How to Get Sagittarius Man Fall in Love with You

You might have heard many things (predominantly apprehensive) about a Sagittarius lover. He might not be romantic, or showy, or the type of man who does love engaging himself in emotional conversations, like being together in the times to come. Let’s face it! Sagittarius men are not the types all women will agree with. You might not put up with his restless ways forever, especially if you are more home-bound.

But if you are fearless, adventurous, prefer not to being bound in a relationship hurriedly and do not want being tied down to any type of commitment, then the Sag man that you are seeing these days might be your right partner. Sagittarius men, in fact, seem to gel best with Aries women. They hardly suffer any ego clash, never mind sleeping around.

However, once they find the right partner in each other, there is no question of looking back for them. Of course, women belonging to other zodiac signs will love to live with Sagittarius. However, you might need to understand him better if you want the charming, free-spirited and passionate Sag to fall in love with you.

Never shy away from the change

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People born under this zodiac signs are enthusiastic learners and you will often see them expanding their horizons in every way that you can. You will see them always craving for new knowledge, exploring new places, trying new recipes. The words, monotony and bindings do not suit a Sagittarius. So before you make him fall head over heels, you cannot go beyond being spontaneous, flexible and ever-open to meteoric plan changes at the drop of a hat. Make his hobbies your own hobbies to earn his respect, as well.

Be crazy

Nothing perhaps excites a Sagittarius male more than a suggestion of a wild adventure. Try something like “Hey, what about ditching dinner at my place and going for a backpack this weekend. I’ll see if I can manage an extended weekend leave from my boss.” Your archer will jump into the suggestion, paying rapt attention and choosing a destination. Of course, simply because Sagittarius folks are adventurous at heart, it does not mean that each and every time you will need to look for something daring, elaborate and unconventional to try. All he wants is a break from the barriers of four walls and take a deep breath outside. A fresh splash of air is enough to intrigue him.

Be mysterious!

Keeps your potential lover guessing about you, particularly during the initial days when you are dating him? Consider revealing yourself in layers. One particular feature about Sagittarius men is that they like females who prefer holding back something about them a bit. DO NOT spill your story entirely when you meet him for the first or second time. Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius men love solving puzzles; so allow you date to find out more about you on his own. For example, divulge your personality bit by bit. So as to say, in case the man asks you any personal question, you might spread an enigmatic smile and say, “I’d tell you for sure… but perhaps on the next day we meet.”

Honesty is the best policy

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You might have heard time and again that Sagittarians are sticklers for truth. Just because you are trying to be mysterious, it does not mean that you will have to lie to appear mystifying. Your man can be a sheer judge of character, so make sure that you always act with honestly and tell the truth. Keep in mind that once he catches you lying, it can be extremely hard to win his heart back.

Be cheerful

No matter the situation, a Sagittarius guy would like her girl to be optimistic and see things in a light-hearted way. They tend to avoid people who are negative. The thing is, by and large, sags are happy souls and ever-active and that is the way they want their partners to be. They are always into suggestions that can be fun and enthralling, such as, hitting the dance floor or going out for a walk in the moonlight. Don’t forget to smile a lot and share a laugh when you are out together.

Getting started

There can hardly be a better approach to capturing the heart of your Sagittarius guy than becoming close friends first. Join him as he participates in various sporting and social activities (even if it means joining him while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or Bungee Jumping). At least, be there to cheer him. Even you become close, do not expect to get some strong commitment instantly. They can be serial daters. Give him some win to find the right way to his heart.