How to get dimples on cheeks naturally

Most of the people regards dimple as a sign of beauty whether it is for women or men. Dimples are nothing but a small indentation over the cheeks which is generally shown when a person smiles. Scientifically, dimples are caused due to deformity of minor muscle that makes the skin of the cheek to draw tight. This deformation also creates external divots.

It is also a genetically inherited trait in human being which they might have received from one of their family members as well as ancestors. There are many people in this world who have not born with dimples. But, if they wish to get dimples on their cheeks, even this can be done naturally without surgery. This can be done through various methods starting from very simple makeup mechanism to that of a typical surgery.

We enjoy viewing individuals having dimples on face. Rather, there is a saying that people with dimples on face are beautiful. Scientifically it is nothing but a nick of small compressed view at a point on cheek. A group of people develops it by hereditary as someone or other in their family has dimples. These days’ people are taking the muscular deformation as the symbol of beauty.

Some ladies are fond of this particular image and start making it on their face with different techniques. They also go for surgery in desperation. Let us discuss the ways through which dimples cheeks can be achieved naturally.

Ways to get dimples on cheeks without surgery

How to get dimples with makeup

How to get dimples with exercise

How to get dimples with piercing

How to get dimples with makeup

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First of all you need to stand in front of a mirror and smile. While smiling you need to mark the position where exactly you wish to place your dimple. Even if you don’t have dimples, natural crease will be formed outside your mouth. Dimples are also quite likely to form on those creases. You must smile broadly with your open heart so that the dimple to be formed with the makeup falls over the particular position. A proper idea can be develop about where exactly the cosmetic dimples must be developed so that the dimple will look natural after the makeup is done.

This is the process through which temporary dimples can be formed. You need to mark a dot or a mark with the help of your eyeliner or the brown pencil. If you can use dark brown pencil, it can work better as it can blend well with the skin more naturally. It is better to avoid colored or black eyeliner.

A small crescent moon shape

Once you have placed a dot over your cheek, the next step will be to draw a small curve mark. It will be ideal if you can use the same pencil or the eyeliner which you have used to mark a dot. You can extend the line to 1 inch below the point you have previously marked. The curve which is to be adopted should be a bit straight as compared to that of your finger nail.

Adjusting the lines

This step is necessary if you are a perfectionist. If you are drawing dimple, you should not want dimples places over both the cheeks would be different in position. Thus, a cross check of the position is important. If any mistake is there with regards to its drawing, it will be necessary for adjustment of the lines. You can also rub the line and re draw wherever necessary

Eye shadow and blush

Once the line and pointer is placed in perfect position, the next step will be to use eye shadow as well as blush. The makeup man or a beautician can do this in a best way. The can use both blush and eye shadows in such a way on your cheeks that, you will definitely get a dimple effect even if you don’t have dimple.

How to get dimples with exercise

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This is another way how people can form dimple in their cheeks naturally. As you exercise and get muscle as well as six packs, getting dimple over your cheeks is also quite easy today.

Dimple exercise 1 for cute dimples – Puck your lips and such your cheeks inside

Just imagine your mouth when you have chewed something sour like lemon or tamarind. This will be the time when your lips will be slightly puckered and your cheeks will be sucked in.

You must place your cheeks in such a way that it should naturally indent inward which will rest between the teeth placed at the top as well as at the bottom.


Dimple exercise 2 – Re-position of fingers

You need to create an ease on your expression by keeping your fingers fixed on a particular positions where you wish to place the dimple. It is important to note that the natural dimples appear fairly when anyone smiles broadly.

If you want to check the appearance, it’s better to stay in front of the mirror and get the position of dimple. You can adjust your fingertips up and down if you feel the location of the fingertips is not having a perfect position.

How to get dimples with piercing

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You can also get dimples in your cheeks with the help of piercing but since there is a risk of infection after piercing, you need to be very careful and maintain the so formed dimple after piercing is done. It is better not to try the activity of cheek piercing at home; rather it is important to contact a professional pierce in order to get the piercing successfully done. But, you should also go for the professionals who have great reputation in the market to get perfect dimple on your cheek.

You also need to clear your cheeks before going for piercing. You must also use the anti bacterial soap in order to clean the exterior of the skin.

The tools which are used for piercing must also be cleaned after using as there is a good chance of infection during the procedure of piercing. If needle is used at the time of piercing, heating of the needle will be really important. Even the piercer must wear the gloves that are disposable.

Maintenance of your skin will be important after the piercing is done. It is important to clean the piercing area with the saline water. Do this everyday till it heals completely. But, while making the saline water, it will be important to use distilled water.

You can apply the saline water on the dimples by dipping a cotton wool in it. You should also leave the piercing in for a period of three months constantly so that it is fully materialized. This will also provide your cheeks with ample time where it gets time to heal completely. Once your cheek is healed, you will get the dimple like indentation on your cheeks where you have created piercing. But, you should also not go for piercing if you have allergy on your skin. It will be better not to use cheaper variety of jewelry at the time of piercing.

Ways to get dimples cheeks naturally

Smiling wide

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Natural and healthy way of getting dimples on cheeks will be through wide smile. When you smile widely your cheek muscle will shift with your corners of lips moving towards the ears. This also crease creases outside the mouth. Do this regularly so that you get dimples naturally. Also smiling can help your mind and heart healthy.

Puck and suck

One of the wonderful lip and cheek movement that can create dimples on cheeks is pucker the lips and there after sucking the cheeks. This will be more natural when you consume some sour food. If this practice does not come naturally just proceed with sucking the lemon. Try to suck your cheeks as much as possible. Though the technique does not have any type of scientific evidence, the review has come from society to surprise you.

A pen for dimple

A pen with which you write can help you get natural remedy in getting actual dimples. For this you have to take two pens with closed pointed parts and place it over your two cheeks. Hold it for 2-3 minutes and then remove. Again hold the pen against your cheeks. Do the holding part once again and then remove the pen from the area. This is a task of patience. If you can keep patience, this will definitely work. After some days you can see some creases over your face and get dimples easily.