Herbal remedies during pregnancy

Today, more and more people will prefer herbal remedies as those are not associated with any side effects. The herbs extracted from nature are used in making medicines so that the pregnant lady does not face any type of consequences during her pregnancy period. It is now possible for individuals to get herbal products in the form of powder, cream or solutions. Today, herbal medicines are also available in tablets and capsules. You can contact the qualified herbalists online and get the appropriate products that act as a remedy to the pregnant lady.

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Herbal remedies in pregnancy: Check its effectiveness and know other remedies

Caution during first trimester

A pregnant lady must be very cautious during her first trimester. Thus, even herbal products can prove to be harmful for the baby. But, if you have consulted with the expert on this matter, he would provide you the proper advice on whether to avail the herbal remedy at this stage or not. But, if you are already taking other medicines, herbal remedies must not be taken.

It will be absolutely fine if you are putting moderate amount of natural herbs in your cooking. But, too much of the herb is not preferable. Pregnant lady has a fascination of consuming aromatic tea. But consuming it more than twice in a day will be harmful.


Nausea is a common phenomenon viewed in many pregnant ladies as the hormonal level in individuals generally remains quite high.  Only lucky ladies do not get the problem of morning sickness.

Prevention of Nausea naturally

Today, many herbs are used in eradicating morning sickness in a lady. You must keep yourself relaxed and stress free at this stage. The symptoms will become worse if you consume the food rich in fat, fried food, spicy food etc. Balance diet and right amount of nutrient in the diet will eventually help in eradicating this problem.


It is another health condition faced by many pregnant women during this period.  Since the progesterone relaxes, the process of digestion has slowed down.

Measures to avoid constipation

Pregnant ladies are advised to consume a high fiber diet in order to increase their bowel movement. Some of the ingredients that contain high fiber are whole grains, vegetables, cereals, whole meal bread etc. You must also drink a good amount of water daily to avoid constipation.


Another common physical condition faced by individuals in their pregnancy period is known as heartburn. The main cause of it is the effect of hormone progesterone. It is responsible for relaxing the valve at the top of the stomach.  Many ladies suffer a lot during their pregnancy period due to formation of stomach acid.


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The condition can be worse if:

  • The lady carries more than one baby
  • Baby is very large
  • The position of the baby is not right

How to avoid acid and heartburn?

You can avoid this condition by avoiding large meals. You must  also avoid all types of spicy food. Sometimes the food additives are also very harmful for your health during the pregnancy period. Avoid drinking liquids with food.

Risks of herbs during pregnancy

Even though herbs are natural, but not all herbs are safe to take during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not take any herbal products, without talking to their health care provider. Women are suggested to consult a trained or experienced herbalist to take herbs during pregnancy. Some of the herbal products consist of contraindicated in pregnancy.

Herbs may contain substances that can cause miscarriage, uterine contractions, and injury to the fetus, premature birth. It is better to take certain measures as herb’s effects on pregnant women or fetuses.

Herbs that are caution while pregnant

Rosemary is safe when used orally as it has amounted typically that are found in foods. First, try to understand the safety ratings that are to pay attention to what type of use the rating is for. But at the time of pregnancy, rosemary is considered as unsafe when used orally in medicinal amounts. Because rosemary has uterine and menstrual flow that stimulant effects. So, it is best to avoid using it.

Rosemary is sprinkled in your tomato sauce, but is not a risk to you and your baby. But, if you consume large dose that are used in medical amounts may be dangerous for your pregnancy. The herbs such as garlic, sage, ginger, and turmeric are safe when used in limited.

Herbs to avoid while pregnant

Some herbs are not safe during pregnancy. Herbs like

Saw palmetto – used orally and has hormonal activity

Goldenseal – Used orally and may cross the placenta

Dong quai – Used orally due to uterine stimulant and it has relaxant effects

Pay D’Arco – Used orally in large dose can effect contraindicated

Blue Cohosh – Used orally and uterine stimulant

Black Cohosh, Passion flower, Ephedra, Eohimbe, Roman Chamomile, and Pennyroyal are used orally.

Herbs used in pregnancy

Red raspberry leaf is rich in iron, this herb has helped tone the uterus, that increase milk production, decrease nausea, and eases labor pains. Red raspberry leaf during pregnancy can reduce complications and the use of interventions during birth.

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