How to style hair – Women hair styling tips

Know your hair type

Know your hair typeThe style, length and looks of the hair can be changed, but it relies on the interest you put on shaping the hair. So, divide some time for your hair and for its maintenance in everyday.

Women hair styling tricks with hair products

If you want to start using the hair products, initially start with the casual products under less expensive. When you find out the right one, switch to the best brand accordingly. Here is a list of few hair products which can help you to reach your dreaming hairstyle. The best way to get healthy hair is to wash it less often and stay away from the styling tools. There is a wide selection of the best hair care products that suit any hair type, so choose a perfect hair product for you. Start with basic hair care essentials like shampoo and conditioner according to your specific needs. For weak and damaged hair, you need to invest in nourishing treatment to improve moisture and strength. And, finally choose best hair styling products that suit the weight and length of your hair, hair type, for the perfect hairstyle.

How to style women hair with Serums or creams

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Serums and creams help your hair to turn frizz-free, they make the hair stiff and immovable. Hair serum helps to get silky smooth locks and nourishes your hair needs to stay feeling healthy and looking beautiful. Hair serum also eases tangle, induces sheen and luster. It rejuvenates dry and chemically treated hair and makes you wonder cure for split ends. Serum present in, hair product eliminates frizz.

Hair styling with Pomade


Curly hairstyles for saree

Pomade or hair clay or hair wax can be used to mold the hardest shapes that you are craving for. If your hair type is straight and are seeking for strict curls, then go with pomade. Apply these kinds of products lightly as they take many washes to leave the hair. Pomade is used to style hair that gives a darker, slicker, shinier look because of its greasy or waxy nature. Pomade is used with faro-textured hair that helps to keep your hair from drying out.

Women hairstyle ideas with gel


The gel is used for the similar action of pomade, but gel contains alcohol, which makes the hair dry and turns it stiffer enough to appear. Hair gel is a styling product to create styles that range from the slicked back to messy and spiky. Apply hair gel to tame your frizz. The color and the scent of hair gels don’t make any difference. Apply gel only when you shampoo and condition your hair normally and then use a towel to dry it until damp.

Style your hair with hair glue


Hair glue is used to add length, volume or color to your natural hair. Add natural or synthetic hair extensions according to your choice. Have you ever opened your mouth while watching the standing hair, it is a lull, you can try it even by using hair glue. Hair glue holds the hair in the strongest possible manner. But one must need to be careful when dealing with hair glue. Synthetic hair extensions hold the style that is set for them in the package. And they are a great choice for a short term application, and they are less expensive than natural hair.

Women hairstyles according to the situation


Different ponytail hairstyles

A situation or an event matters a lot for your hairstyle. The way you move to office differs with the look that you opt when you are going to a party or the pub. Hair styling is an important choice according your face shape also. Make a better choice that best suits to your face that makes you look simple and stylish.

Comb your hair in the right direction


Every one has their own hairstyle depending upon the way they comb,  whether you comb it right, left, up, back or straight down make sure that suits to your face and hair kind. Test a couple of hairstyles with your hair and follow the one that makes you even better, in spite of following the trendy styles sticking to the one that suits you better is a good option. However, don’t pass the new hairstyle without testing for you.

Unlike using a comb which gives you structured combing finger combing works well to open the waves in your hair.

Set it with hair spray to style your hair


If you are worrying about to lose the hairstyle on the day long then set it with the hair spray. Use the hair spray just after finishing your styling. You can choose a product with light or stronghold.

Using a hair spray to set your hairstyle is certainly the best way to complete, but if you are running out of your hairspray or you do not like to use that chemical on your hair, go for setting in your hairstyle by blowing your hair alternately with cold and warm air. This sets in your hairs better and for longer.

Hair styling tips that can help you to get that perfect hairstyle

Perfect hairstyle that best suits for your face shape


Always choose a hairstyle that goes perfectly with the shape of your face. A hairstyle that matches with your face can enhance your overall appearance extensively. Try to avoid hairstyles that place maximum stress on the hair roots. These hairstyles can be damaging for your hair and can trigger hair fall.

How to increase your hair volume


Easy hairstyle tricks, ideas for college girls

If you are looking for volume, using a foaming mousse can be the best option at hand. You can apply it to your damp hair and then blow it dry by flipping your head over or you can apply it directly to your air vent brush before you style your hair. This will distribute the mousse evenly and ensure that your hairs look voluminous.

Ways to get naturally curly hair


The way to get natural curls without using heat curlers is to make small braids with your wet hair at night before going to bed. Sleepover with the braids on and in the morning, undo the braids before using a Texturing spray onto the natural waves you have got. While curling your hairs, do not use the curler on the last half inch of your hairs. Curling the upper part will naturally give them some curls and the total effect will look more natural.

How to use curling iron tool for curls


When trying to get curls by using a curling iron, never start at the end of your hairs; start at the middle and go all the way down. This will not only make your curls look more pronounced, but will also help them to last longer.

Types of hair brushes


Different types of hair brushes can be used for giving different effects to your hairs. While a flat brush can be ideal for more or less everything except curling, a boar bristle brush can be perfect to add shine to your hairs.

Double ponytail hairstyle


If you find your ponytail too thin you can easily fake its volume by following the double ponytail style. Make a small ponytail at the upper part of the back of your hair and then do another ponytail just below it. Brush up the hairs well and it will look like a single ponytail with more volume and length.

How to add hair extensions to style your hair?


You can add a different look to your overall appearance by using hair extensions in the right way. Using hair extensions for hair styling is one of the most commonly used ways. So, if you have a special party to attain, simply use some hair extensions to get longer and fuller hairs that you can style as you wish.

Curling hairstyle ideas to look fabulous


If you have straight hairs and you want to curl them up the easiest way is to divide your hairs into small strands and then curling them up with your fingers before covering them within an aluminum foil. Now apply a flat iron on the foil itself. This can make the task of curling your hairs easier and will also make the curls last longer.

Bobby pins to style your hair strongly


To make your hairstyle set at the right place for long use Bobby pins with the wavy side down. You can also make the pins sit more tightly for longer by spraying some Hairspray onto them. For securing a bun strongly use spin pins instead of Bobby pins.

Tip to use hairspray


We all have the general wisdom that a hair spray should only be sprayed onto the hairs, but in reality it is a much more logical and easier way to spray the product into your hands first and then applying it on your hairs with the help of your hands.

Tame flyaway hair to get smooth hair


The best way to tame any flyaway hair is to apply hairspray and then smoothing the flaws with a toothbrush. This will give a smooth hair and stronger tight hair not to flyaway.