How to get rid of acne on arms? Treat pimples on hands

Acne/Pimples on arms is one of the common dermatological problems in the world, and like every other problem its solution lies in knowing what causes it. Our skin has numerous little pores or follicles which contain sebaceous glands which naturally produce sebum, an oil-like substance. Sometimes due to hormonal imbalance there is an increase in sebum production, and that combined with dead skin cells which fail to drain out of the pores into the surface of the skin clog the follicles. This causes bacteria build-up which causes acne. Acne on arms while are not medically alarming, they are quite a nuisance since the texture of the skin becomes almost like that of the chicken skin.

Home remedies for acne on arms/hands

Home remedies for acne scars

The comparatively thicker skin of the arms has larger pores or follicles which makes it difficult for them to get clogged up. However, when they do get clogged up the bacteria and oil build-up is higher, which causes very severe acne or pimples.

Water and salt to treat pimples on arms

This is a very effective treatment since salt reduces the oils build-up on skin. It only requires two ingredients-coarse salt or sea salt, and water. Immersing the arms in a bowl of hot water mixed with half a cup of salt helps the pores to open up, removes the accumulated sebum, and reduces the sebum build-up on skin.

Salt, oats and honey scrub

Scrubbing removes dead skin cells. Make a paste with equal portions of salt, honey and oats powder and some water. Scrubbing the affected area with it using circular movements will moisturize the skin and exfoliate it as well. Honey has natural antibiotic properties which will reduce bacteria build-up, while the grainy texture of the oats powder along with the salt will help in the exfoliation process.

Green or pink clay

Home remedies for pimples

Since the major culprit in causing acne is the excess sebum, applying a paste of green or pink clay onto the affected area will dry out the skin. Precautions must be taken to ensure that this treatment is not used very frequently since clay has a tendency to strip the skin off its natural oils.

Sugar, honey, cornstarch and yogurt

Using a paste of equal portions of sugar, honey and cornstarch along with twice the amount of plain yogurt can work wonders on your skin. Honey’s natural antibiotic properties along with the grainy texture of the sugar, and the moisturizing yogurt, not only reduces acne, it also hydrates the skin giving it a luscious glow. The lactic acid in the yogurt also removes the dead skin cells.


Comfrey is a plant whose leaves contain natural chemical components such as rosmarinic acid and allantoin. These help in reducing inflammation, and also repaint skin tissue. The easiest way is to boil fresh comfrey leaves in water for a couple of minutes, and then placing them on the affected area twice a day.


Saltwater for acne scars

Calendula or marigold is yet another plan which has anti-inflammatory properties. A mixture of emulsifying wax, water, glycerin and dried calendula petals simmered on a double boiler, and then strained creates a paste which can help one fight arm acne. The glycerin keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized since dry skin may also lead to acne or pimples, and the anti-inflammatory properties of calendula reduces the inflammation.

Keeping the skin clean

Using a gentle and non-abrasive soap also helps to reduce the acne on arms. Clean skin keeps the secretion of sebum under check, and gently cleans out the clogged follicles.


Other than natural exfoliators, one may also use chemical exfoliators such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs), glycolic acid or even salicylic acid sloughs away all the dead skin cells which unplugs the pores thereby reducing the acne/pimples.

keep the skin moisturized

Baking soda for pimples

Dry skin is also extremely prone to the acne. Therefore, one must always keep the skin moisturized and clean.

Healthy diet plan

The quality of one’s skin is a reflection of the condition of one’s physical health. Therefore, an unhealthy body results in an unhealthy skin. One must always follow a clean and healthy diet plan, and drink a lot of water. Hydrated body means a well-balanced pH.