Top homemade skin toners

Toning the skin is essential for a youthful and rejuvenated feel because the skin  face and other body parts starts sagging and showing wrinkles due to age , weather, pollution and other harmful chemicals present in the atmosphere. Toners are used to clean the oil from the skin. They help in tightening the skin. They reduce the size of the pores and help to increase the blood supply in the skin. Toners help to restore the natural pH level of the skin and leave the skin clean, clear and ready to be hydrated.

Cleansing and toning are both an important part of the beauty regime. It can be easily believed that cleansing, toning and exfoliating all three together makes your skin glowing, supple, young and beautiful. There are many skin toners in the market, but they are very expensive and most of them are chemically based. These toners do more harm than good to the skin. Homemade toners much more effective, easily available and have no after effects.

Your skin tone may be different but care and maintenance of the same is really important.  Along with the proper health of your body, perfect skin tone maintenance will be vital as well. The skin toners available in the market are been used by many individuals. The natural homemade toners are now really easy to make and put on. Let us find out the variety of skin toners that will be suitable for each type of skin. In order to get healthy skin, the skin care routine such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing will be vital. The toning is a vital part where the dirt will be removed with the openness of the skin pores.

Skin toning is an important part of your day to day Beauty regime. Skin toning is essential and crucial to be performed as it wipes out that excess oil that remains after washing your face, and extracting leftover dirt and germs. Skin needs to be cleansed properly and hydrated such that it can breathe without any hindrance. In order to get a better skin tone, we are spending a good amount in buying those expensive products which promises to offer you that never seen result. A shock for your pocket, but still we are also driving towards it. But, it’s possible to get that proper skin toning when you can switch to those ancient household remedies which are more penetrating in terms of their effect. The homemade assurance is without any side effects and is executed cheaply at home. It is bit easy to rustle up facial toners by using ingredients present at home and make the best and worthy facial remedies out if it.

1. Pour 1.5 litres of hot water on mint leaves. Let the mint leaves remain in the hot water for about 10 minutes such that it is fully absorbed. Now strain the water, out if it and you will find a clear mix of water and mint which is an excellent toner. Use this preparation with cotton pad to cleanse the face.

2. A fresh cucumber can be grated to 1/2 a cup of yogurt. This mixture is then applied as a mask all over the face for about 5-10 minutes. The results are drastic as it clears up the skin properly and is good to be used by people with oily skin. It can be stored in refrigerator for regular use.

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3. Put a pinch of camphor in the bottle of rose water. This mixture can be applied 3- 4 times a day, and nurtures the skin leaving it rejuvenated. It is great for those suffering from acne.

4. Vinegar and rose water when mixed in equal measure forms a highly effective toner, which wipes out all the germs and tones the skin in the natural way.

5. Chamomile tea bag when is boiled in water for 5 minutes prepares a toner which wipes out the germs and dirt. The toner need not to be washed so that the effect can pertain for long.

6. Lemon juice can also be applied on the face directly. Apply lemon juice for about 10 minutes and scrub it off. Applying lemon juice on the face can lighten up the skin and let it glow.

7. Cleaning face with any homemade cleanser and then apply egg white mask on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes to see wonders.

8. Take 4 spoons of cucumber juice and 2 spoons of carrot juice, with a spoon of mint and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well to form a toner or you can freeze it up and rub it regularly as ice cubes to get equal results.

9. Mashed papaya when mixed with apple cider vinegar can also helps in curbing bad skin tone. It is a wonderful homemade facial toner for dry skin, which impart immediate results and let it glowing.

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So, a list of unique remedies which are quite easy to prepare and tender your skin with the natural ingredients being used. Get set to imply these facial toners in your beauty regimes right now. Don’t hesitate since you have the best products of nature, live and feel fresh to flaunt that lively skin.

Homemade skin toner

There are a few ingredients that can be used in making a homemade facial toner. In order to achieve effective results natural, fresh and ripe ingredients must be used. The skin toner must be chosen keeping in view the skin type.Witch hazel, chamomile, cucumber and rose oil or water is suitable for dry skin. On the other hand lemon grass or juniper essential oil is better for oily skin

Some ingredient s tomato or cucumber juice or lemon or witch hazel can be used alone, sometimes they can be mixed and some vinegar can be diluted before use. Other ingredients can be added according to the requirement of the skin type.

  • Basil or tulsi leaf toner—is one of the best toner for sensitive and combination skin. It can be easily prepared by boiling Tulsa leaves in water. They need to be strained and stored in the refrigerator and used when needed.
  • Ginger toner—can be prepared by boiling ginger paste in water. Strain and store in the refrigerator.
  • Ginger and tulsa can be both combined together and the toner made in the same manner and stored in the refrigerator.

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  • Neem toner—similarly a toner can be made from neem leaves and stored in the freezer. It serves as an excellent toner for acne and zits prone skin.
  • Tomato toner—Take the juice from a refrigerated tomato and apply it on the face with cotton pad. It is very good for instant toning and tightening.
  • Green tea toner— Soak 2-3 tea bags in a cup of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain and store in the refrigerator.
  • Water melon toner— Pure water melon juice is an ideal toner for all skin types. Stored juice can be used for about four days.
  • Red grape juice antioxidant skin toner is a wonderful skin toning and tightening recipe.Strain out pure grape juice in a juicer and store in an airtight clean dry bottle. Use it when needed.
  • Coconut water toner treats dark spots and nourishes the skin. It is great for all skin types, especially for normal and dry skin. The face can be toned by simply wiping the face with pure coconut water.
  • Witch hazel toner—can be used with patchouli oil to get a soothing and pore-tightening effect.Rose Otto essential oil is suitable matured dry skin type,carrot seed essential oil is good to remove  wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of skin,
  • Peach an almond oil toner—Mash 2 peaches after removing the peels with almond oil /olive oil and one spoon of cream. Apply on the face and wash off with lukewarm water after ten minutes. This facial toner is a boon for dry and flaky skin.
  • Ice cold water is an excellent facial/skin toner for oily skin. It tones the skin properly after closing the pores.
  • Apple and honey toner –Prepare a mask by making a thick paste with one apply with some honey and apply this remedy on the face and neck,leave it for about 10 minutes.Then wash it off with normal water.  This mask gives a fresh & glowing skin.
  • Cucumber and curd–is a wonderful homemade cleanser and toner for oily skin. Prepare a mixture with grated fresh cucumber and curd and apply it on the face. Wash it off after 10 minutes.

Top homemade skin toners

Aloe vera and lemon juice

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The fresh Aloe Vera gel is really wonderful especially when you are willing to get perfect skin health. You can easily get this natural herb in your kitchen garden. It is normally a plat with long leave and has good thickness where the gels are stored. You need to cut the leaf from the middle and take out the gel. Now take the gel in a container and squeeze the juice out from it. Mix both the ingredients and apply all over your face. Use your cotton ball to rub it on your face consistently. You will get perfect skin tone.

Turmeric and honey

Both honey and turmeric has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This will never harm your skin but will leave it beautiful without any type of rashes that can arise due to bacterial attack. Take container and add two spoons of honey. Now mix a pinch of turmeric. Also add half soon of distilled water to liquidity the consistency. Now apply it on your face with a cotton ball. This will give you a wonderful skin with no rashes.

Orange juice toner

Everybody must have tasted the orange juice. It can be sour as well as sweet. The oranges that is little raw will be sour in taste. But those are absolutely wonderful for the skin toner. You need to extract juice from half the orange and use your cotton ball to apply all over your face. It is really important to cover all the places of your facial skin so that the toning is done to all portions. This will penetrate inside your skin and open the pores of your skin. Do this everyday and get lovely skin.