will help to stop your hair drying out and becoming hard,

Add vinegar to the water

Blend one tablespoon of white vinegar with three cups of water. Take a rinse, shampooing your hair as normal. The vinegar can eradicate built-up minerals from hard water. When it is time to rinse the shampoo from your hair, use the water and vinegar mixture you made.

By adding lemon drops in water

An substitute to vinegar, is a lemon or lime. It works in a similar way to vinegar by flouting down remaining salts and minerals in your hair. Lemon and lime juice also strips off extra oil, which makes it an especially good choice for those with oilier hair.

Use the rainwater

Rain is a soft water which is good for hair. And it’s free! You can catch rainwater in a wide mouth ampule and use that to rinse your hair.  Many people curse by its benefits. It is said to make hair really soft and silky.

So anyone can have a healthy and strong hair by using these methods.