How to do hair highlights with henna

The style of hair highlights is not a very old trend; rather even today many people are adopting the trend of hair highlights. But, while making your hair highlight, it is important to go ahead with some step by step instruction. Many times you must have tried highlighting your hair at home but you might not have succeeded in this regard.

But the professional dealing with hairstyle or a salon hairstylist easily creates appropriate hairstyle. Today the question that rises with the hairstyle creation is the health of hair. Many professionals are using the chemicals and dye in order to make highlights. But, this can easily hamper your hair health in the long run. Henna is the natural product which will never ever create any side effects to your hair. Thus, it is always better to use henna as a color to highlight your hair.

Steps for hair highlights with henna

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In order to apply henna to your hair, there are some step by step instructions which need to be followed. There is color less henna as well as the one that are colorful. You can choose the color less one which is totally herbal and harmless.  Let us follow some steps that will create highlights on your hair with this henna solution.

Step 1 – Clean your hair

First of all you need to clean your hair and make it ready for applying henna. Use a mild shampoo that you have been using on a regular basis to clean your hair. You can also use the natural ingredients such as reetha to clean your hair.

Step 2- Choose utensil for henna mixture

It is very important to choose an appropriate material of utensil where you will be mixing your henna powder. It will be better if you can avail a non metallic bowl for mixing henna. Choose among the wooden, glass or plastic bowl for mixing henna powder.

Step 3– Mix henna

You also need to make a mixture of henna as per your hair volume. If you have very short hair, 4 teaspoon of henna will be appropriate, for shoulder length hair- 6 teaspoon is fine, go for 8 teaspoon of henna for thick hair with shoulder length. For very long hair, go for 10 – 12 spoon of henna powder.

Step 4- Application of henna

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In the 4th step, you need to be very cautious as here lays the application of henna part which is really very important. You have to part your hair in four sections and then apply the henna with brush from the root to tip. You need to apply henna on those portions where you wish to create highlights on hair.

Step 5 – Wrap plastic

Once you have completed applying the henna over the portion of hair where you want to make highlight, you need to wrap the portion with the plastic so that the color does not get washed away. This will protect your highlighted hair from getting spoiled.

Step 6 – Waiting period

Next step is the waiting period. You need to wait for 30 minutes so that the color gets developed on your hair. But remember to keep the hair wrapped in plastic for not more than one hour. If you keep more you will get a slight yellow tone of your hair. Thus, it is important to make a limit of the waiting period.

Step 7- Rinse your hair

After completion of the waiting period, the next step that remains is rinsing your hair. You must wash it with plain water to remove highlighted henna. There after go ahead with the air dry sequence.

Step 8 – Condition your hair

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Once you have washed your hair with simple water, the next step will be to condition your hair. You can do this absolutely with the help of a conditioner that you have been using in a regular basis. Conditioner will help your hair to retain its color for a longer period of time.

Step 9 – View the highlighted hair

After following all the steps in this particular step you can see your hair in mirror gaining its highlighted color. Enjoy your new look with highlighted color today without any type of cosmetics involvement which can lead to disappointment for a longer period of time.